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A Guide to the Happy Island of Catanduanes


On the southernmost part of Luzon lies Catanduanes province. The island dubbed as “The Happy Island” is one of the budding tourist spots of the Bicol region. Being surrounded by a body of water, the island became known for its array of water-based attractions such as lagoons, beaches, waterfalls and more.

As one of the underrated tourist spots in the Philippines, many are confused if what kind of places they can visit and the things they can expect from those sites. With today’s article, I’ll be sharing some recommendation and tips when traveling to Catanduanes.

Travelling to Catanduanes

The easiest route to take is to fly directly to the island from Manila to Virac, Catanduanes. Rates are highly dependable on the length of stay and cabin type. It’s recommended to use flight comparing sites to ease finding suitable fares to suit your budget and needs and at sometimes get discounts through booking via certain agencies.

Traveling by land is also a viable alternative. Modes of transportations involve riding a bus along Cubao, Pasay or Alabang bound to Tabaco or Legazpi. If the bus ride drops you off on Tabaco, then proceed with riding a pedicab to Tabaco port to transport you to Catanduanes island. On the other hand, those who took the route to Legazpi needs to ride a van or jeepney going to Tabaco.

Accommodation available in Catanduanes

Depending on your preference, there are numerous lodging spots across Catanduanes. Below are recommendations you can consider when looking for a place to stay during your trip on the island.

Twin Rock Beach Resort

The resort overlooks the ocean and has the green hills as the backdrop to complete a scenic atmosphere of the semi-circular beach. The resort is 15-minutes away from Virac, located west of Catanduanes.

Marem Pension House

Located at the heart of Virac Catanduanes is Marem Pension House; The lodging area is popular among the tourist for its convenient location and homey ambiance, those two factors combined made Marem Pension House a go-to place when visiting the island. 

Alon Surf Stay

East of Catanduanes is Alon Surf Stay, a known surfing spot amongst the locals. This lodging area has frequent package promo wherein they offer discounts and additional free breakfast meals.

Alon Surf Stay
Alon Surf Stay

Tourist Spots around Catanduanes

Catanduanes is where the land meets the sea, providing visitors the best of both worlds. From surfing, snorkeling, trekking, island hopping, cliff jumping and more, Catanduanes have it all. All you need is to carefully plan out the sites you wish to visit and build a strategic schedule that would fit within your vacation.

Happy Island

To help you plan your tour, you can seek the services of, where they offer customizable tours and curated travel packages, to help you ease the hassle of planning and booking lodging.

Tourist Monuments

Traveling from Manila to Catanduanes can be exhausting, that’s why we recommend doing first the activities which consume less energy like visiting shrines and churches. As churches and shrines hold a significant role in the history of Catanduanes, visiting them enables you to learn more about the culture and story behind the island.

Virac Cathedral


Those who are searching for a place which offers tranquility away from the city, then the unspoiled lands of Palumbanes Island will suit you. The island was only recently discovered by the public, while Palumbanes is not exclusively closed, the distance the island have from the mainland made access harder for most people; However, while it’s an hour away from Caramoran, seeing the island and nature’s raw beauty is worth your time.


While there are plenty of beaches found in Catanduanes, Puraran beach, in particular, attracts the most tourist due to its position as one of the top surfing spots around the globe. Surfing enthusiasts are recommended to visit the island during July to October, which is the peak season for waves in Catanduanes.

Puraran Beach
Puraran Beach


Mountaineering and trekking are some of the activities tourist should try at least once during their visit on Catanduanes. Going to high altitude areas to overlook the plains, mountains, beaches, and forest from above is a picturesque scenery no one should miss.

The mountains open for public hiking are Mt. Cagmasoso at San Andres and Mt. Magsumuso at Viga, while Mt. Lantad’s terrain is appropriate for trekking.

If you want to experience the view from the top of the island but are not fond of trekking or mountaineering, then Balacay Point is an option for you. Located at the town of Baras, is Balacay Point or Benticayan point, the terrain is accessible by motorbikes, four-wheeled vehicles, and bicycles making it an easier reach than most mountains in Catanduanes.

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