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Leaving Work To Travel – Preparing Your Finances


Many people dream of escaping the rat race and traveling the world. There are so many beautiful places to visit but so little time available if you have a full-time job, based in one location, and a family to support. Travel can be more than a dream, so if you wanted to take a break, long or short, what would you need to do to turn your dream into reality? Here are some ways to prepare your finances.

Saving towards your great escape

In order to travel, you need to have time and money. Time is easy to come by if you aren’t working full time, but money has to come from somewhere. If you are dreaming of a traveling lifestyle, preparation is key. Save, save and save some more. In an ideal world, you should aim to have at least enough money saved up to enable you to live for a whole year. This needs to cover basic expenses like accommodation, food, and clothing. Also include mobile phone bills, travel insurance, and any other items that you may consider essential to your life.


Planning for a rainy day

You never know when you might need to get some cash quickly to help you in an emergency. Alternatively, you may prefer to do your spending on a travel-friendly credit card to leverage security benefits or reward schemes. In either case, you should spend some time working to get a healthy credit report before you start your adventure. If you have negative items on your report, AAA Credit Guide ( suggests that writing a letter to the credit dispute bureau is the most effective way to have them removed. A clear or healthy credit report will be of benefit if you need to apply for credit to fund you in an emergency.

Credit Card

Keep the money coming

If you want to be able to keep traveling as long as possible, then you need to make sure you are still able to earn money after you leave your full-time job. Having multiple streams of income will give you additional security when you are leaving your job. You can pick up short-term employment when you are traveling or work online as a freelancer. There are lots of options available that will help fund your onward travel adventures.


Travelling can be a rewarding adventure. The most important thing is to be prepared financially before you make a big life change so that the adventure can last as long as possible.

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