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The Pink Beach and Sunset of Zamboanga City

santa cruz beach

Bienvenido a Zamboanga City!, dubbed as “Asia’s Latin City.” Majority of its people speak Chavacano, the only Spanish-based creole in Asia. As I walked outside the airport, I couldn’t help getting amazed hearing people speaking Chavacano.

It’s a taste of Spain here in the Philippines, a reminder of the strong Spanish influence in our country. Listening to my friend Leo talking to the locals, all I could understand was “sí.” It was the first time I felt as though I were a foreigner in my own country.

As soon as we landed, we went straight to the port to ride on a ferry bound for Basilan. Seeing Zamboanga for the first time, I kept wondering why, despite being one of the richest provinces in Mindanao, Zamboanga seems to have been left behind by other mega cities in the region such as CDO and Davao. The airport needs an upgrade. The roads and seaport need improvement. The place’s scenery and landscape seem to be living in the past. The surroundings, however, tell a lot of stories about the city’s rich history and culture.

After my three-day vacation in Basilan, we decided to stay in Zamboanga City for two days to explore it and the nearby Sta. Cruz Pink Sand Beach. Here is sample travel guide for a quick stay in the city.


zamboanga airport

What to do?

  • Visit Great Santa Cruz Island

How to get there?

Take a motorized boat from Paseo Del Mar. Travel time is approximately 15-20 mins.

Boat Charge – P1,000 (1-10 persons)

Entrance Fee – P100 per person

Terminal Fee – P5 per person

Cottage rental ranges from P100 to P500, depending on the number of guests. Military presence was visible during our visit. In fact, every boat has one military personnel assigned. At first, it made me anxious, but after staying in Basilan for three days and being surrounded by the military during my visit to the white beach, I found it normal in the area.


santa cruz beach


You can do kayaking in a lagoon, but you need to pay extra. Seafood vendors offer “paluto.” Souvenir items are for sale. I asked one lady selling ref magnets if overnight stay is possible. She said no, adding that they don’t stay on the island for security reasons.

The island is a perfect place to relax since only a few people are visiting. You can have privacy. The pinkish powdery sand and the clear turquoise-green sea is perfect for a day swim. This 2017, National Geographic channel named Great Santa Cruz Island as one of the top 21 beaches in the world.

  • Walk around the City

Wandering around the city gives you a feeling of Spanish ambiance. In front of their Spanish colonial style city hall is Rizal Park. As you stride to the right, you will see their vibrant public market, connected to different shopping malls. On the other side are Plaza Pilar, Fort Pilar, and Paseo Del Mar. As you walk towards this area, along NS Valderosa Street, you will see some old Hispanic buildings.


zamboanga city hall


  • Watch the Sunset at Paseo Del Mar

Many would agree, especially people who have been to Zamboanga, that one of the best sunsets in the Philippines can be seen in the city. This is something you should not miss


zamboanga city


Where to stay in Zamboanga City?

I stayed at Ever O Business Hotel during my trip in Zamboanga. If you are looking for affordable, basic, clean and hotel from which all parts of the city are accessible, this is a good choice. It’s a few minutes walk to some fast food stores and malls too. Approximately 200 meters to the city hall and less than 1 km to Fort Pilar.

We got their Superior room for less than P2,000 (US$40) per night good for two without breakfast. Our air-conditioned room has two twin beds, free internet, and private bathroom.


fort pilar


Where to Eat in Zamboanga City?

If you want to do food trip in the city, probably the best place I would recommend is Paseo Del Mar. It’s like the bay walk here in Manila during its heyday. There are various food stalls. You can even hang out and drink while a live band is playing music in the area.

Things you should not miss are Knickerbocker. It’s like Zamboanga’s version of Halo-Halo composed of fresh fruits, condensed milk and ice cream on top. There is Lokot-Lokot, a crunchy dessert made of rice flour, sugar, oil, and water.

Something I look forward to is their Curacha or deep sea crabs. Now, when I hear the word Curacha, all I can imagine is the delicious crab of Zamboanga.





Zamboanga is a unique City. I’m glad that Zamboangueños have kept and nurtured its charms. I have high hopes that one day, like its colorful vintas, Zamboanga will be a very vibrant city and become one of the most visited places here in the Philippines.


Ever o business hotel




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  • Those sunset photos are gorgeous! Love the pink skies! The beach looks amazing too–the water is so clear and inviting. Would love to visit sometime! Ever O Business Hotel sounds like a great choice, too–it’s affordable, clean and provides easy access to the rest of the city. I’m sold!

  • I love places with Spanish architecture. They made such pretty buildings. I agree that the sunsets look amazing. I was expecting the beach to be a little more pink.

  • The sunsets in the Philippines are possibly the best I have ever seen. Not sure I would be comfortable with the military around but it sure does look incredibly.

  • I am totally loving the look of the beach and could spend here all day chilling out and doing nothing. Looks so peaceful.

  • Holy smokes your photos are spectacular, what a gorgeous spot! So funny to think that it’s more like Spain than the Philippines, and how you felt out of place in your own country. Sometimes that’s how it feels when us Canadians visit Quebec.

  • Wow! This is spectacular. What a perfect sunset. I love the sound of those delicious crabs. Black pepper chilli crab is always the first thing that I eat when I am in Singapore.

  • Zamboanga City looks beautiful! What a unique place with unique history! You can definitely see the Spanish influence in the photos you shared. I’d be interested to hear the language too. We just started learning Spanish 🙂 Looks like a wonderful place to explore and catch an awesome sunset!

  • Both the architecture and the natural landscape (or should I say seascape) are beautiful. The colour of the sand and the blues in that water are gorgeous!

  • Love you sunset pictures. When I was learning Tagalog, I was amazed at just how much Spanish there was in the language. I could imagine that certain areas could have enough Spanish influence to make a full on Creole.

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