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Experience True Luxury at Grand Hyatt Taipei

Grand Hyatt Taipei lobby

When the taxi stopped at the main entrance of Grand Hyatt Taipei, the valet immediately opened the door and offered to carry my luggage.

“Hello, good morning! Are you checking in today?” he said with a wide and warm smile.

“Yes,” I answered.

Then the wide automatic sliding doors opened, unveiling the grandest and widest hotel lobby I’ve ever seen so far.

He then led me to the front desk.

The hotel has got good taste for opulent items. Earth colors added to the inviting vibes. The wall was painted white. So was the high ceiling. Brown and cream colored tiles covered the floor, polished to perfection, shining as though it were a mirror you could stare at. Deep brown colored pillars stood tall.

There were beautiful flowers magnificently arranged at the center of a white fountain. A perfect shade of pink and red complemented the brown and cream hues. The spiral chandelier illuminated the luxurious lobby, emphasizing its beauty.


Grand Hyatt Taipei


The lovely and charming front desk staff asked for my passport before proceeding with the check-in process.

“Mr. Dominguez, since you will be staying at our Grand Executive View Suite, you may check in at our Grand Club Lounge,” she said upon checking my name in their system. “Please follow me. This way to the elevator.”

I instantly felt the premier customer service.

Checking in was smooth and fast. I met Grace, the VIP service manager who showed me to my room. On our way, the first thing I noticed was the fully carpeted hallway. I have this thing for carpeted floors. Any place with carpeted floors feels luxurious and classy. Walking down hallways is quiet and comfortable unlike walking on tiled floors that produce annoying sounds that disturb other guests. I rarely find hotels with carpeted hallways.


Grand Executive View Suite 


The Grand Executive View Suite  [Check rate via Traveloka] afforded me a stunning view of Taipei 101. The 893-sqm suite features a living room, a bedroom, and a marble bathroom with a bathtub. The floor was made of high quality and luxurious vinyl tiles.

The wall was painted cream and the ceiling, white. Most of the pieces of furniture were brown, black and white, modern color trends that would make anyone feel at home. The combination gave my room’s interior rigor, luxury, and character. Everything looked clean. It was spacious and elegantly-designed.

There was a powder room, too. The dining area was equipped with a mini bar that contained a Nespresso coffee machine and tea making facility.

At the living area, the couch was perfect for binge watching on the 55-inch Full HD TV.

A hidden sliding wooden door separated the master’s bedroom from the living area.


Grand Hyatt


The defining moment of staying at a luxurious accommodation is the experience of snuggling under the sheets of the king size bed equipped with a comfortable duvet and fluffy pillows that kiss me goodnight, make me fall blissfully asleep and send me to dreamland. Grand Hyatt paid as much attention to the linen as any luxury hotel would.

The suite’s marble bathroom with a bathtub and a walk-in shower room that showcased the beautiful view of Taipei City was one of the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen. It was spacious. It had a counter that had sufficient space for all my stuff. The tub was wide and wasn’t too high. There was a small TV inside for when I wanted to be entertained while enjoying the warm water. I loved the high water pressure and the easy-to-adjust hot and cold shower. Believe me, it was a big deal for me.

Just as I thought that those were all the bathroom had to offer, another surprise unveiled itself. The hotel was offering Ferragamo shampoo, conditioner and body wash! And the fluffy bathrobes and towels were aplenty, too!


Grand Hyatt Bathroom


At the Grand Club Lounge, I grabbed the opportunity to enjoy overflowing drinks and delicious canape from 5:30 to 8 pm, one of the perks of booking a Grand Club Room at Grand Hyatt Taipei.

For breakfast, I had a choice of having it at the Cafe Restaurant or at the Grand Club Lounge. I first had it at the Club Lounge, but I realized there were few choices, so I decided to go downstairs to check out the Cafe Restaurant.

I was surprised to see a wide array of food choices. From Western, Asian (Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese) and Indian food, the café had everything. I’m not a morning person, but the buffet breakfast made me excited to get up early every day of my stay.


Cafe Restaurant


Other amenities available were the 24-hour gym, spa, conference halls, and the heated outdoor pool. It was cold in January yet some guests were dipping in the pool. It was only a little later that I learned that the pool was heated all year round. So, there wasn’t any reason for one to enjoy it even in winter.

Grand Hyatt Taipei also had 9 dining places to enjoy.


Grand Hyatt Pool


Given its proximity to Taipei 101, Taipei World Trade Center and Taipei International Convention Center, the Grand Hyatt Taipei is the ultimate choice of leisure and business travelers alike. Numerous shopping and entertainment centers are nearby, too.

The hotel is also accessible from the Taipei 101 MRT Station. In five minutes, you’ll reach the hotel by walking from the station. And from the hotel, you can go to practically anywhere in Taipei in no time.

Looking for true luxury on your next visit to Taipei? Book your stay now at Grand Hyatt Taipei and experience the class and charm of a grandiose place.


Grand Hyatt Taipei


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