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A Letter to Someone Who Didn’t Give Up on Me

“I’m not easy to love but I’m worth it” I had been single for nearly 2 and a half years. I dated some guys in between which I rejected some and I was rejected as well too. I fell in love with someone who was not ready for me, I was ghosted, I felt being used for their advantage, I cried and got hurt but then finally just this November 2019 I said “Yes” to someone.

This guy has been courting me for 6 months before I realize that he is the one. Yes b*itches, I never thought I’m that pretty! I couldn’t imagine that someone will not give up on me, accept my ugly side and prove to me that he is the right one. This is my letter to the one who didn’t give up on me.

Dear Love,

You know it wasn’t loved at first sight. You know I never had that magic moment where I first looked into your eyes and knew that it was “love” I never had that initial spark on you, I thought that our first date was our last but after that day, you keep on showing interest to get to know me for who I am on a deeper level.

I rejected and hurt you many times, I made you cry but you keep showing up and proving that you are worth it. I will never forget the time you are outside my condominium, 2:00 a.m, crying and begging me not to leave you.

You travel all the way from Taytay, Rizal to my place in Makati just to please me to change my mind. You’re incredible!

You always want to see me in your free time during weekends, even if we don’t have plans, just accompanying me to visit my dentist or bring my dirty clothes to the laundry shop.

I remember when it took more than an hour waiting for my dentist, straight from the night shift you came to visit me. I saw how sleepy you are but made extra effort to date me. Love, I appreciate everything.

When I look back on the day I first met you, ‘I never would’ve thought we’d be here.’ Look at we know, we will celebrating our 2nd months together when before I am joking that I will break you before our first month.

I never have expected to fall in love with you but I did, and I’m continuously happy because of it.

You made me feel comfortable with you, I’m not worried about what I look like at certain angles, or what you think about my body’s imperfections, Thank you for loving me for who I am.

Our love was built gradually, a love that doesn’t happen on the day I first met you. In the first few months, I already set my expectation if ever we will be in a relationship, there will be times where we can’t be together since I’m always out of Manila. You just accept it.

You accepted me on my weakest and darkest point. You know I faced the hardest time in 2019 but you proved to me that you will be here for me regardless. I’m so lucky to have you than you having me.

On the day I said yes, it was not just a birthday gift. I realized you are more than just my boyfriend, You’re the first person I want to share my good news with, my upcoming plans in life, You’re the first person I called, crying when I got the worst news of my life. You’re the person who’s always there for me when I need help, Thank you for being my best friend too.

Thank you for consistently choosing me and being with me even if sometimes I’m not in my best form. I can’t promise to be the perfect person but I will be here to cater to you, to always cook you delicious food whenever you visit my apartment, to check on you and make sure that you are okay.

Thank you for not giving up on me and staying regardless of how many times I push you back and closed my door.

You made me realize that real love is felt without doubts. You’re my real love, the person who won’t give up on me and love me so incredibly.

You know I love You,

Cai Dominguez

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