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Item Giveaway: Are You Fashionista on The Road?


I never had a nightmare of packing my clothes whenever I travel. I’m the usual guy wearing almost the same clothes during my trips, whatever I grabbed from my closet that’s it. I rarely shop for new clothes. I’d rather buy a plane ticket than spend my money on shopping.


To answer my own question if I’m a fashionista on the road? I believe I’m not, its not that I don’t have the confidence to explore and try something different. I just prefer to wear something where I’m comfortable with. Hence, I really admire people who look “fashionista” while traveling. You guys are awesome!


Fashionista: How do you look?


I asked some of my friends to share some of their impressive photos and tips on how to look better on the road. Let’s take a look at their fashion style while traveling.


Where: Danang, Vietnam.

What are you wearing: A River Island crop top, high-waisted Mango pants, and Chanel bag.

Fashion tip:  My personal fashion style started when I watched the movie, Coco Chanel. It helps me to understand and developed my personal style. Which, to show that the world who I’m without speaking smile emoticon. I encourage you to watch this movie too.

Silver MC

Silver MC


Where: Malaysia

What are you wearing: Floral terno clothes with a brown cap and black Lacoste shoes.

Fashion tip: Be simple and confident to wear clothes that you feel you’re comfortable.

Danilo Baylon

Danilo Baylon


Where: Bangkok, Thailand

Fashion Tip:  One staple that will be forever in my closet and travel list is a white shirt. It may be prone to dirt but it’s so flexible, it goes with anything. I usually have 2 or 3 white tops with me. Either shirt, tank top, or blouse.

For traveling in tropical climates, I usually bring light pants. For example, the ever famous Thai pants or square pants. It’s easy to wash and wear and of course, lighter to bring.


Darlene Madrid

Darlene Madrid


Where: Boracay, Philippines.

What are you wearing: The one I’m wearing in this photo is a good example. This button-down shirt goes well with anything; skirt, jeans, leggings, or shorts.

Fashion tip and style: My travel style is rocker-bohemian because it’s fun and comfortable but still fashionable. Just because I’m traveling, let’s say in a remote area, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look presentable. I don’t like bringing so many clothes though so I pick those that I can easily mix and match and wouldn’t take so much space inside my carry-on bag. I pack days (sometimes weeks) before the trip because I plan out every single outfit that I’d be wearing.


Marge Gavan

Marge Gavan


Where: Seoul, South Korea

What are you wearing: Loose black dress and a plaid shirt both from ukay-ukay.

Fashion tip: I always wear comfortable clothes whether traveling or not. Why choose comfort over style when you can have both?

Gem Muzones

Gem Muzones


  • Afif Lufty

Where: Orchard Road, Singapore.

What are you wearing:  Japanese youngster cowboy hat, Capri long pants, and Japanese colored shoes.

Fashion tip: Being fashionable doesn’t mean wearing designers brand from head to toe. You should try to mix and match things that you already have. Chin up, smile and be yourself.


Afif Lufty

Afif Lufty

Where: Taichung City, Taiwan

What are you wearing: UGG boots, Forever 21 distressed denim jeans, long gray coat from Zara and camel colored thick knitted long sleeves from h&m.

Fashion tip:  Wear clothes and shoes that you are comfortable with and expresses your style. Walk and explore the places you haven’t been. Meet as many people as you can and enjoy the simple pleasures of the world


Wendy Lee

Wendy Lee


Where: Subic Bay, Philippines.

Fashion tip: Whenever I go on adventures, I’d always dig on chic and comfortable clothes as breezy as where I am going to, minus the shoes! (I mean, I bring a pair but I’ll take it off somewhere and walk around barefoot.) True that if you’re not barefoot; you’re overdressed! And, as what travelers always say, pack light!

Cathy Maycon

Cathy Maycon


Where: Pura Kehen, Bangli, Bali Indonesia

What are you wearing: Coco Cabana long skirt and Forever21 tank top

Fashion tip: Wear something nice to match the beautiful view of the place your planning to visit. Only wear comfortable clothing and don’t over do it.


Krizh Montecillo

Krizh Montecillo


I recommend to wear something light during travel and always carry a sweatshirt. There are tendencies that it’s too cold inside a plane or a bus. I stick to neutral colors or what they called “Earth Colors” for these colors can be easily mixed and match. Also, I believe that sleeping is important to look fresh. If I have a chance to take a nap or sleep during long travel. I always grab it. Research shows that people who have enough and better sleep feels more attractive. Lastly, the best thing you can wear during your travel is your SMILE.


We all have our own fashion sense and I hope that we should not be judge based on our appearance. I believe that we will all agree that wearing something comfortable is the best fashion tip.

Cai Dominguez

My usual get up – Shirt and Short


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  • I dont usually dress up when I travel but I make sure that I pack some clothes, just in case I need it 🙂

  • This is why I never pursued my fashion blog! Hahaha! I find it so hard to find great outfits and wear them on my travels like the other fashion bloggers. I usually just end up wearing my jeans or shorts and a shirt. It I guess depends on your priority: whether you’ll go around the city to take photographs or go around the city to explore. Because if you’re going to do the latter, then you should really wear something comfortable and light.

    ♥ Louise |

    • Some people are really born to be that fashionable. Lets just be contented that we are born gorgeous HAHAHA 🙂 Lately, I don’t care how I look during my travel. As long as I look decent, neat and Im comfortable. That’s it 🙂

  • The ootds looks real awesome! Will definitely join. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • I can totally relate to Wendy Lee – clothes that are comfortable with and expresses your style (that’s pretty much me). I enjoy walking and exploring places and wearing clothes that are inappropriate to the weather is a bummer. I tried it in Hong Kong and I truly regret it.

    Polly @

    • Its nice to know that you can relate from one of the featured people 🙂 I now wonder what you are wearing during your HK trip? 🙂

  • I wish I can say I’m a fashionista but I don’t think I am. But I feel I dress nice though. How does one say they’re fashionista btw.

    • Hi Theresa, In my opinion there’s no standard from being a Fashionista. As long as you feel fashionable. that’s it! 🙂

  • Being a traveler myself from such an early age, I used to wear anything that just makes me comfortable. I am now more conscious of what I wear when traveling. This is because I believe it build a good impression of me of my new soon-to-be friends. By the way, your background picture in your personal shot seems familiar, is that Romulo’s Cafe in Alabang? Thumbs up for your laid back style.

    – Me-An

    • Hi Me-An,

      That’s good to know that you are evolving from wearing anything to being more conscious. I hope that it will happen to me soon 😉 Yup that’s in Alabang. Have you been there too?

  • fashion and me are always not in good terms LOL… I’m not a picky one when it comes to clothes.. as long as I am comfortable wearing them, then I’ll go for it… although i love hoodies and polo shirts the most hehe

    • Hahahah this is soooo me. I know what looks fashionable but it doesn’t fit me. I love wearing hoodies too 😉

  • fashion and me are always not in good terms LOL… I’m not a picky one when it comes to clothes.. as long as I am comfortable wearing them, then I’ll go for it… although i love hoodies and polo shirts the most hehe.. good luck to the participants of your giveaway.. cheers!

  • This is a great giveaway! I have been sharing my ootds on my blog before but I quite grew tired of it. Maybe once in a while, I would do it but not as often as before. Haha. But the ootds on this post are nice!

  • Looking good is important but being comfortable on what you wear is even more. I’m a personal fan of being simple at some point so you don’t really have to go all out on fashion in my opinion.

    • Hi Pearliza,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. As long as we look decent and we are comfortable of what we are wearing. We should not care how people will judge us right 🙂

  • Being a fashionista is definitely having a timeless sense of style. Wearing what looks good on you, and knowing how to work with what you’ve got and flaunt it without looking like victim of fashion will make you standout. Your friend’s photos are truly extraordinary!

    Thank you for sharing this, Cai!
    Happy blogging!

    Cess |

  • Love the outfits! I’ll join. Haha

  • I prefer wearing comfortable clothes than fashionable ones when I go to different places. I’m not the fashionable type but I am really amazed by people who are able to dress well on different occasions. These fashions tips are what I need. Thanks!

    • We are the same.. I’m really not fashionable so these “fashionistas” amazed me too 🙂

  • Great tips, your outfits are really lovely 🙂 And your photos are amazing, I would love to travel more x

  • Thanks for this giveaway. I’m joining, hoping to win 🙂

  • Cool outfits! I wish I dressed up a little during my Japan trip :'(

    • Thanks Sis.. Don’t be sad 🙂 instead, lets look forward to be more fashionista on our next travels 🙂

  • Same here I prefer to wear something light and comfy when I travel. Sando and shorts will do but of course, I have something more casual incase I have to look more pleasant heheh. Thank you for sharing!

    • Wearing something comfy is the key 😉 Lately I love wearing sando too. Most specially here in the Philippines. Its always hot 🙂

  • I like dressing up even when I travel. Thanks for including me in this list.

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