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Travel Guide: The Other Side of Puerto Galera

puerto galera

My 3rd visit to Puerto Galera is extra special since it’s my travel treat to my family. Puerto Galera is a perfect place to experience the piece of heaven on earth on a cheaper budget. Just approximately 4 hours via land and sea transfer from Manila. Definitely, Galera is a good escape from the noise, busy and stressful life in the city.

I believe that whenever we heard about Puerto Galera, the top thing that comes to our mind is the white beach – the most popular beach in Galera. Having said that, the place gets easily crowded, loud and lively. Well, if you go out of the city to party instead of relaxing. This place is perfect for you. But, Puerto Galera is more than just white-beach. Approximately 15-20 mins walk is more exclusive beach resort called “Tamaraw beach resort

Since I’ve been here for three times, There are things which are pretty much the same, new, and something to look forward. Note that this review is the summary of my past 3 trips to Puerto Galera. Bus fare from Cubao-Batangas pier is still 175php. (ALPS bus inc.), terminal Fee is 30php and boat fare increased from last year’s 220php now to 230php.

How to get to Puerto Galera?

From Cubao 

  • I recommend taking ALPS bus bound to Batangas Pier. Alps bus terminal is located at #721 EDSA Southbound fronting Nepa Q-mart.Barangay Pinagkaisahan, Quezon City.  Travel time is approximately 3 hours.
  • From Batangas Pier, you will hear people shouting Galera or White beach. There are different shipping lines to choose from. Travel time is approximately an hour.

Where to Stay in Puerto Galera? 


The facade of Tamaraw Beach Resort

Tamaraw beach Resort Facade


If you are looking for a place which is less crowded. I could guarantee that Tamaraw beach resort is the perfect fit for your stay. I love this place for 3 reasons. Location, value for money and security.

A big part of the beach area is exclusive for their guest so you could expect that there’s less noise in the beach. But if you would like to party at night. You can walk from here up to the white beach in less than 20 minutes.

There are karaoke rooms too where you can drink and party. Other amenities are a basketball court, tennis court, and table tennis. They also have infinity pool both for adults and kids.

Tamaraw beach resort also offers a wide variety of water activities such us; Banana boat, Jet ski, paragliding, island hopping, diving, and kayaking. The beach area is clean though not fine sand yet pebble stones.

Good customer service experience plus most parts of the resort are secured with CCTV cameras. Free Wi-Fi is available in their lobby area too. Room are spacious and I suggest to get a room with a kitchen so you can save money for food.



Tamaraw beach resort Lobby



Beach Area


Infinity Pool

What to do in Puerto Galera?

Island hopping and Snorkeling (Diving if you have an extra budget) are still the best things to do in Galera. Tamaraw beach resort has its own small boat like a yacht.  I prefer this yacht type compared to a usual bangka. I love the glass floor viewing platform where you can enjoy an underwater view while listening to mostly reggae music. It’s a double Decker type where you can stay on top to have a better view of nature and just for just 300php, you can buy a ticket to experience paradise.

I love the glass floor viewing platform where you can enjoy an underwater view while listening to mostly reggae music. It’s a double-decker yacht where you can stay on top to have a better view of nature for just 300php.

Snorkeling gears are free to use but renting a small bangka for 200php is highly recommended. The bangka will pull you around the area while holding on a rope. This is a crazy way of doing snorkeling. From the moment you enter the water world, you will wish to stay longer. Small and medium size fishes will surround you.


7-Island Hopping

Riding Solo?


Riding Jet ski is my other favorite but of course not for people on a tight budget. To enjoy the adrenaline rush of driving fast on the sea you have to ready your wallet in paying 2,000php per hour.






Puerto Galera will always have a special place in my travel history. This is the first place where I started to plan a D.I.Y kind of travel.

One of the most recommended places for people looking for a quick escape out of Manila. Though it saddened me to see trashes everywhere around the white beach. I believe that with or without compulsory environmental fee of 50php. I hope that everyone should learn not to throw their trash everywhere.


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