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5 Reasons why Hinugtan Beach Should be Your Next Destination in Aklan

Hinugtan Beach

Hinugtan Beach located in Buruanga, Aklan had been on my list for quite some time. Finally, I visited it this year!

You don’t probably think of going to Hinugtan Beach when visiting the Province of Aklan. You might even be unaware of its existence. Every time one mentions Aklan, people will think of the famous Boracay Island.

On my recent visit to Aklan, I spent some time in the mainland Malay town before Buruanga. That’s where you will head to if you’re coming from Caticlan to explore Hinugtan Beach.

I wanted to spend the night there, but there was no signal. I needed to get some work done.

Nonetheless, I found a good place to sleep–HangOut Beach Resort–near Caticlan Airport. That’s where I rented a motorbike going to Hinugtan Beach.

Hinugtan Beach

How to Get There

I rented a motorbike at HangOut Beach Resort for Php500 (gas not included). Travel time is around 30 minutes. You can contact them at 0928-953-8937 or check their rate and availability online

I don’t think there is a direct public trip from Caticlan to Hinugtan Beach. Another option is to hire a private tricycle from mainland Malay. I read on some blogs that the charge is Php200-300, one way. Make sure to arrange for your return trip to Malay since the place is a bit secluded.

At least 10% of the road going to the beach is not yet cemented. There is a parking space for vehicles from where you have to walk going down. I recommend not to bring heavy bags.

Here are the 5 reasons why Hinugtan Beach should be your next destination in Aklan

1. Powdery White Sand

Hinugtan Beach

Although the sand is not as pure and white as that of Station 1 in Boracay. The fact that it’s clean and looks really beautiful makes me really excited to revisit.

2. Secluded

As I grow older and start to become one of the “Titos of Manila,” I now prefer places that can give me privacy. And that’s the reason we travel–to relax and stay away from the noise of the city even for a short while.

The beach is situated on a cove in the town of Buruanga and still out of the radar of most local and foreign travelers, giving you more space to move around.

3. Cheap

Hinugtan Beach

As I was exploring the area, I noticed that there were around five resorts standing in the area. Rates start at Php1,200-5,000 per night, depending on the room type. Electricity and water are available, too.

You can contact and book White Beachfront and Cottages online (it’s probably the only resort that offers online booking). I went to their place and I could say that they are the best among all the resorts on Hinugtan Beach.

Check Rate and Availability

4. Uncrowded

Hinugtan Beach

Hinugtan Beach is totally the opposite of Boracay–no bars and restaurants, no souvenir stores, etc. There are few tourists compared to hundreds to thousands of people that you can see on the long white beach of Boracay.

My estimate is that there were less than 50 tourists when I visited. Most of them were from small groups of local families. I saw a small group of western people, too. You will have no challenge in getting photos on the beach because the wide space is not occupied even by a single person.

No disturbing noise too. You won’t see tons of people walking around. You can absolutely lie down on a beach chair, relax and enjoy the view without anyone disturbing you. This is all I want for a vacation.

5. No Signal

HInugtan Beach

YES! No signal and no Wi-fi. That will definitely give you a social media break! You won’t even receive calls or texts–now that’s what you mean by getting off the grid. That is something I wish for once in a while. It’s the place where you can bring your special someone. I guarantee that you will have all of his/her time.

It’s a place to talk to each other about life while listening to your favorite music under a sky full of stars. It’s a place where you want to be one with nature even just for a day or two. It’s similar to a resort called Nature’s Eye in Guimaras.

It’s actually a blessing and a curse that Hinugtan Beach is off the radar (even if it’s close to the world-famous island of Boracay). I would love for Hinugtan Beach to get everybody’s attention. The downside is that it might get overcrowded.

I’m afraid that when the road going to the beach area becomes completely paved, and a direct trip from different parts of Panay Island becomes available, it will have the same scene as Boracay.

I hope that the two beaches get the right balance. Let’s party and enjoy the nightlife in Boracay, then take a wonderful rest in Hinugtan Beach.

Planning to visit Hinugtan Beach? Check Rate and Availability


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