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Are You Ready to Hike Ligñon Hill?

Lignon Hill

Planning to hike Lignon Hill? Then prepare yourself because it’s going to be an exhausting walk. The hill is approximately 511 feet tall above the ground or simply climbing a 40 story’s building. it’s a challenging walk, especially for someone whose not into hiking, On the other hand, this place is praiseworthy because of its excellent view of Mayon Volcano.

Ligñon Hill is just 15-20 minutes away from Balay Dela Rama Bed and Breakfast. You can take a jeep which has the sign of Legazpi-Daraga loop 1. Then tell the driver to drop you off at Lignon hill. Also, It is accessible by car via a spiral uphill road off Binitayan Road from the Legazpi Airport.

The road going to the top of the hill is well maintained. Tall trees are highly visible along the road. The pathway is well-kept and calm. As you go by, the view of the city is getting better;  a 360-degree view of Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf and the Mayon Volcano awaits you.

Ligñon Hill is a prehistoric cinder cone near the foot of Mayon, some 12 kilometers south-southeast of the volcano’s summit. It is mainly composed of dolerite and basaltic volcanic rocks.


lignon 5

The View of Albay Gulf and Legazpi City


When we went there, zip line was the only activity that was open to the public. There are some souvenir shops available in the area, then after a few walks and seeing the Mayon Volcano there is nothing to do more. Going down you have an option to walk or rent a tricycle for 20.00php

If only the City Government will develop this area and establish some coffee shops, restaurant, and more activities. Certainly, Lignon Hill could be one of the best places to visit in Legazpi given that it has an outstanding view of Mayon.


lignon 7

I Made it! I’m HERE!

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