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My Top 3 Favorite Shopping Markets in Bangkok

Shopping Markets in Bangkok

If you’re planning to visit Bangkok, one activity that you shouldn’t miss aside from eating delicious Thai food, visiting temples, and all-night partying is shopping. Thinking of the best shopping Markets in Bangkok, here are some of my favorites.

Bangkok is truly a shopping haven and everything that you can think of buying you’d probably find among their shopping centers. You have many options from cheap night markets or bazaars to luxurious malls, shopping markets in Bangkok has it all.

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Here are my personal favorite shopping markets in Bangkok with Tips and What to buy in Bangkok City

It was 4 years ago when I started to live and shop in Bangkok. I know exactly where to buy good but cheap finds and I even mastered the art of haggling. Late last year, I returned to Bangkok with some of my friends and found myself scouring Bangkok’s shopping spots again.

Everything seemed to be the same except for one thing. It was easier to bargain with vendors before than today. Nonetheless, if you plan to shop in Bangkok it’s still best to start in Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok Shopping Guide
Bangkok Shopping Guide

Chatuchak Weekend Market is best for bargain seekers and market lovers. Everything that you want to shop is here with over 15,000 booths to check out. Chatuchak is one of the biggest markets in the world happening every Saturday and Sunday. And when I say big I mean it’s too big.

You need to have lots of time and patience to get around so I suggest starting as early as possible. There’s an average of 200,000 people coming here on weekends, it could get pretty crowded quickly.

You can get to Chatuchak Market via Skytrain (BTS) or Subway (MRT). If you take BTS, take off at Mo Chit Station. If Subway, take off at Kamphaeng Phet Station, then take Exit 2.

It’s harder to haggle but it will save you extra baht if you buy more since they tend to offer it at a lower price if you buy 2 or more items. There are way more items for women than men, especially fashionable clothes. A lot of booths offer the same items but there are some who are personalized which of course, are usually more expensive.

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Platinum Fashion Mall

Photo Credit: Agoda – Find best Bangkok Hotel

If you are looking for quality clothes at a reasonable price, Platinum Fashion Mall is the best for you. Everything related to clothes and accessories can be found here. This is a shopping haven for women with all 7 floors filled with shopping stalls that are selling mostly women’s apparel and accessories.

It’s also more convenient to shop here since it’s inside the mall. Bargaining, again, can be a challenge but you can get a good deal if you buy more items. The nearest Skytrain station is Chidlom but if you aren’t a fan of walking, I recommend you take a taxi or tuk-tuk from Chidlom Station.

Platinum Fashion Mall is open daily from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

By the way, there is even a 4-star hotel right next to Platinum Mall, if you are looking for a place to stay within the area.

TIP: Platinum Fashion Mall is walking distance to the Central world Mall. If you are looking for a place to eat, there are food stalls outside the mall. Across the road is Pratunam Market, which sells mostly wholesale items. There are fewer foreigners on this side but it’s a good place to buy cheap souvenir items. The best time to visit is in the afternoon.

Ratchada Train Night Market

This used to be my ultimate favorite night market in Bangkok 3 years ago until it became too crowded. It’s not as big as Chatuchak but there are a variety of items that you can find here. Most people visit here after Chatuchak so expect a small night market with a bunch of people. Chaotic.

I still recommend a visit to the Rod Fai night market. It is open from Thursday to Sunday from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM. What I love most about this place is, it is more organized so the items that you are looking for are easy to find.

There is also a section for food, and I remember chilling on their container type bar after shopping. It’s a good place to have a drink back then. If you’re lucky, there will be fewer tourists on your visit, you will absolutely enjoy this place.

To get here just take MRT and get off at Thailand Cultural Center Station. Ratchada Train Market is behind Esplanade Shopping Mall.

Additional TIPS: If you are looking for luxury and branded items, Siam Paragon is the best mall for you and across Siam Paragon is the famous MBK Mall. This is like Greenhills+Divisoria of Manila. Some of the “Class A” products can be bought here and the entire 4th and 5th floors are dedicated to electronics. MBK is walking distance from BTS Siam and National Stadium Station.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

If you are wondering where is the best place to stay in Bangkok, I’ll say it’s the Asoke district. It is in the city center, the nearest landmark would be Terminal 21.

Regardless of which area you choose to stay, my suggestion is to look for a place that is only walking distance to BTS or MRT. It is very easy to go shopping and move around Bangkok as soon as you familiarize yourself with their train lines.

You can check some discounted rooms here in Bangkok; go over the map and look for the hotel near the train lines.

What are your favorite Shopping Markets in Bangkok?

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