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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Nature’s Eye Resort in Guimaras

nature's eye resort

“I will definitely go back.”

Those were my parting words to Ms. Rowena, the lovely owner of Nature’s Eye Resort in Guimaras.

I love my city life but given the chance to escape, I will choose to be somewhere close to nature. In the city, I feel as though I were a walking wallet, a consumer-citizen. Malls, restaurants and coffee shops seem to be lurking around me all the time, waiting for my money. There’s a ton of rules wherever I go.

When I visited Nature’s Eye Resort, I had a liberating experience. The place is so private that if I want to shout my lungs out, I can. I can run, walk, or jump freely. I can walk for an hour or for the entire day, stroll around the private beach or wide garden or simply watch the waves hitting the shore and the golden sunset.

Few are lucky to visit this resort built in a secluded area in Guimaras, and now I will tell you six things why you should be talking about this resort.

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  • It is one of Guimaras’ hidden gems
Beach front

Getting here will take extra effort, but it’s all worth it. The closest airport is in Iloilo, and from there, the fastest way to go to Otiz wharf is via cab.

Then buy a ticket going to Jordan wharf which costs PHP15 only. Travel time is 20 minutes. I hired a tricycle to take me to the resort. Ninety percent of the road is okay. The rest was still bumpy.

My tricycle driver was Kim. Get in touch with him through this number: 0905-852-7904. Pay PHP500 for four, one way. Travel time is one hour from Jordan Wharf.

Once you arrived at Brgy Tando, a 10-minutes walk inside a “forest-like” is necessary to reach the resort. It’s magical from afar. When we were on our way, I felt as though we were entering another dimension, one that was out of this world.

The trees are tall, I couldn’t hear anything, but the chirping of birds that seemed to welcome us to their home. The trees swayed slowly, and the ocean breeze was touching my skin. Fresh air was abundant. It was the complete definition of serenity.

  • Cottages are unique
Cliff Cottage

Nature’s Eye is proud to offer a different kind of experience. Each of their cottages is unique, offering a distinct experience with nature, one that’s far from the commercialized and business-like ambiance that often characterizes most resorts.

On my first night, I stayed at Ocean View Cottage. It’s their newest cottage offered at PHP3,900 per night for two. It’s an air-conditioned room with a king size bed.

Ocean View Upper Deck – Photo Credit to Coshan Uncharted

The room is a perfect fusion of modernity and nature. It has a wide balcony with a hammock facing the ocean. Its private bathroom has a window that offers a relaxing view. The room is big enough and has extra beds that can accommodate up to five people.

Over the Ocean View Cottage is the Cliff Cottage which has the same features as the former. An air-conditioned room with a king size bed that has extenders that can accommodate up to five people.

What makes it distinct is the private open-air bathroom. Imagine yourself having a shower in a bathroom with no walls. It feels that you’re truly one with nature. This is something you surely don’t want to miss. You can have the room for only PHP3,100 per night for two.

My favorite is their Sunset View Cottage. It has its own charm that really surprised me. It’s a nipa hut cottage made mostly of wooden materials. A fan room with a queen size bed that’s covered with a white mosquito net. As you open the sliding door, the bed is the first thing you’ll see.

natures eye resort
Sunset Cottage

The floor is made of wood. The wall is creatively curved and designed. The lights illuminate the room from different directions. There is a balcony with a hammock. The view is Nature’s Eye private beach and the sunset.

The place was so romantic that I couldn’t help falling in love with the ambiance. Did I mention that their private bathroom is something I wish I had back home? Oh Yes! I love stepping on the smooth stones while having a shower with the door slightly ajar, affording me a view of the ocean. Believe me, the price is really affordable at PHP2,600 per night for two.

  • A perfect place to commune with nature
Nature Experience

Ms. Rowena Amancio, a nature enthusiast and a self-confessed romantic person, said that “the concept of Nature’s Eye Resort is to be a venue for couples or small groups of family and friends who are looking for a private getaway.

She intended to build the resort in a secluded but beautiful area in Guimaras, so that couples could truly experience love and romance in utmost privacy.

She believes that mother nature is already exceptionally beautiful. Therefore, she wants everything in the resort to be as natural as possible. The stone path leading to the common area is surrounded by trees and flowers.

From there, you will see the vast turquoise ocean. There are birds flying around the resort. I was also lucky to see fireflies at night. There is no internet connection in all their cottages, and cellular phone signal is generally weak that’s why it’s the perfect place to bond with your partner, chill on the hammock, take in all the cold air and reconnect with nature.

  • The price is unbelievably reasonable

The best time to visit is from October to May and they go low season every July-September where you can enjoy 10% off on all their packages. There are fewer people visiting, so there’s a high possibility that you can have the entire resort to yourself especially on weekdays

  • The resort owner is one of the best hosts you would ever meet

When was the last time you visited a resort or a hotel and the owner was always there to assist you? I bet it’s uncommon to meet the resort owner, hang out with him or her, and share stories, making you comfortable and feel at home.

At Nature’s Eye Resort, Ms. Rowena is very hands-on, ensuring everyone is being assisted on a personal level. She loves to share her stories in life and her love of nature. She’s also a good listener, so feel free to share anything with her and that will surely become a great conversation.

nature team
  • They have a cute dog named Biscuit

Nature’s Eye Resort is a pet-friendly resort, so you’re welcome to bring your fur baby to play with Biscuit. Biscuit, however, is grouchy sometimes but is very sweet to and protective of Ms. Rowena.

Biscuit’s story is interesting. She was brought by a foreigner traveling and doing social work around the Philippines, but since she had a hard time traveling with Biscuit, she decided to leave it to Ms. Rowena. Since then, Ms. Rowena has treated Biscuit like her baby.

UPDATE: Biscuit passed away last November 2017. 🙁

The next time you plan to visit Guimaras and you’re looking for a totally relaxing and intimate experience with nature, don’t think twice to book at Nature’s Eye Resort.

For inquiries, you can send a message on its Facebook page, or call at 0907-757-9055. Or Book them online here.


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