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Experience Paradise Beyond the Wilderness at Eagle Point Resort

What started as a small family rest house in Anilao, Batangas now stands proud for nearly 30 years. With 75 rooms, a spacious restaurant and various relaxing amenities, the property at the base of a mountain is now known as the largest and most popular diving destination in Batangas. Welcome to Eagle Point Resort!

I left Manila on a Sunday morning to venture into my most awaited weekend break this month. Sunday is a good day to drive around or outside Metro Manila because of the light traffic. In fact, it took me only 2 hours to travel from Makati to Eagle Point Resort.  With its proximity to Manila, the resort is an ideal place for people who love to explore nature, relax and momentarily leave the stressful life in the city.

Getting there

  • From Manila, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) until you reach the last toll gate.
  • Travel 7.5 km toward STAR Tollway.
  • Drive along STAR Tollway until you enter Batangas City (~40km).
  • At the rotunda, cross the Manila-Batangas Highway and go toward the Diversion Road leading to Batangas International Port. Travel 3.5 km.
  • Turn right on the overpass leading to Batangas-Balayan Highway toward Bauan and travel 3.8 km.
  • Turn left after Manghinao Bridge, Bauan toward Mabini, and travel 9.5 km.
  • Turn right on Mabini rotunda towards Anilao, and travel 1.7 km.
  • Turn left on the coastal road in Anilao toward Barrio Bagalangit, and travel 8.8 km.
  • Turn right on the private road leading to Eagle Point Resort. Go straight to the parking lot (1.5 km).




Eagle’s Nest Restaurant

Since we arrived earlier than the check-in time, our group decided to have lunch at the restaurant called Eagle’s Nest that serves a wide range of food selections from Filipino, Asian, European and Australian cuisines. I love the quality of the food, the big serving and the value for  money overall. We also ate dinner that day and breakfast the next at the restaurant, and I can say that the service and quality of food were consistent. The great view of the vast ocean, the blue sky and the golden sunset was a bonus. The spot where you can watch the sunset is romantic and relaxing. A nice snack and a few drinks with your loved ones will surely make the moment one for the books. Asking what’s my favorite? I’ll answer Prawn Sinigang!


Coconut Juice


Our room

We got a superior room at their newest terrace hotel. It had everything you would ever need–air-conditioning unit, 2 twin size beds, TV with satellite connection, and hot and cold shower with nice toiletries.

From the balcony, I could stare at the beautiful Balayan Bay, gently rocking the sailing boats. Birds were freely flying with the sunset as backdrop. It was a priceless experience.

The room was clean and spacious. I love that it was a little secluded, as it gave us a good sleep. Few steps from the room is the diving center, the pool and Eagle’s Nest.     


superior room


Check room rates here – EAGLE POINT RESORT ROOM RATES


Scuba and Freediving

The best thing to do at Eagle Point Resort, being famed for its beautiful diving site, is of course diving. We didn’t miss out on that opportunity. The diving master took great care of my friends since it was their first time to do scuba diving. They enjoyed it!

I, on the other hand, preferred to do free diving, as I enjoy it more.

Corals and schools of fish can be found a few meters from the shore. The magnificent view made me more excited to free dive. My happy place is under the sea. The underwater world is my Disneyland.

Check out their dive packages here.

Watch our Youtube Video

 Unwind by the Beach & See the Wonders of the Sea at Eagle Point Beach Resort


Visit Sepoc Beach and do kayaking

Whenever people asked me for beach recommendations in Batangas, I usually had a hard time giving an answer. I’ve been to Batangas countless times. I love the rich underwater world. The beach I visited, though, is pretty average.

But when I went to Sepoc Beach, I found my ideal island. It’s unspoiled. It has clear water, white sand and smaller crowd.

Eagle Point Resort owns a part of Maricaban Island. It’s called Sepoc Beach Center where most company outings and team building activities are being held. It’s a private island where only guests of Eagle Point can enter, so expect few people on the beach. In fact, there were less than 10 persons during our visit that was why we enjoyed the privacy and serenity of the Sepoc island.


Sepoc Beach


Best time to visit is in the early morning. Eat breakfast or lunch on the island, then head back to Eagle Point before 3 PM. You can’t stay the night on the island. To get there, coordinate with the front desk team, so they can arrange for a boat. Rate is less than P2,500, good for 8 pax.

We were also fortunate to witness turtle eggs hatch. It was a first for me. Watching the baby turtles being released to the ocean is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope you, too, can catch the scene when you visit the resort.

There are plenty of fish and corals near the shore of Sepoc Beach, so we enjoyed snorkeling. We also did kayaking in the area.


Sepoc Island


If you want to venture into a quick getaway near Metro Manila, go to Batangas and stay at no other than Eagle Point Resort. The ambiance is relaxing. The sunset is stunning. The marine life is majestic. Savor the food while enjoying the unspoiled beach.

For inquiries and booking, go to their Facebook page, or visit their website:



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