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Travel Guide: ATV, It’s More Fun in Albay!

Are you organizing your next flight to Albay to see the Mayon Volcano? Tired of the usual outdoor activity like Zip-lining and now looking for a more thrilling activity? If yes, then definitely ATV adventure should be on your list. This chase is not for the feint hearted, considering that it requires strength in driving this four-wheeler vehicle, in a rough road going to Mayon Volcano.


The price of the ATV adventure will depend on how short or long the trail you’re’re planning to drive and how powerful the unit you’re going to use. To see the complete price list please click here. We chose the shortest and the cheapest tour, which is only up to Cagsawa Trail and used ATV 150cc for 699php. This trail is recommended for beginners who just want to experience riding ATV, driving through rocky road, small riverbed and to be a bit closer to Mayon through a budget friendly price.


150cc is a less powerful and smaller unit than the rest of the ATVs. Nevertheless, it’s still safe to drive. Although, there are times that I got stuck in mud or in a river bed. But gladly, the tour guide helps me to move out.

ATV Mayon

At their practice ground.

At the beginning, you will have a short orientation of dos and do not’s from your guide. Just feel comfortable as the Bicolano people are undoubtedly hospitable and friendly. Generally, it’s all about how to stay safe in the entire adventure and how to operate the unit. Then after that, you will have a test drive within the area. It’s very easy to drive ATV unit even for beginners like me. They said it’s just similar to driving Jet Ski. Since I had experienced and I enjoyed driving Jet Ski. I also find this one cool.

150cc ATV

Let the adventure BEGIN! The first part is truly challenging since I need to climb up and drive towards the river. Trust your camera to one of their crew who will take pictures of you while driving. The view at first is a bit disappointing as a result of an excavation of sands and rocks. Heavy-duty trucks are visible in the area as well as people mining. But as we go by I’m starting to appreciate the adventure of driving on the river bed, an amusing view of grass fields, seeing cows along the way, huge and small rocks and seeing the daily life of local people living in the area. In some parts, I felt that I’m somewhere in New Zealand because of the wide grass field or somewhere you can just watch on TV.

Driving on river bed with cows on the road.



Green Grass field and River. I’m not dreaming!



Even upcoming bad weather can’t stop me.



It is more likely that you will get stuck here because the water level here is a bit high than the rest of the trail.


 When we reached the end of the trail our guide shares short history about the area. It’s about one of Mayon’s volcanic eruptions; where in the lava flowed up to this point (end of our trail) and affects numbers of locals living in the area. Hundreds of properties were damaged and the life of people was put into danger. Given that incident, people need to move a few meters away from this area to ensure their safety.

End of Trail (Shortest)



Mayon is still covered with clouds. No luck to see its perfect shape.


You can have a view of Mayon from this point, but since it’s cloudy we never see its perfect shape. Local Children might approach you asking for a small amount of money. Just be generous giving them coins. They will be so contented even on that very small amount.


This one hour adventure will definitely worth all the mud on your shirt and body pain. Clearly then, ATV adventure is the best activity to do in Albay.


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