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Sundang Island: A Magical Stay On A Private Island!

Sundang Island

Is this for real? An overnight stay on your own island? It Sounds expensive, right? I have that reaction when I saw this post at Airbnb saying “Your own Island in a lake near Manila.” While looking for a place to hold our team building with the charity group that I’m managing before. I know that this area is out of our budget, so I just bookmarked it and promised myself that I will be here one day.

Sundang Pick-up point

Are you ready for a new experience?

I didn’t wait that long when one time Marge and I are talking about her birthday celebration. She asked for a recommendation on where to celebrate her birthday. This place immediately comes to my mind. After sharing this to her, to my surprise, she booked this place right away! I know that she will love it too. Who doesn’t? By simply looking at the photos online, you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of this island; It looks magical!

Unlike my previous quick escapades, this one made me extra excited. I did not expect that this kind of place exists just 3 hours away from Manila. I can’t believe that I would find the serenity that I’m looking without traveling that far from the city. That idea alone is unbelievable. And the best part of it, you don’t need to spend more than five thousand pesos for 2 to have an overnight stay here. I’m telling you this one-of-a-kind travel is not costly as you think.

How to get to Sundang Island?

By Public Transportation:

  • Take a Green Star bus going to Santa Cruz-Pagsanjan. It is located at LRT Gil Puyat station near McDonald’s. Transportation cost is Php 140.
  • From Green Star Bus station at Sta. Cruz, you have the option to take a jeep or tricycle going to Cavinti. We commissioned a tricycle that brought us at Brgy. Lumot, Cavinti. Transportation cost us Php 100  each.
  • Pick-up point is at NAPOCOR Watershed Management Field Office. It’s a 10 minutes boat ride for you to reach Sundang Island.

The view of the island as we come closer is outstanding. It’s indescribable that  feels like I’m dreaming. I only see this kind of scene on movies; but this time it’s for real. A barking dog which looks hostile greeted us as we unload from the small boat. I actually have cynophobia (fear of dogs), but gladly it became more welcoming.

View of Sundang Island

View of Sundang Island

The first thing I noticed was the rustic bungalow house  perfectly build in this island. This is how I want my future rest house looks like; simple, refreshing and isolated. After a short travel from the busy city of Manila, it felt like I was transported somewhere in the Swedish countryside.

The 80-square meter house is equipped with everything  you need to survive. Yet, they don’t have a refrigerator so it’s advisable to buy lots of ice at the small store at the pick-up point.  No need to bring a cooler they have it there. Also, Please note to bring all the ingredients that you need for cooking. In our case, we asked the driver to dropped us at Puregold near Green Star bus terminal to buy our supplies. Once you’re on the island, complaining about forgetting something is not an option. Don’t ruin your vacation just because you forget to bring a soy sauce for your adobo.

Sundang Island Kitchen

Sundang Island Kitchen

After having our  late lunch, they decided to swim in the lake. I told them I was hesitant to swim seeing that the water is dark; mixed of mud and moss. Yet, looking on it I’m confident that it is clean. Swimming here gave me an usual feeling. At first, I’m not comfortable stepping at squishy mud, afterwards  I got used to it. If you’re planning to swim here, It’s recommended to wear aqua shoes for safety..

I enjoyed our quick swimming bonding. Also, I love the calm and warm water of the lake. Furthermore, we enjoy rubbing our bodies with mud. Thinking that it’s a good way to exfoliate our skin. We could have stayed even longer if it didn’t rain.

 Here you can play board games, drink, socialize, write your articles and again do nothing :)There is one bedroom with 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed, and mattresses.  In case you will be on a big group, you can spread these mattresses  anywhere inside the house. There’s no television but who cares? You’re not here to watch your favorite show.

Sundang Island - Queen Size Bed

Sundang Island – Queen Size Bed

Electricity runs from 6:00 pm-12:00 mn. If you want to use electricity beyond these hours, an extra charge of Php 100 is required. Based on my experience,  no need to request for electricity during midnight. However, it’s warm inside the room so keep the door open. I’m not comfortable sleeping without a fan, so I decided to step out and sleep alone in the living room. There was a heavy rain with strong winds during that time so imagine how cold that night was. Cool enough to give me a good night sleep and make me feel lazy to wake up the next day.

View inside the Bungalow house

View inside the Bungalow house

Their hammock is the perfect spot of this island. Here you can read a book, listen to your favorite music, drink a cup of coffee or tea, nap, do nothing and just feel the fresh air. There’s a separate room close to the main house where you can also do the same. Also, there are available board games  that you can play with your group. This is also,  where we celebrated Marge’s birthday while drinking. But unlike other birthday celebrations, we didn’t dance nor play loud music. Instead, we shared our life stories and get to know each other. It’s an incredible way of celebrating someone’s birthday.

Sundang Island Hammock

The perfect spot to do nothing.

Breakfast set up

Breakfast? Its more amazing here!

I’m fortunate that I discover and experienced the surprising relaxation offered by this island. It is a perfect place for people who loves to unwind. it is an ideal getaway to bond with your family and friends. The moment that you visit this island, I hope that you got to forget about your cellphones and social media. Disconnect your life from stress and worries. This is the right moment to reconnect your body with nature.

 Let’s drink to that!Published Rate based on their website.

P2,900 a night on weekdays (Monday nights to Thursday nights)
P3,900 a night on weekends and holidays (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and nights before and after holidays)

for first 2 guests

P700/guest per night for every succeeding guest

For more info please contact:

Phones: +63-998-987-1840 or +63-2-433-1751


  • Hi,

    We are planning to stay in Sundang Island, by any chance do you still have the mobile number of Tony the caretaker?

    Thank you for the reply in advance

    PS. please reply in my email –

    • Hello Krizel,

      I’m sorry I no longer have their contact number. I remember we booked it via AIRBNB before.


  • I am more into a beach-person but any bodies of water gets me excited. haha! Too bad it’s in Manila. 🙂 But hopefully (if God allows) I’ll be able to visit here 😀

  • Wow, I love the breakfast table by the lake!!! This is like my dream home!

  • Never heard of this place. Thanks for introducing me to a new place.

  • I never knew this place I grew up in Pagsanjan Laguna this is very near in our place. I like the place but I am not sure if I can survive without electricity especially if night

  • living in a place like this is my retirement goal =D i wish we also have a place like your dad’s hometown

  • Holy cow! I could live an entire lifetime in that hammock. You clearly had one heck of a time 🙂

    • Thanks Sanket… I believe we want the same life someday! quite, peaceful and Isolated. Who doesn’t right?

  • will definitely visit this when I visit PH! And just 3 hours away from Manila? Always great to discover new places!

  • I badly need this one for sure! The place is great, peaceful and very relaxing. I would really consider going in this place. Love the place and thanks for the photos.

  • OH MY GOSH! This place is awesome! I hope my family could visit this place in the future!

  • That looks like a really rustic place and great place for a quiet vacation.

  • This is the first time I have heard about Sundang Island and it’s near Manila lang. Looking at your photos, it truly is a very relaxing place. And the rate is affordable na ha. A must visit place.

  • With Airbnb, you too can be Richard Branson! This is unbelievable! What a charming birthday.

  • Oh my! I miss those kinds of hammocks!

  • I would love to be on a private island, where people don’t stare at you, they just mind their own businesses 😀

    • No other people would really stare at you here.. Just you and selected people that you will bring here 🙂

  • Sounds like a great way to “unplug” and enjoy a nearly primitive back to nature experience.

  • A virtual tour is awesome! How much more pag andun ka na… I am sure this place is so relaxing and worth an Instagram posts heheheh

  • It’s simple living for a change. No TV or internet? I don’t know how welcoming my kids are to that idea. But I think it’s a good idea to get the kids to enjoy something different.

    • Not bad for a day… Let me clarify that there’s a signal in that area 🙂 You can still surf the net but I encourage to forget about it:)

  • This I LOVE!
    It reminded me of a little island I visited in Cambodia, off Sihanoukville. Beautiful!
    It looks like every travel bloggers haven. A place I’d now love to visit 🙂

  • awesome that you can jsut book your private island

  • This looks like a truly amazing adventure! I can see myself in that hammock.

  • OMG!!!! I love this Island. I’m sure ang ganda siguro mag retreat dito, I really love the lake, the environment and everything. Pwede din bang mag fishing? hehehe.

  • It really looks magical <3

  • It look relaxing. But you would need to be well organised!

    • It’s really relaxing. I agree that you have to be organised to ensure that you have everything that you need 🙂

  • OMG I want to live here! The place looks so relaxing.

  • That’s really cool. I think the transpo is not that complicated and the place is affordable! I would like to spend a night there!

  • Nice place to be able to relax and put the feet up!

  • i will visit this place one of these days. this is my dad’s hometown.

  • saan to pretty cai?

    • Cavinti, laguna 🙂

      • This island is unique in that it’s built on an island and surrounded by water, so i think everyone who will visit this place will get a enormous sense of freedom. It’s got everything you could possibly need – everything in the busy Metro has but without all the people and traffic. It’s also become a very creative location, not only for leisure but for relaxation as well.

        Continue discovering places pretty cai. 🙂

  • Is this place secure? It looks like a great place for some laid-back getaway with friends and family! It’s not pricey either.

    • Yup its secure because no one can get here without riding a boat and most of the boat are parked at the pick up point. Indeed, a great place to bond with your family 🙂

  • I still remember it all like it happened yesterday. I am really in love with this island. I really wanna go back!

  • This reminds me of my stay in one island in Zambales when I was in college. There was really no electricity even phone signals but I survived my 5 days stay. I wanted to try Sundang Island but I’m not sure if my son can take it, there is moss and dog, no tv and no aircon.. 🙂

    • There’s electricity naman upon request with fee ngalang 🙂 heheeh the dog is welcoming naman po no need to worry. I believe your family will enjoy your stay here. Mag electric fan nalang muna si baby 🙂

  • This reminds me of my stay in one island in Zambales when I was in college. There was really no electricity even phone signals but I survived my 5 days stay. I wanted to try Sundang Island but I’m not sure if my son can take it, there is moss and dog, no tv and no aircon. 🙂

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