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  • Make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.
  • Journey along (a road) or through (a region).
  • Go or be moved from place to place.

Osyo came from the Filipino play of word Negosyo which means business


noun: business
  • the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce.
travelosyo as seen on

Travelosyo Logo

Travelosyo is a play of words, TRAVEL + NEGOSYO [“Business” in English] which literally translate to Carlo’s dream and desire to go to different places, have meaningful conversations with different races, explore the world’s rich culture, made a job out of traveling and have his own business to support his digital lifestyle. is the result of his ambition and with the right amount of determination , these dreams started to become a reality.

BLOGGING HISTORY was established September 2014. I started with BlogSpot as Most of my reviews are about food since I can’t afford to do a lot of travel.  But I have a goal to convert it into a travel magazine where I could share my personal stories and adventures.

When I moved to WordPress, I slowly discover the wonder that you can do about designing a website. I learned about the domain and hosting after a year of free hosting with WordPress.

It was my first anniversary gift to my site when I decided to take this to a more professional level.

From more than a year under, now my site is fully hosted and registered under as the domain.

With all my hard work and dedication, coming from almost no readers to less than a hundred of views monthly. Travelosyo is now getting stronger every day with an average of 50,000 monthly page visits.


  • Without reading your about page, I thought travelosyo is about traveling as negosyo, haha! But it can be, soon your passion will pay off and will get sponsorship for free travel, and soon you’ll get compensation for your review (assuming you’re not yet being compensated; and don’t feel bad if you will soon receive cash compensation).

    • hehehh. Actually, I’m getting free travel now sometimes and getting compensated if I write with other sites 😉

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