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Pay Your Traveloka Bookings at Any 7-Eleven Store Near You

Yes It’s True! You can pay your Traveloka Bookings at Any 7-Eleven Store Near You!


According to Credit Card Association of the Philippines’ report last 2015, only 7 million Filipinos have a credit card, which is significantly lower compared to the neighboring Asian countries. This is mainly due to the fact that many Filipinos are not that keen on using credit cards. This makes the Philippines one of the least leveraged countries in terms of household debt. And I’m part of these millions of Filipinos who still don’t use a credit card.

Yes! believe me at the age of 27, I’m not using a credit card. My reasoning is simple, I can travel and I don’t need a credit card to do that. I know that having a credit card is convenient especially when you love to travel. It makes booking flights online easier and credit cards also make shopping online a breeze. But what if you really want to book a flight and accommodation with Traveloka but you don’t have a credit card? You don’t need to worry because this time you can pay cash for your booking at any 7-Eleven near you.

With more than 2,000 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines, it’s not hard to find a branch near you. You can now book that dream travel destination and a hotel by just heading to a 7-Eleven. Most 7-Elevens are open on weekends and 24 hours so you can pay your booking anytime you want.

Here is how I pay my hotel booking via 7-Eleven

  • After checking the hotel I want to stay using the Traveloka App,  I choose “Over-the-Counter” as my mode of payment. Traveloka gives me 2 hours to make the payment. There is a service fee but it’s minimal and it still beats the hassle of queuing in the bank.
  • On the next page, I simply Tap Pay at 7-Eleven when asked how I want to pay.
  • Immediately, I am given a payment instruction on how to pay the booking at any 7-11 store. Also, since my mobile number was registered to the app, I get to receive the instruction and reference number via SMS.
    • Go to the nearest 7-Eleven Store
    • Request for a 7-connect payment at the cashier showing the reference number
    • Or Scan the barcode
  • Once payment was done, I wait for my booking confirmation email, which comes immediately.



That’s how easy I make my booking on Traveloka app and pay it on 7-Eleven. The next time you see that cheap flights or that best deal for the hotel on the app, don’t bother borrowing a credit card from a friend. Remember that you can always pay your flight or hotel booking at any 7-eleven stores near you.

Where are you heading next? Looking for the best deal and tips on your next travel destination? My advice is to follow Traveloka on Facebook and take advantage of their promo code that is being posted every week. With Traveloka you can enjoy big discounts on your hotel and flight booking that no other booking app can give you.




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