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The Newest Hotel in Puerto Princesa is All About HUE!

hue hotel

Coming from a 5-hour land travel from El Nido, I arrived past midnight at Puerto Princesa and went straight to one of the newest hotels in the city, Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa. The guard standing by the wide entrance immediately came to greet and assist me as soon as I stepped out of the van.

I’m impressed with the overall appearance of the hotel –bright, colorful, wide, and artistic. The design of the hotel lobby is quite unique. The entrance is spacious with no doors, which makes me feel welcomed. The floor has patterns that look like the roots of a tree. I soon learned from its front office manager, Mr. Don Duenas, that the design of the floor is inspired by mangrove roots that are commonly found and protected in Puerto Princesa.

Hue hotel has a modern and culturally rooted architecture with the materials sourced locally. It’s hard to miss their colorful reception counter made of “Banig”. My personal favorite is the wooden balinsasayaw birds that will welcome you at the entrance.




Located on the 3rd floor and offering views of the city of Puerto Princesa, I stayed in an air-conditioned deluxe room, which measures 25-sqm and has all the basic in-room amenities that I need; spacious, bright, and hippie. I personally love the colorful pillows and the rag made of handwoven mat. The headboard design comes in different shapes and style. I’d describe this room as very “instagramable”

The room has a safety deposit box, cable TV, hairdryer, strong WiFi access, bottled water, coffee, and tea. If memory serves me right, Hue hotel is the first hotel that I’ve been to that doesn’t offer plastic bottled water, instead the bottle is made of glass. I think it is commendable and a good initiative to lessen the use of plastic. And as per Don, the water coming from the shower and sink is even potable. Imagine, the water that I use for showering is drinkable. Isn’t it amazing?


deluxe room


The deluxe room comes with 2 double beds. The mattresses are not too firm, just enough to give me a comfortable sleep. There are lights coming from different parts of the room that can be easily controlled since all the switches are just beside the beds. Lastly, there’s a modern bathroom equipped with hot and cold shower and complete toiletries.

The next day, I had breakfast at Matiz Restaurant and Tapas Bar. This is one of the coolest restaurants that you could probably find in Puerto Princesa. I admire its contemporary design, wide, clean, simple and minimalist. I love the hanging wooden tables and bulbs. The wall is mostly made of glass allowing natural light to come into the room, giving me that cozy feeling while having breakfast. They offer typical Filipino dishes for breakfast, a variety of bread, jams, and salad.


Matiz restaurant


Hue hotel has different facilities to enjoy, one of them is their outdoor pool. Located on the top floor, it offers a relaxing atmosphere with a great view of the city. There is a bar right next to the pool area where you can order your favorite cocktail while watching the sunset. The pool is one-of-a-kind. The tiles are made of terrazzo, one of the toughest products available when it comes to tiling materials. The floor has a colorful, abstract design inspired by local banderitas found during Philippine Fiestas. You will never run out of things to do in the hotel vicinity. They also have gym and spa.

The hotel’s location is right at the center of the city. Approximately 5-10 minutes away from the new Puerto Princesa Airport and just beside a mall. Everything you basically need is within reach; restaurants, cafès, and shops. The hotel also provides complimentary roundtrip airport transfer. If you need help on your tour in Puerto Princesa, don’t hesitate to approach one of their Travel and Tours Assistant. Some recommended places to visit are Puerto Princesa’s underground river, Honda Bay, butterfly garden, and firefly watching.


swimming pool


I would list Hue hotel as one of my top favorite hotels I visited so far. The design is impressive and fascinating. I love how they incorporate the Filipino culture in their architectural designs and I admire their effort to help the environment by not using plastic bottles. This is a big step in helping make our world more habitable.

It’s distinct designs make its outstanding from usual cookie-cutter hotels. Every corner has its own story to tell. Truly, Hue hotel is not just a place to sleep in Palawan, it’s a destination by itself. Added with warm and hospitable staff. I would definitely stay here again on my next visit to Puerto Princesa.





  • That pool design is so fabulous! Looks like such a nice stay! 🙂 I can definitely see how it is not cookie-cutter to typical hotels you’ll stay in. Warm, hospitable staff make all the difference as well 🙂

  • A lovely and luxurious hotel and quite colorful too. I love the swimming pool for its vibrant tiles. The rooms are also, quite cosy and comfortable. Lovely pictures in the review

  • One of the most beautifully designed properties I have seen. I like the irregular, postmodern shapes in the front and also under the pool. So many details in every corner… they make the expenses worth it.

  • The Hue Hotel looks absolutely stunning! I love design led hotels, and this one looks really good – modern but with plenty of personality. I love the cushions on the beds – I know that sounds weird but I’d totally want to take that home. And how it is matched with the pool tiles. Looks like they’ve thought of everyting!

  • This hotel looks really nice. I like the clean whites in the rooms and the splashes of colour elsewhere, like in the pool. It’s nice when a hotel has its own design character and isn’t just like other places that you’ve been. The tapas bar looks really cool as well, and I like that they serve local food there.

  • I think I am as amazed as you were with the entrance of the hotel, so artistic. Even the reception area is so vibrant with the colors and the birds on the wall. Luxurious hotels usually keep white tones in the premises while this one is little different and so inviting 🙂 I also liked the concept of glass water bottle than the plastic ones, I guess we should move to such approach!! Restaurant in the hotel is a place I generally look forward to and I can say I am impressed with their vibe here!!

  • What a cute backsplash for the reception desk. The wooden birds look so inviting. Love the lights in the Matiz Restaurant.

  • I’m a colour-person which is why I love HUE – hotel’s design! A place – simple but embracing – to feel comfortable immediately. I love the idea of the mangrove-floor, too. Such a great idea! Puerto Princesa can be proud of this new asset!

  • When did this hotel operated? I’ve been to Puerto Princesa but stayed in hostels (we were always out during the day). Hue Hotel sounds like a great place to spend a couple of days in (maybe for a staycation of some sort. 🙂 ) Love the interior and that pool looks pretty cool!

  • Is this a new hotel? I’ve been to Puerto Princesa but stayed in hostels (we were always out during the day). Hue Hotel sounds like a great place to spend a couple of days in (maybe for a staycation of some sort. 🙂 ) The love interior and that pool looks pretty cool!

  • The hotel looks pretty cool! I especially love how they have used colours, in the pool, on the envelope of their greeting card, etc. And you’re right, the room, the interiors are totally instagrammable. I’ll check out their prices online for my dates of travel in 2018, thanks for sharing!

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