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What’s new in Coron That You Should Book Your Flight Soon


The island of Coron is changing rapidly than anyone could ever imagine. Do you still remember the arrival area of Busuanga Airport? Old, small, no carousel, and crowded? Well, it’s now a thing of the past as they have opened the new arrival area last July. 

In March this year, the groundbreaking of the 935M Busuanga Airport development project was held. This is all part of the local government’s efforts to promote tourism in the province, which is expected to receive from 2.5m to 5M guests in the next 10 years.

Coron Airport
Coron Airport Arrival Area

Indeed, the once sleepy town has seen some huge developments in recent years. There is now a fast-food joint that opened just this month, and several businesses opening soon. 

This is my 4th visit and I still remember how it was  4years ago. Just recently, I was on a business trip in Coron for 8 days. I spent most of my time in the town proper. And because of all these changes happening in the town, I discovered new activities to do that will certainly make your return to Coron more exciting.

What’s something new to experience in Coron? 

Aren’t you tired of experiencing the usual island hopping in Coron? Tour A, Tour B, Ultimate tour? Name it, all these operators offer the same conventional tour and you don’t want to go back to Coron to experience the same thing right?

Do you know you can go to an expedition in Coron where you can experience being a castaway from 2 to 4 days? It will take you to the same island hopping spots, the difference is, it’s private, not crowded, and the tour guides are more focused on their guests. There are more food to share and the most exciting part is, you will experience staying in a secluded island together with the local Tagbanua families.

Kayangan Lake

Red Carabao is a social enterprise based in Coron, which provides incredible tours and experiences. Their expedition is set to begin in October but they allowed me to have a glimpse of what they have to offer via a day tour. What makes a tour with Red Carabao different?

Unlike the ordinary boat tours, that usually includes more than 12pax, my trip with Red Carabao is more intimate. I joined a couple from Scotland and we were accompanied by one host named Simo, a Morrocan.

Simo was thorough in discussing all the amazing things you can do on this tour. As the boat departed from the port, he started talking about Coron. It kinda amused me that a foreigner knew more about this place than me. 

Twin Lagoon
Twin Lagoon

Because the tour is intimate, me and the rest of the people who joined were able to enjoy talking about everything under the sun. This kind of tour is best for people who would like to explore the lake, lagoons, beaches, and underwater world of Coron at their own pace.

We were given the freedom to enjoy every destination without the feeling that we have to leave anytime soon. We were no hurried and so we left feeling satisfied, which I think is the best advantage of this tour compared to others.

We had our lunch at Camp Carabao, a secluded beach exclusive to their guests. This is the island where guests who avail of the 2D1N or 3D2N Coron Castaway package will stay, sleep, relax, and reconnect with nature. They have open-air traditional kubos that can fit up to 3 pax.  With the amazing view of nature, the beach, the trees, blue sky, and stars at night it is an ideal tour for couples or anyone who wants to have some alone time.


We spent at least 2 hours there lying on our hammocks, enjoying the sound of the waves. Guests can also use Kayak and paddle around. Before we left the island, the residents of Tagbanua prepared and showed us how they brew their native coffee.

Check them out here! Red Carabao Castaway for a special offer at booking or use my promo code Travelosyo for a discount.

What’s something new to eat in Coron?

Follow Your Taste is the first and only soft serve greek yogurt ice cream cafe in Coron that just opened last September 9, 2019. Aside from ice cream, they serve premium origin Arabica coffee from South Cotabato and Atok, fresh fruit shakes (try their Mango and Banana-Peanut butter shakes), cooling drinks, as well as breakfast meals. 

Visit Follow Your Taste at Real Street, Brgy Poblacion 2, Coron.

You can check them on Facebook and Instagram.

Where to Stay in Coron?

For couples traveling in Coron or with a small group of families and friends, I recommend Coron Casa. It’s a 3-story building with 8 rooms, located at Calle Real Poblacion 2. I love the natural colors of this hotel that are predominantly brown and white. You can check my full review here.

Check Coron Casa rates and availability!

For solo travelers, I can’t think of any other better hostel-type accommodation in Coron than Hop Hostel. They have soft beds and a pillow with curtains for privacy.

Each bed has an outlet to charge your devices, a built-in mini locker, and night light. Their shared shower area has hot and cold water. There’s a rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the harbor and where you can watch the beautiful sunset.

It’s a few minutes walk to the main road. They have a restaurant on-site where guests can have a free light dinner.

They have a common area that creates a great atmosphere for meeting and interacting with other guests. On top of that, they have a cinema room that I really liked.

They can also help you arrange early airport transfer. This hostel is hard to beat in Coron.

Click here to check the rates and availability!

Aside from a new fast food store that recently opened, there are new restaurants, cafes, accommodation, everywhere. But the good thing is, its natural beauty, lagoons, lakes, underwater world, beaches are still as beautiful and amazing as the first time I visited 4 years ago.


  • This popped up in my inbox
    I love the way you break down your travel itinerary this way. I’m one of those people that love to know every detail of a place and someone’s travel experiences before travelling there myself. Another place to add to the list, thanks to you guys! Beautiful photography as always

    • Hello Rubina,

      Thank you for reading the blog, I’m glad that you find it helpful! Please let me know if you will be visiting Coron. Would love to see your photos too 🙂

      Cai <3

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