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Home Away from Home: Balay De La Rama B&B

balay de la rama

Balay De la Rama is located along Maharlika National Highway at Daraga Albay. The place looks like a rest house which was converted to a bed and breakfast. Security is not an issue given that CCTV cameras are visible within the area and Bicolanos are one the most hospitable people I ever met.


It is accessible to most, if not all the places you want to visit in the city. It’s approximately 15-20mins away via Jeepney or tricycle from Legazpi Airport, Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga Church, Ligñon Hill and the central district of Legazpi City.


Balay De La Rama Map

The Map going to Cagsawa Ruins From Balay Dela Rama


It’s currently holding the number 1 spot for bed and breakfast at Tripadvisor in the city of Legazpi. Indeed, this place and the people exceeded my expectation for B&B. You can booked a standard room at Traveloka for  approximately 1,600php per night with breakfast for 2. The cheapest and yet the best B&B I ever had in Legaspi.


3rd-floor was roomy, cozy and air-conditioned lounge shared by 3 rooms. Our room was spacious, air-conditioned with 1 double size bed. It has a big cabinet, full body mirror and wide window with a view of their garden. The comfort room was clean has a cold and hot shower. Moreover, They have a strong wi-fi that covers the entire area too. It was basic but, I love the “feels like home” ambiance not only of our room but the entire place.


There was no Television inside our room, but if you want to watch, it’s available in the reception area. You can also play video games which were available for rent. , In my opinion, the best part of our room was the ceiling which has something similar to Abaca and Bamboo woods. It made the entire room looks even more relaxing.


Balay De La Rama Lounge

3rd floor common area

Balay De la Rama Room

Standard room

Balay De la Rama Garden

Garden View


Breakfast was served from 7:00 a.m til 10:00 a.m with their choice of meal. The food was basic, decent, yet generous in servings. We had Tocino and Tapa during our 3 days stay. The view of Mayon Volcano and Ligñon hill from the 3rd-floor veranda was truly commendable. Though it’s cloudy during our stay, we need to wake up as early as 4:00 a.m to see the beauty of Mayon Volcano. Their veranda is an exceptional spot to relax, listen to music, to have a drink, to enjoy the fresh air and feel the provincial ambiance of Legazpi. Their veranda was an exceptional spot to relax, listen to music, to have a drink, to enjoy the fresh air, and feel the provincial ambiance of Legazpi.


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The only thing that concerns me was the costly tours that they offered. For example, they are offering a tour going to nearby landmarks like Cagsawa park, Lignon Hill, and Daraga Church. Inclusive of a private van and Lunch for 700php++ per head. Going to these areas will not cost you more than 100php.


For someone who travel on a budget, I highly recommend to explore the city via Jeepney, feel free to ask the people about directions, read blogs ahead about what to do and where to go, and always make sure that you have your smartphone with you to use Google Map.

Mayon Volcano

The view of Mayon from the veranda


Overall, I was satisfied with my stay with Balay De La Rama. The price was reasonable, the room and our stay was comfortable and the best part was having the view of Mayon right in front of our veranda. The beauty of this volcano is enough to motivate us to wake up early and start the day


The beauty of this volcano is enough to motivate us to wake up early and start our day with positivity. The Bicolanos are truly blessed to have this kind of view every day.



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  • What a lovely place to stay, Cai! Will definitely check this out. Hey, thank you so much for always reading my posts! I am really delighted by your comments! Xx

  • Awesome Cai! I think I know where to stay next time when I visit Philippines 🙂

  • The view from your room veranda is beautiful! If I visit Bicol anytime soon, it would be the view I want to wake up to on my vacation. Glad that you mentioned about the tours so budget restricted tourists like us would know the best choices for tours in the area.


  • That is such a beautiful view! I’m definitely bookmarking your post so that when we do go to Legazpi, I’ll use this as a reference on where to stay. 🙂

  • I love the view! Good tip on the cost of the tour.

  • Being Number 1 on Trip Advisor, bet this is really a must visit place. The veranda is a great over looking spot! I want to go there. 🙂

  • the veranda is a perfect spot! good for those eyeing a relaxing view and serene mood. The price is a good deal with what you could get. This place is good for staying a couple of days.

  • I like the navigation of your website, it is effortless.Are you planning to travel to India?If yes, when?

    • Of course, I would love to visit India, Do you know anyone (department of tourism, hotels etc) who I can partner with?

  • I want to travel to Bicol on a budget. I was actually scouting for affordable places to stay. I love the view from your veranda! I’m also checking out your article Where To Eat in Legazpi 🙂

  • I’ve been to Legazpi, Bicol and near Mt.Mayon but not as close as that. I’ll consider that place on our next visit, it gives good view of Mayon.

  • This looks very cute. I have always been a fan of BnB’s, sometimes more than resorts simply because they are so cozy and way more personable. very nice 🙂

  • Wow! At first I thought, I would definitely stay here for the generous portions of tocino! Then I saw the view of Mayon volcano. Stunning! Keeping this place in mind if we visit the area.

  • Beautiful views from the balcony!!! Thanks much for your honest review!!?

  • Wow i love the place! It looks neat plus the view was really amazing!!

  • Wow! One day, I will bring my family to Albay and will think about Balay dela Rama. Not hard to remember because dela Rama is a famous family name in Bacolod. hehe 😀

  • Oooh looks like a very nice hotel and that view is unbeatable! I’ve never been to Legazpi (or even the Philippines in general) but would love to someday 🙂

  • The view from the house is beautiful! Would love to try that place 🙂

  • What a spectacular view of the Mayon Volcano. The place looks awesome. Perfect for relaxing and soul searching haha. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • It looks really cosy and those views are just amazing! Sounds like a lovely getaway

  • The Mayon Volcano is so beautiful. The places looks so homey as well. I am glad that you were satisfied with your stay. 🙂

  • This is a sign I should be working on my Bicol backlog articles!!!!! Huhuhu. I miss Mayon and the great food in Bicol. I really hope to be back because the weather’s not so good when we visited, we didn’t get to see Mayon in its perfect form. Great post 🙂

  • We just went to Bicol!!! I remember the scenes from the movie She’s dating the gangster in this blog post. hehe. the overlooking mayon volcano is really a great sight to see. The veranda is a perfect spot for coffees and afternoon siesta.

  • We’ve been to Casagwa ruins on our road trip back to Manila (from Samar). The view of Mayon on early morning, before and just after sunrise is stunning! Would love to spend more time there given a chance.

  • With a view like this, I would also consider to stay here. I’ll recommend this to my bother who’ll visit this place next month.

  • Living in Singapore, we don’t get to see natural structures like volcanoes or mountains- but sometimes I wish I could. I would definitely be more motivated to greet the early mornings if I had a majestic volcano to look at- so beautiful!

  • I have never been to Albay before, but the view of Mayon is majestic. Having no tv inside the room also works if you’re planning to go on a digital unplug 🙂

  • I always love hotels with veranda. I could stay there til the sun sets or even have my breakfast. Haven’t been to Bicol but would love to go there when my baby could stand long travels na.

  • To be honest , I have never heard about that place before , but it does look stunning ! The view is breath taking , was that photo taken from the little balcony ? Wow , to wake up to something that beautiful , makes your day , doesn’t it ?! The garden looks so pretty and peaceful , I am sure a great location to have a lrelaxing weekend !

  • The view from the veranda is breathtaking, I bet the sunsets/sunrises are amazing over there. I can just see myself having my morning coffee there, enjoying the fresh air and bonding with the nature.

  • With a view of Mayon, that’s a great hotel. It’s also nice that it has a homey ambiance and an affordable price.

  • I went to Bicol before, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the Mayon Volcano due to my classes. Hopefully, the next time I fly to Bicol, I get to see it and I get to try this accommodation. With that breathtaking view, truly, we’ll be motivated to wake up early like you.

  • The place looks nice especially that view from your balcony:)

  • The view from the balcony is beautiful. In India we have many upcoming resorts with rooms made in treehouses called machans. It gives a feel of staying in the wild and allows us to be one with nature and enjoy the scenery and experience

  • I spent six years going back and forth in the Bicol region couple of decades ago. I am sure a lot has changed since then. It’s good to know there are more options for travelers nowadays compared to before. Daraga is a beautiful town, and oh, there is that old Daraga Church to visit too. It’s … I think less than 30 minutes by car to Camalig too. In between is the road going to the ruins.

    • This place is just a few minutes away from the church. I never heard about Camalig. What are you going to see there?

  • My husband is from Bicol, hopefully we’ll have a chance to visit and stay at balay de la rama too. Your description for this place is indeed inviting especially the Mayon volcano view at the veranda.

  • I love that the veranda gives you a view of the Mayon Volcano. I remember staying at Ate Suzette’s lodging in Mountain province, and there was an alfresco dining room facing a beautiful set of rice terraces. 🙂 These are the perfect spots for relaxing and drinking coffee.

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