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Get in Touch With Your Wild Side on a European Hunting Trip

Hunting trip

There are around 17 million hunters in the USA, but did you know you can have an equally thrilling experience on your vacation in Europe? Much of Europe is covered in dense forest and mountains, where there is plenty of opportunities to test out your hunting skills. If you’re looking for an action-packed and exhilarating trip to the European continent, then consider booking a hunting trip.

This isn’t for everyone, but it can be an ethical way to deal with an overpopulation of animals and avoid factory farmed meat. It will also take you deep into the wilderness, to escape your everyday, urban lifestyle.

Is It Ethical?

Depending on the company you use and how you go about it, hunting can be an ethical activity. Europe has strict hunting laws to prevent cruel and inhumane killing. Your guide will make sure that the game you are chasing has a fair chance to escape and doesn’t suffer any unnecessary stress or pain.

Farmers throughout Europe often have problem growing crops due to out of control wildlife and hunting helps to keep numbers at the right level. You won’t be hunting anything endangered, so you won’t have any negative impact on the environment or the survival of species.

There are many people for whom hunting will always be immoral and that’s fine, but if you feel comfortable hunting for sport, then look carefully into the legality and morality of it to ensure you hunt as ethically as possible.




What is Required?

When deciding which tour operator to use, it is important to check the requirements. If you are a complete novice, then make sure you get some lessons before going out into the wild and attempting to make your first kill. You will also have to get familiar with the tech.

This requires you to learn your way around a rifle scope and how to safely handle a gun. Being fully able to locate your prey with a rifle scope will ensure you have a successful hunting trip.




Where are the Best Hunting Destinations?

Some areas of Europe, such as the UK, are heavily urbanized and might not seem great for hunting. However, Britain has a strong hunting history, with the famous Heythrop hunt covering much of the Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire countryside since 1835. If you venture into the continent, though, you’ll find a greater diversity of wildlife including wild boar, elk, and bison.

Montenegro and Belarus even allow the hunting of wolf. So where you go depends on what animals you are looking to hunt. Polish and German forests are vast, but there are stricter hunting rules. This may be a positive or a negative depending on the experience you are looking for.

Choosing to take your hunting holiday in Europe won’t fail to impress. The wildlife there is varied and flourishing and strict laws enable you to hunt ethically. Europe is full of cultural cities, but don’t be afraid to explore the countryside. Find a reputable tour company and make sure you can have a safe, but exciting experience in the vast European wilderness.



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