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How to Enjoy Boracay on a Tight Budget


Admittingly, when I was younger, I’ve been dreaming of a vacation to the world-famous island, Boracay. I heard stories about never ending fun, activities, leisure, and parties, I started browsing photos and I was amazed how beautiful the island of Boracay is. People who had been here classified 3 stations as follows, Station 1 is for the upper-class tourist. Here you can find luxury resorts and much finer sands. Station 2 is the party central of the island while station 3 is the place for budget travelers.

They said that this is one of the best places to showcase your beach body, the party place for celebrities, and home of the best beach resorts. Above all that, the white powdery sand of this island made Boracay premier compared to others. While dreaming of going here, I also worried about my expenses. Honestly, I thought that I need a minimum of at least 15,000php to visit this island. But now, I believe that everyone can afford to experience the life and fun offered by Boracay. Since there are plenty of available affordable flights which are made possible by some airline companies like Air Asia and Cebu Pacific. 

Back to the days when I don’t have an interest in doing my itinerary. I grabbed the offer from Cookie’s Getaway Packages on Facebook for only 4,500php 3d2n stay inclusive of the following;

  • Round-trip Airfare VIA Air Asia.
  • Round trip land transfer (Southwest tours) including environmental fee *75Php, terminal fee *100php and boat fee *25php
  • 3 days 2 nights stay at La Carmela De Boracay with free breakfast.

We had a standard room at the most back part of the hotel which gave us an awkward quiet ambiance. ·

  • Good for 4 persons
  • Cable TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Security deposit box
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Closet
  • Small terrace


La Carmela de Boracay was a good choice for a hotel. It is located at Station 2 approximately 20 mins walk from D*Mall the busiest part of the island.The hotel has a nice façade where you can find their restaurant and pool area. They also have a pleasant lobby and hallways. Staff are friendly. Food for breakfast was okay. It was served from 6-10AM at their convention center.

The beautiful Facade of La Carmela De Boracay


Some TIPS to save Money.

  • Read blogs on what to do and where to EAT. There are too many restaurants in Boracay which are a bit pricey. Don’t take the risk, Read reviews.
  • Buy chips and hygiene kits in Manila expect that price will be higher in Boracay.
  • From Caticlan jetty port they are giving a guide-book. Please read it. It contains all the information about the island like where to eat, what to do and where to go. Plus it contains coupons for a special discount on some restaurants and bars.
  •  Common fast food stores are available (Mcdonalds, Andoks, Mang Inasal, Shakey’s, Yellowcab etc) Once in a while you can have lunch/dinner here for less than 100php.
  • Ihaw-Ihaw (grilled food) are everywhere. For less than 50php, you can have a happy tummy.
  • Paluto is available at D’Talipapa. Where you can enjoy fresh and delicious sea foods and spend more or less 500php good for 2-3px. Note that sea foods are expensive in Boracay. EAT Here!
  • Souvenir Items are a bit pricey near the beach area. Go to D’Talipapa. Prices are relatively cheaper. Some items are 10-50% cheaper here. SHOP Here!
  • Alcoholic Drinks might be cheaper at the resort you’ve check-in than most of the bars. After Drinking and partying at a bar on our first night. We drink at La Carmela on the following nights. It’s more convenient, cheaper and relaxing. (La Carmela de Boracay’s alcoholic drinks are cheaper) DRINK Here!
  •  Walking from station 1-3 is a great way to explore the island. Bring free water that you can get from your hotel so, in case you get thirsty you have something to drink, this will avoid unnecessary buying of bottled water.
  •  Enjoy the best part of Boracay. It’s FREE to SWIM and feel the powdery sand around your body. Note that water activities are a bit pricey. If possible, do it somewhere.





THE ISLAND OF BORACAY: What to do and where to eat.


I’ve been to different beaches in the Philippines and I can say that Boracay is the best yet. God made this island perfect. A strikingly beautiful white powder sand beach, crystal clear warm water that you can laze in for days on end. I enjoyed walking from station 2 to 1. Station 2 was the party central of Boracay. It’s a place for shopping, entertainment, restaurants, café, and hundreds of small tourist shops.


Station 1 was generally quieter than station 2. Luxury resorts and nicest sand were here on the station 1. I rarely went to station 3 this is the part of the island which is least developed although some constructions are happening here. There also some upscale resorts that have been constructed.


sand 4

Paraw Sailing in Boracay



I Love Boracay!

I Love Boracay!


At night, you have the option to dance, get wild and party or just sit, relax and listen to a performing band. Which I prefer the later. We drink at OJ’s at station 1. The place has a very relaxing ambiance. A good place to drink while, listening to a live solo performance on the beach front, where you can feel the cold sea breeze. SMB is 60php/bottle.


EAT at D*Talipapa where you can buy fresh kinds of seafood. We bought 1/2kg of Shrimp for PHP400 and went to sababi to have it cook. You need to pay PHP150 per dish.We asked them to cook sinigang na hipon and battered shrimp. Super sarap!



Paluto Boracay Style


I love BBQ is also a MUST try in Boracay. A small and crowded restaurant where the service was somewhat slow, maybe because they’re lots of people eating at this place. I ordered belly pork steak. Which taste good and not bad for around PHP200.




Coco coffee is a nice place to stay. I preferred a small and quiet coffee shop it’s more comforting compared to others which are crowded. I love their Small hot tea, Chai latte is for only P80.

The Famous Calamansi Muffin of Boracay it was actually recommended by my friend from manila and I noticed that other people of the island are actually looking for that Calamansi Muffin. It’s available at Real coffee for only PHP45.



Calamansi Muffins for the WIN!

Lastly, you will also encounter numbers of hawkers at the white beach path offering massage, souvenirs and activities. Don’t feel frustrated just politely decline their offer and smile.


I will never forget how beautiful this island was, it served as my standard every time I travel to different beaches. If we think that we can’t afford to visit this place, think again. Just stay tuned to sale seat, eat at budget-friendly restaurants and booked a discounted room via I’m sure that you don’t need to spend too much since the best thing about this island is free.


Please check this article for updated Boracay Travel Guide!


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