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Travel Guide: Taiyo Beach Resort EL Nido

taiyo beach

One if not the hardest thing to plan for travel is choosing a place to stay. It requires days of reading reviews, browsing for cheapest but acceptable accommodations, sending inquiries, exchanging emails and bargaining of the cost if possible. However, the management of Taiyo Beach Resort made it easy for me.

Located at Brgy. Caalan basically, the last beach front resort in the area. We are welcomed by the staff and the owner Naoko Hiler, A lovely, generous, kind and accommodating Japanese woman. Exchanging emails with her was fun and exciting.

Included on top 5 specialty lodging Inn at EL Nido based from Tripadvisor. Taiyo beach resort should be considered on your list when planning to go to EL Nido. Although its approximately 15 minutes away from town via tricycle. I still prefer to wake up seeing the Sun, the clear blue sky, the islands, the blue crystal clear water and to feel the fresh air compared to some accommodations in town, although, convenience is an advantage in town since its near from different establishments in the small place of EL Nido. The management will compromise it by their free tricycle going to town.


taiyo 4

The view of the resort from our room.


I can’t find the best word to describe Naoko. From the beginning, I was touched when we are exchanging emails and offered me which I believe one of the biggest rooms at the Resort which is the Kayak 1 for a very reasonable price. 4 beds, with veranda, cabinet, equipped with AC, Refrigerator, and hot/cold shower. We found the room too big for 4 people but can be considered the best because of the great view from the Veranda. Ideally, the price of the room during our stay should be around 4,200/night for 4px and yet she told me that whatever we can afford she is fine with that. She just wants us to enjoy EL Nido since we are a first timer in the island. Given that it’s low season 3,000/night is a good deal for a beachfront resort in EL Nido.


taiyp 5

View from room


taiyo 6

Our room “Kayak 1”


The place is a big peaceful garden beach resort. Generally, clean since you will not be allowed to enter your room wearing your slippers and they are cleaning the walkway, the room and changing the towels every day. There is a small Kubo in the ground where you can drink with your friends. Alcoholic drinks are available at the resort but limited in choices. Thanks to Tessa, who is also managing the resort for giving us a free San Mig lights. There is a fresh lounge for breakfast where you can also play table tennis, yet the best part for me was lying on a beach chair at the beach front where you can just lay down, relax and have a great view of the sea and islands.

Tessa is also exceptional as Naoko. She is cool and hospitable. She always makes sure that we are okay. She managed our breakfast, arranged the payment of the environmental fee, helps me to look for cheap land transfer from Puerto Princesa to EL Nido and prepared us “baon” when we left El Nido. The same token, to all the staff of the resort who accommodate us on our discounted island hopping tour.


taiyo 12

Their own boat for Island hopping.


In conclusion, Taiyo beach resort might not be the best you can have when it terms of facilities, but the hospitality of the people managing and working here are the best I ever experienced from my year of travels. Naoko and Tessa will roll and bend if possible just to make sure we are enjoying our stay. I can’t thank them enough for making our stay in El Nido affordable and memorable. I’m looking forward to going back here whenever possible. This place is highly recommended when you are planning to visit EL Nido


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