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Sorsogon: Bicol Region’s Freshest Tourist Destination


Sorsogon lies at the southernmost tip of Luzon in the province of Bicol. Dubbed as the gateway to the Southern Philippines, it’s the home of almost 800,000 hospitable Sorsogueños living with 14 municipalities and a city. Truly, a province surrounded by water. Ready yourself for a one-of-a-kind and rising eco-tourist destination in Bicol region.

Donsol Whale Shark
Photo Credit to Donsol Eco Tour

Sorsogon City is less than one and a half hour away from Legazpi. I don’t have any idea how exciting this Sorsogon trip could be. Fairly, when I hear the word Sorsogon the first thing that comes to my mind are the whale sharks of Donsol.

I had been part of many traveling groups and sadly, I hardly saw topics about this province. Evidently, Donsol is the most popular tourist destination in Sorsogon but I’m telling you, there are more reasons why your next destination should be Sorsogon

1. They Have a Hotel Which Isn’t Just a hotel, it’s a Destination!

Located in the heart of the city, Siama Hotel was our starting point in discovering the beauty of the province. Unlike any other hotels, Siama gave me a deeper connection with nature.

This boutique hotel is surrounded by tall coconut trees and lush garden. As soon as you enter their property you will instantly feel the detachment from the bustling part of the city.

The hotel is so quiet that you can hardly hear any noise. Truly, a perfect place for people who are looking for quality and relaxing vacation.

Check Rate and Availability

Hotel Lobby

The rustic, minimalist and contemporary design of Milo Naval; the owner of the hotel is one of the reasons why Siama is outstanding. It’s modern and yet you will feel that you are still connected with nature.

The receiving and dining area are cross-ventilated allowing air to flow easily. The walls are unpainted giving a more natural look. The objects are kept in the minimum making it so neat and the furniture are crafted from mahogany wood.

Siama Hotel Room

Did I mention that they have a big hammock over their swimming pool? The view is so instagrammable and absolutely the spot for your next profile picture.

Our room showcased how minimalist the owner is; the bed is comfortable and there’s no television to give you more time to unwind. Also, our room has easy access to their pool area. Wake up early and don’t miss the chance of hearing the birds humming while having your breakfast.

Siama Hotel

Siama Hotel is located at Sitio San Lorenzo, Bibincahan, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Philippines

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2. Be the First to Discover the Emerging Surfing Destination of Gubat

Surfers would really love to discover this raw, unspoiled, less crowded, uncommercialized surfing haven in Gubat, Sorsogon. From the moment we stepped out of our coaster, I could hear the rhythmic percussion of waves.

The beach is facing the Pacific Ocean and waves during this month (July) is ideal for beginners but I noticed that it’s bigger compared with the one in La Union. Locals said, for experienced surfers, the month of October – March is the best time to visit.

Gubat Sorsogon
Gubat, Sorsogon

It’s a long stretch of fine and gray-sand beach covered. There are no big resorts and party. If we will be given a chance to stay overnight, I can sense the chillax ambiance at night while having a drink.

Surfing - Gubat

How to Get There:

Coming from Sorsogon City, you can ride a jeep going to Gubat. From Gubat Town proper, catch a jeep going to Bulusan that passes by Rizal Beach or hire a tricycle that can bring you directly to Lola Sayong Surf Camp.

3. Their River Cruise with Firefly Watching is Enchanting

Your visit to Sorsogon will never be complete without trying Buhatan River Eco Adventure. It’s one of the newest attractions in the province founded and managed by the initiative of the people of Buhatan.

Buhatan River Cruise

I was expecting it to be like the river cruise that I had in Loboc, Bohol but it turned out to be different. This is more slow, calm, and relaxing. There was no buffet during the cruise, no band playing in the background, but I find it quite alright as it made the cruise more peaceful. The cruise can only take a maximum of 10pax.

Our rectangular, floating, bamboo cottage has a white cloth which serves as its roof. The chairs have white and soft cushions to sitting comfortable. During the cruise, we enjoyed different kinds of Pili Products and a juice made of ginger.

As we moved to our destination, which is a floating restaurant, I felt delighted to hear the story of Bayanihan (a spirit of communal unity and cooperation) to make Buhatan River Eco Adventure a success.

Buhatan River

People from the community help each other to plant mangroves, now its shoreline has lush vegetation. They clean and protect the river regularly and it created more jobs for the local.

After our delectable dinner, we tried to catch some shrimp using a square fish net that we throw on the river while waiting for the sun to set and started our cruise back to the starting point.

Buhatan River Cruise

The air became cool and the evening eats away all the colors and lights. Suddenly, there was a quick flicker and crackle of light, one at a time, too fast for the naked eye. Fireflies started to show up; warm glows that illuminated the night.

I can’t explain the feeling exactly; I just think it’s magical, bizarre, and enchanting. I badly tried to catch a good photo but it’s too dark and they are too small that my camera failed to capture their beauty. I would be forever thankful that I experienced this kind of adventure.

For more information Call or Text 09399381215 or email Buhatan Barangay Council at

4. They Just Don’t Have a White Sand Beach – They Have a Pinkish White Beach!

While everyone goes crazy with fine white beach, people in Matnog, Sorsogon enjoy a pinkish white-sand beach. Matnog is the home of amazing aquatic species and incredible pinkish sand.


We first visited Tikling Island, which reminds me of Islands in Britania, Surigao. It’s peaceful and there was only one nipa hut built on the island. The sand was mixed with small coral stones, the water was crystal clear and we were lucky to spot some wild boars roaming around. I hope they could keep the raw beauty of this island.

Tikling Island

Our next stop was my favorite; Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary. When I heard our guide said that it’s a good spot for diving and snorkeling, I immediately felt so ecstatic and would love to jump instantly. I never missed the opportunity to swim with fishes and they are incredibly big. At first, I was alarmed that they might bite me but sooner I enjoyed feeding them.

Juag Marine Sanctuary
Juag Lagoon

The last part of our tour was beach bumming at Subic Beach, Matnog’s very own pinkish-white beach. Absolutely, one of the best beaches I visited.

It’s low season during July, I believe we are the only visitors during that time. Water was incredibly clear and has different shades of blue and green. Sand is powdery and sparkling. This is my definition of Paradise – isolated, beautiful, and tranquil.

Subic Beach

How to Get There:

  • Coming from Manila by land you can take a bus bound to Matnog from Alabang, Cubao or Pasay. Look for bus companies like DLTB, Philtranco, or Penafrancia. Travel time is 14 hours. An alternate option is to take a bus bound to Samar, it will stop at Matnog Pier before boarding the ferry.
  • If you will fly from Manila to Legazpi, from the airport ride a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you at Daraga – Matnog bus terminal.
  • Alternatively, take a bus bound to Sorsogon City, then ride a jeep that can bring you to Matnog.

5. You Don’t Need to Fly out of the Country to Experience Switzerland

I felt like entering a different dimension when we entered the gate of Bulusan Lake National Park. No wonder because it’s nestled at the foot of an active Volcano.  The 1 km road from the gate up to the lake, which was surrounded by tall trees and plants was ravishing.

Bulusan Lake

The sun was about to set when we reached the lake. The beauty of Bulusan Lake, dubbed as the Switzerland of the orient made my jaw drop. Absolutely, the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen in the Philippines. The lake was surrounded by lush green trees, the water was clean and green too.

There are different activities available in the park. we tried the canopy walk and kayaking. But the best part of our stay was our short snack break on the floating villa at the heart of Lake Bulusan, where locals served us delicious Pili delicacies while listening to local songs. Some had a relaxing massage too.

Floating Cabana

If you want to explore more, beyond the lake are several springs, hiking trails, and falls. You can coordinate with the management to do these activities.

How to Get There:

You can take a tricycle from Irosin public market or wait for a Bulusan jeepney and alight at the Park entrance. From here, it’s a one-kilometer walk to the lake.

Sarung Banggi is a popular Bicolano song written by Potenciano B. Gregorio Sr. Sarung Banggi means one night or one evening ❤️

Other points of interest

  • Donsol whale shark watching
  • The century church at Barcelona and old houses at Juban
  • Cold and hot spring of Irosin
  • Seawater lagoon at Bacon
  • Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm

My 2 days tour to Sorsogon was truly not enough to experience and see everything that Sorsogon could offer. If I would summarize Sorsogon in a few words, it would be, “It has everything to satisfy your dream vacation.” Not to forget their delicious food, warm people, enthusiastic LGU, and community. If you are still wondering where to go next, think no more. Visit the Freshest destination of Bicol, Visit Sorsogon!

Note: This is a sponsored FAM Tour by Tourism Promotions Board to promote the province of Sorsogon. All views, posts, and opinions shared here are my own. Thank you TPB for inviting me to be part of this tour. Again, Travelosyo is glad to be part of your mission and vision.


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  • Wow, you’ve visited these tourist spots for 2 days only. I always hear Matnog from my relatives who always visit Bicol, maganda nga. 🙂

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