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10-Day Tour around Western Visayas [Attractions Highlight]

Western Visayas

Western Visayas has been my home base for more than a year now and I’m glad that I was able to visit all Western Visayas provinces–Negros Occidental, Guimaras, Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, and Antique.

True to DOT (Department of Tourism) Region 6’s campaign, “Experience Western Visayas First,” if it’s your first time to travel around the Philippines, I highly recommend starting your journey in Western Visayas.

In this article, I created a sample itinerary to showcase top Western Visayas destinations.

How to get to Western Visayas

  • You can take a flight from Manila or Clark to all provinces of Western Visayas except Guimaras. I’ve observed, though, that it’s always cheap to fly to Iloilo.
  • From Central Visayas specifically Cebu, there are direct flights to all Western Visayas provinces except Antique and Guimaras.

Interesting facts about Western Visayas

  • Iloilo City is the regional center of Western Visayas
  • Panay, with an area of 12,011 square km, is the world’s 65th largest island in terms of size.

Here is a sample 10-day and 9-night Itinerary featuring top destinations of Western Visayas.

Day 1 Arrival in Bacolod City

the ruins
The Ruins

I recommend starting your Western Visayas tour in Bacolod since it’s an hour away via boat to Panay Island.

What to do in Bacolod City

  • Visit The Ruins
  • Go to the nearby city of Silay and admire its charming old houses
  • The best thing to do in Bacolod is to EAT! never forget to try my favorites – Napoleones at Pendy’s and Calea for the cakes

Full Bacolod Travel Guide

Where to stay in Bacolod

I recommend Khokoon Inn and Seda Capitol Central

Day 2 – Day tour in Lakawon Island

Lakawon Island
Lakawon Island

If you are looking for a beach near Bacolod City, I recommend Lakawon Island. It’s approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the city. Leave Bacolod at 8AM and return around 5PM.

How to get to Lakawon Island from Bacolod City

  • Take a Jeep to Ceres North Terminal
  • Catch a bus to Burgos Public Market. Fare: Php105; Travel Time: 1.15 hours
  • Take a tricycle going to the port. Fare: Php120 good for 6 pax; Travel Time: 15 mins
  • At the port, pay Php350/person for the entrance fee, terminal fee, and roundtrip fare

Day 3 – Overnight in Guimaras

Taklong Island – Guimaras

Did you know that a boat sails directly from Bacolod to Guimaras via Pulupandan? The catch is,  it has only 2 schedules per day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s a one-hour boat ride. Be at the port before 7AM because it leaves when it’s full.

Bacolod to Pulupandan travel time is approximately 45 minutes. To get there by jeepney:

  • Ride a jeepney going to Libertad market.
  • In front of Savemore, you will see a terminal going to Pulupandan.
  • At Pulupandan, ride a tricycle heading to Pulupandan Wharf for Guimaras fleets.

By bus:

  • Take a jeep going to Bacolod South Bus Terminal/ CERES Bus Terminal
  • Ride a bus that will pass by Pulupandan.
  • At Pulupandan, ride a tricycle heading to Pulupandan Wharf for Guimaras fleets. 

Please note that this is not a popular route going to Guimaras from Bacolod. Alternatively, you can take a boat going to Iloilo, then from Iloilo take a boat bound for Guimaras.

What to do in Guimaras

  • Marvel at San Lorenzo windmills
  • Bask in the sun at the Mango Farm
  • Admire Guisi Lighthouse
  • Never forget to try their Mango Pizza
  • Do island hopping at Taklong Marine Sanctuary

Where to stay in Guimaras

Stay at the best resort that you can find on the island of Guimaras: Nature’s Eye Resort. They can also help you arrange your island hopping and land service.

Check Rate and Availability

Read Full Review of Nature’s Eye Resort

Day 4 – Overnight in Iloilo City

Iloilo Business Park
Iloilo City Business Park

Iloilo is only 20 minutes away from Guimaras via pump boat departing from Jordan Wharf. Make sure to leave early, so you can explore the City of Love within 24 hours.

What to do in Iloilo

  • Visit Century-old churches (Molo and Jaro Church)
  • Eat authentic Bachoy at the Lapaz Public Market
  • Take a walk at Iloilo Esplanade
  • Be amazed by the growing business district of Iloilo at the Iloilo Business Park by Megaworld

Where to Stay in Iloilo

If you are on a budget, I always recommend Harbour Town Hotel in downtown Iloilo. Most jeepney routes pass by the hotel. It has a basic and clean room, comfortable bed and helpful staff.

Check rate and availability here

Want to know more about Iloilo? Read this Full Travel Guide

Day 5 – Overnight on Islas De Gigantes

Islas De Gigantes
Islas De Gigantes

Islas De Gigantes should not be out of your itinerary and the good thing about it, you no longer need to choose between Gigantes Norte and Sur to enjoy the experience. There are now hotels on Mainland Carles or Estancia where you can stay and arrange an island hopping tour.

I recommend leaving Iloilo before 4AM. Travel time to Carles is approximately 4 hours.

What to do on Islas de Gigantes:

  • Island hopping
  • Eat a lot of scallops because it’s super cheap

I recommend staying in either Carles or Estancia, so you won’t need to leave the mainland. 

Check room rates and availability.

Click here to know more about Islas De Gigantes

Day 6 – Overnight in Roxas City

Western Visayas
The ancestral house of former President Manuel Roxas.

There are vans and buses at Carles going to Roxas, Capiz. We should not remove Capiz from our itinerary. Your 6th day is the time to just relax and do fewer activities.

What to do in Roxas City

  • Eat Seafood, come on! You are at the seafood capital of the Philippines, so this is your time to eat fresh and cheap seafood.
  • Visit the ancestral house of former President Manuel Roxas.
  • See the tallest and highest Christ statue in Asia.
  • Take a group photo inside Asia’s largest church bell at Panay Church.

Where to Stay in Roxas City

I recommend Hotel Veronica, because it is strategically located near almost everything you need. It is situated right across from a mall. A spa, drugstore, and banks are also nearby. It is the best hotel that I can see in Roxas City and my stay there was very comfortable, too.

Check Rate and Availability.

Want to know more about Capiz? Read this article

Day 7 and 8 – Day tour in Kalibo + Boracay

Western Visayas

Kalibo on day 7 is optional. But, why not stop for a day tour or overnight stay in Kalibo? There are buses in Roxas that goes directly to Caticlan, but there’s stopover in Kalibo. It’s your choice to stay there or not. If you decide to stay in Kalibo, I highly recommend visiting Bakhawan Eco Park.

There is no way that we will remove Boracay from the itinerary. This is the diamond of Panay Island. One of the best islands in the world. This is your time to rest in the morning and party at night.

Three days and two nights is okay to explore Boracay Island. If you want to experience a luxurious vacation before the end of your Panay tour, this is your chance because some of the best resorts in the Philippines can be found on the island. You might want to check Hennan Regency Resort.

Check the best hotel deals in Boracay Island Here!

Day 9 and 10 – Overnight in San Jose, Antique

Western Visayas

What do you think is the best way to end this trip? Relaxing in a Kawa Hot Bath in the mountain area of Tibiao Antique is highly recommended. To get there, you can take a bus from Caticlan passing by Tibio via Kalibo.

Spend the whole day at a mountain resort, have a boodle fight by the river and just relax in a Kawa Hot Bath.

As much as I would love to suggest spending the night in Tibiao, the flight to Clark from San Jose, Antique is very early the next day. Leave Tibiao before sunset and book your stay at the capital of Antique. I don’t have any more suggestions, but to rest. 

I hope that this travel guide to the whole Western Visayas helps you plan your trip.

Check rate and availability of hotels in Antique

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