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Coron Casa: The Place to be in Palawan!

casa coron

It is typical that most of us dream a vacation in Palawan, but we instantly think that it’s an expensive trip for such paradise. It’s exactly what I’ve thought before I visited El Nido, yet it turned the other way around. We are thinking that tours and accommodations are costly that we might not be able to afford it! Worry no more; there is this one of the newest hotels in Coron, which is now ready to battle out with other hotels in the market. They offer reasonable stay and packages for your dream vacation in Palawan.


Kayangan Lake photo

Kayangan Lake photo


After my first visit in Palawan a year ago, I have always wanted to visit Coron. Yet, it took me more than a year before I finally touched down in this place. Besides, who doesn’t want to continue exploring one of the best islands in the world?


Looking for a cheap flight is like finding a needle on a haystack, so I discovered an alternative way going to Coron, and that is via 2go travel. It departs Manila every Friday at 5:00 p.m. and travel time is 14 hours. If that span of time for you is a waste and seems to be tiring, think again. I was even surprised that it felt like just having a cruise. You would not feel like it’s boring as there is a bar, salon, and restaurant available inside.


For rates and booking please click this link.


Time check, it’s 7:00 a.m.! I finally arrived at the port of Coron and rode a tricycle going to Coron Casa. It’s less than 10 minutes from the port and tricycle fare is only 10php/head! Just inform the driver to drop you off to Casa in front of Ecolodge.


Coron Casa

The Facade


My first impression was WOW! I didn’t immediately think that it’s a boutique hotel. It looks more like a modern house that you could easily see in Manila. That’s actually an advantage for bringing a feel at home ambiance after my long travel. I was warmly greeted by their staff and discussed some reminders about my stay.


Coron Casa is a 3-story building with 8 rooms and is located at Calle Real Poblacion 2, Coron, Palawan. The façade is simple with a touch of wooden elements to harmonize with nature. I love the natural colors of this hotel which are predominantly brown and white. One word to sum it up is: “ZEN”. In addition, the place is simple, yet comfortable and relaxing.


Casa coron hallway





From a traveller’s point of view, one of the most crucial things I noticed in the hotelier business is to consistently provide a good quality of sleep to its guests. Based on my experience, comfortable bed and location matter the most. There is nothing worse than having a midnight sleep struggle during a vacation. As expected, Coron Casa delighted me! The beds are relaxing and satisfying that I had a hard time leaving the bed in the morning. Though it’s strategically located in the middle of the town near different establishments, the quality of my sleep was still exceptional.


casa coron room

Our room


I must admit that no matter how nice the hotel room is, it’s always the comfort room that I constantly check first. I was amazed by their comfort room as it is clean and odorless. Also, leave your worries behind about having a cold shower, as it is equipped with a hot shower! Moreover, what I love most was the shampoo that smells like Bvlgari.


Coron Casa Room


To give you an idea of the room, it is definitely spacious with 1 queen-size and 1 single-size bed. The air-conditioning unit was working well and their 32-inch LED television provides clear channels. WI-FI passwords differ from each floor. It may not work fast as you would like it to be, but I find it acceptable, though. It was explained that this is an ongoing issue in the island. Anyway, you don’t go on a vacation to spend most of your time on social media! But if connecting to the online world is necessary during your stay, I recommend bringing your own pocket Wi-Fi device. I got 3g on my iPhone, and both Smart and Globe have a decent signal in the area.


coron casa room


Remarkable Personal Service


It can be implied that for small hotels, they provide a better service as they only have a number of guests to serve. Clearly then, I experienced how attentive and helpful both the staff and the manager, it’s a plus factor that they look neat and presentable all the time. They consistently greet their guests, offer room service every morning and ask about my preferred breakfast for the next day.

It is also notable that the hotel manager, Ms. Fernandez is always visible on the hotel area to connect and communicate with their guests. She is approachable and willing to provide help if needed. Overall, service was swift whenever I need something.


Coron Casa Staff


The Food at Los Guapos


Los guapos


Coron Casa houses their own Mexican Restaurant that serves the best Burrito and Nachos I ever had. It’s super delicious and you should not miss this whenever you visit Coron.




For free breakfast, nothing will beat their Lamayo (fried dried fish). I had this for 2 consecutive mornings and even ordered extra to bring home here in Manila. That’s how I love their Lamayo!


For someone who is “coffeeholic”, I’m sure that you will enjoy their unlimited coffee. YES! You read it right, they serve unlimited coffee and it’s for FREE!



Sunset Paddle Boarding


Have you heard about paddle boarding? Seriously, I don’t have any idea about this until I tried it here. Coron Casa is exclusively offering Sunset or Sunrise paddle boarding in Coron.


Paddle boarding


The board looks intimidating and I’m concerned about having a hard time balancing. At first, I was just kneeling while paddling but after few minutes, I was able to stand! This activity is worth trying. Though, for me, it’s tiring as I paddled more or less than 1km.


Coron Sunset


The experience was totally rewarding. Imagine yourself paddling in Mangroves area while waiting for sunset. I find it so sweet and one of the best things to do with your love ones.


paddle boarding


Finally, I could say that my Coron vacation will never be the same without the help of Coron Casa Hotel. Thank you for ensuring a comfortable holiday and letting me experience a true Filipino hospitality. Indeed, a price of 1,898/night for 2 pax with breakfast is worth the value of your money. Furthermore, thank you for the hassle-free tours arranged for us.

For booking and inquiries please contact them at 0921-2372230 / 0915-763-0086 / 0923-9980375. You can also send them an email at For more details visit their website at

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Note: This is a sponsored hotel stay with Coron Casa Hotel. All views, posts and opinions shared here are my own.


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