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Nature’s Eye Resort: Q&A Straight From Its Manager

Aside from the owner, there is no probably someone who knows better about Natures Eye Resort than me. Yes, you read it right! Apart from being a travel blogger. I’m the head behind the best nature-inspired resort in Guimaras.

You can say it bias as early at this point, but let just all our reviews and rating on Google,, TripAdvisor, and Facebook back up my claim. Are you done checking who are the highly-rated resorts on the island of Guimaras is? 

Let us proceed with my story, but there was no magic wand on how we are enjoying our current status. We started at the bottom and slowly moved up.

How did you become the resort manager of Nature’s Eye Resort, and what are your challenges?

Three years ago, when I was still working with Ernst and Young Philippines, my friend Marcos of Detourista ask me if I can manage the social media of Natures Eye Resort when I quit my corporate job two years ago.

 I live on the island of Guimaras to experience a simple island living and, at the same time, revamp everything at the resort.

Natures Eye Resort

I saw all the potentials for Natures Eye Resort to be the best resort on Guimaras island. It doesn’t just have the direction yet since Ms. Rowena is alone in running her property. But I believe that if passion and love are the foundation of your business, it could never go wrong.

I thought running a business regardless if its close to your heart would be easy, but it isn’t. I started to read all the backlash that we received online, created a process flow, train the people, manage the finances, study the market to understand how I will sell it better, and the most challenging part was, leading the people.

What is your favorite cottage at Nature’s Eye Resort?

Sunset Cottage – Photo Credit to Coshan Uncharted

Sunset cottage is my favorite, regardless if you travel with someone or alone. The location is perfect, it is right in front of the beach, with a direct view of the sunset on your balcony, the interior is native and straightforward, it is well ventilated, not too warm even in summer. The ambiance is romantic, plus I love keeping the door open at night while sleeping to hear the sound of the sea waves.

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What is your favorite spot at Nature’s Eye Resort?

Natures Eye Resort

Our common dining area also serves my working station whenever I stay at Nature’s Eye Resort. It’s my favorite for two reasons. First, The complete view of Taklong Marine Sanctuary straight from our dining area is something to beat in Guimaras. I doubt if there is any other resort that will give you that view while watching the sunrise in the morning, enjoying your coffee. 

Second, It’s the place where all the guests go together to eat, this is where I interact with people, share stories, get to know them and have some drinks.

Are there some spots that most guests who visited didn’t know about Nature’s Eye Resort?

Most of our guests go to our main beach area to swim and watch the sunset. But on the other side of the property is what I called our “Snorkeling site” this is where we usually pick up the guest for their island hopping. Little they know that it’s an excellent spot to snorkel. 

It is the view from the Cliff cottage’s balcony.

Photo Credit – Mark Roa

I have two secret spots from here, from the platform, if you swim straight and pass by big rocks, then entering into like a small lagoon. There are many fishes on this part of the ocean.

 Another spot is from the platform; if you swim going to the left, you will see a small rocky beach area. It’s secluded, and this is where I hang out if I want to clear up my mind.

What are the exciting plans of Nature’s Eye Resort?

We have some small plans to add at the resort, like adding a mini snack bar close to the cottages, so the guest doesn’t need to go up if they are hungry in the afternoon.

 We also dream of having our spa inside the resort, but our most significant project is the total renovation of our dining and receiving area.

We already have the design of it, but hopefully, a year from now, once the management has enough funds to start the project, we can begin the construction. And I promise you that this is something amazing. Knowing how we carefully design the entire place to make it a unique and outstanding resort.

Natures Eye Resort

What I love about the management and our people is, we are open to changes and improvements and staying on our main objective, which to bring our guests close to nature, gives them the utmost privacy during their stay and to make them feel at home.

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