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Small Talk Cafe: One of The Best Places to Eat in Legazpi City

small talk cafe

One of the best things about traveling is to taste different delicacies from every place you’ve been with. Indeed, here in the Philippines. Every region has its famous cuisines. Not to mention, The Bicol region in the southern part of Luzon which is well known for its perfectly shaped Mayon Volcano is also a home of spicy and coconut cream with their recipes.


Honestly, I’m not a fan of both spicy and Gata (coconut cream) but when I tried it personally in Bicol. Trust me this region is one of the best regions who served me a great food.


When someone is heading to Legazpi no one should miss the famous Small Talk Cafe. Located at Doña Aurora street, Legazpi city. This modest place is popular both on foreign and local visitors.


Coming from Daraga, Albay, take a jeep going to Legazpi City. Tell the driver to drop you at Small Talk. In just 15 minutes you will arrive at this rustic house inspired restaurant, where pictures of the old City of Legazpi and its people are hanging on their walls.


The ambiance is classic and relaxing. The materials are mostly made of woods, from their floor, their chairs, and walls.


We ordered Pesto Pizza for around 245php good for 3-4px. The freshest pizza ever, its texture was perfectly cooked and taste of basil sauce was remarkable.  Likewise, the Pasta Mayon for 105php was made to perfection. The taste was very new to me. Pasta was al dente, the sauce was from coconut cream added with laing, tomato sauce, and tuna. This made me feel so gratified.


Bianco E verde

Bianco E verde – Photo Credit to Small Talk


Next is their Pasta Pinangat for 110php. Coming from someone who is not a fan of coconut cream sauce, I really enjoyed this food.  Definitely, we ordered Laing for only 50php. Enough Said. I found heaven on earth here in Small Talk.


Pasta mayon

Pasta Mayon -Photo credit to Small Talk


Service might be a bit slow but you have to understand that they’re preparing fresh and mouthwatering food. Just try to walk around the area and look at the pictures around you ,to see how Legazpi City transformed itself from a very rural place in now a  lively commercial city,


Pasta Pinangat

Pasta Pinangat – Photo credit Small Talk


Overall, given the opportunity to travel back to Legazpi I will definitely go back here at Small Talk. This is one of the best places to experience the taste of Bicol in a very affordable price.

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