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Not Your Ordinary Travel Guide to Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum

September 20, 2015 and Pinto Art Museum. It’s probably one of those ordinary days and places but my most unforgettable day of this year. Its the day that I met my partner and I’m telling you it wasn’t loved at first sight because I knew I loved this person before I finally met him.

I’ve been chasing him for the longest time, done some “papansin things” to make him say yes to my invitations such as asking him out for a movie, dinner or a simple coffee talk but hurtful to say, he keeps declining. He must have been so busy in those days, I thought and I tried to understand.

One lucky day, he finally agreed to go out with me and decided that we go on a day trip which is in Pinto art museum. (can I jump in joy here? 😀 ) It’s a make it or break it moment. In my mind, we could be something after this date or this could be the end of my more than friends’ illusion and at last, the universe listened to me

The feeling of going on a first date and seeing someone was profound. in those moment, I could feel that my heart was beating fast knowing that anytime soon he’ll be arriving. I was more than excited to see him for the first time. I arrived earlier than him and decided to have my breakfast, at least to lessen the nervousness that I was feeling while waiting. Finally, we met at SM Megamall.

We waited for FX en route to Antipolo at the back of Megamall near the supermarket. After few minutes of waiting we have a chance to grab one without any passengers, just the two of us. We talked a little, asked few things, keep silent and get busy on our phone. When suddenly, he holds my hand. I swear I want to stop the time that day. The person you want the most who I feel not giving me the attention I want before is now holding my hand. I asked him why, not trying to be looked awkward though he already knew that being with him is definitely one of the moments that I’ve been waiting for. He returned a sweet smile.




It’s almost an hour long travel going to Antipolo from SM Megamall. and I feel fortunate that not even a single passenger ride with us for more than half of our travel time. I’m sorry to Manong driver. This is once in a lifetime moment. I feel that cupid is listening to my prayers, forgive me 🙂

We dropped near Ynares center and took another 10 minutes tricycle going to Pinto Museum. Total fare is 50php Ortigas to Antipolo and 40php per ride – Ynares to Pinto Museum.

I just watched him while he is preparing his camera before we get in. By the way, this is what I love more about him. We are both passionate about photography and traveling. Tip: love someone who you have common interests so you won’t get bored growing old together.

Entrance fee is 180php. We came early so there weren’t too many guests inside. I’m telling you to do the same so you will appreciate more the beauty of this wide garden and art museum. Reminder: wear something cool and comfortable. It’s warm inside the buildings and hot outside. I find it odd since the place is surrounded by tall trees

Unlike other museums that I visited, the entrance door of Pinto Art is simple but once I got in. I was surprised to see their huge property. It’s a 1.3 hectares wide museum and it took us 3 hours to visit, appreciate and took photos inside every gallery.

What I love more about this museum was the creativeness of placing different art materials everywhere. You will never get bored to look around even if you don’t want to stay long inside a particular gallery. Walking around will give you a visual surprise. Every corner of this museum is worth space on your Instagram feed. I admit that I’m not that art fanatic; I admire sculpture more than painting. I usually have a quick look to some paintings and stayed longer to most sculptures.



Pinto Art Museum Sculpture


There are different art galleries inside PAM. Each gallery will surely give you that Wow moment. Here’s what to expect in every gallery.


Gallery number 1

Here you can find the biggest painting they have in their collection. I apologize that I’m not good in interpreting a painting. I’m just so amaze to see this huge kind of art.


The largest Painting Iside Pinto Art Museum

The largest Painting inside Pinto Art Museum


 Gallery number 2

This is my favorite gallery. Here you can see a mixed collection of painting and sculptures. The view is refreshing to the eyes and this is the gallery that I imagine whenever I hear the word Pinto Art Museum.


pinto art


Gallery number 3


Who will never forget that wire man sitting on a swing. I believe he is the most stunning art inside this gallery.


museum in the Philippines


Gallery 4 , 5 and 6


This is where you could find the bizarre art collections. Some of them are creepy. I wonder how they look at night inside my dark room. Also, I believe its gallery 6 where you can find most of the b&w paintings.




Pinto Art Museum Paintings


Pinto Art Museum


The Forest

This is a surprising gallery. I didn’t expect to see this inside PAM. The feeling is like entering a horror house. As the name itself, this will give you a forest-like feeling. Dark, calm sound of water and dry leaves on the floor.


Pinto Art Museum

Inside the forest


Indigenous Arts

The collection that reminds me of BenCab Museum. There are different collections of Bulul comes from different sizes.


Pinto Art Museum bulul


There are 2 restaurants inside the vicinity. But we didn’t try to eat here because we find it too expensive. Hahaha. If you have an extra budget. I still recommend you to try their food. I read numbers of good reviews about their restaurants.


I encourage you to visit Pinto Art Museum. It’s a breath of fresh air and an ideal place to go on a date with your partner or bond with your family. An alternative from visiting a Mall. It’s near Manila, affordable, every corner is Instagramable and the best thing about it. You will learn something new.


Pinto Art Museum


Pinto Art Museum Schedule: Tuesday through Sunday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Pinto Art Museum Guided tour schedule:

  • 09:00 am -11:00 am
  • 12:00 nn -02:00 pm
  • 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm
  • 04:30 pm – 06:00 pm

Pinto Art museum Entrance Fee:

  • 180php for regular ticket
  • 150php for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs.
  • 100php for students with valid school IDs.
  • 3 yrs. old below is FREE.

Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal.


  • Hi sir Cai! It’s nice to see a kapwa-“pamantaser” writing travel guides like this. 😀 BTW I also grduated from PLV. 😀

  • Going to Pinto Art Museum as your first date? That will definitely be memorable! Such an awesome place for a first date. The photos look amazing, and the artworks as well. I’ve been a fan of art since I’ve dated an artist. He opened my eyes to and changed my views regarding art. As much as I hate to admit it, I used to think of it as something unimportant or without relevance.

    I’ve been wanting to visit Pinto Art Museum for quite some time but I have always thought that more than an hour ride from my place to a gallery that may be roamed around for a few minutes wouldn’t be worth it. But then you mentioned it takes three hours to check out the whole place. Now I feel like planning a trip to Pinto Art Museum.

  • Are you open dec.31, or January 1,2016

  • I went there few weeks ago with my friends! It’s a really nice place and perfect for dates, especially if you have good camera to capture the amazing paintings and sculptures.

    Btw, I was literally smiling while I was reading the first few parts of this post. hihi! Love is in the air. 🙂

  • This looks interesting. And a thorough guide. Thanks 😀

  • This is one fascinating museum! and on a first date? 🙂 well, it was an interesting choice!

  • I like the museum. Both the outside and it has some really cool stuff. Some of those sculptures are cool. The really large painting a facsinating.

  • Haha, seems like your guys is a ‘pakipot’ hope all gies well for the future. I’ve never heard of this museum but is sure does look like a very interesting place!

  • Great explanation of a very interesting museum. I will have to check it out sometime!

  • I love everything about this gallery, it’s cheeky and has lots of variety. I am really drawn to the pregnant statues, beautiful and that flower swing! What a dream. Lovely post and date venue! You are right, be with someone you have things in common, you need to get on the road less travelled together!

  • Cai, I really love where you decided to have your first date. Haha. I know nothing about your ‘love life’ but thank you for making me feel that ‘not your ordinary’ travel/date guide. Hehe. Wish to visit this museum soon and will surely take note this article. 😉

  • wow so many museums in the Philippines I never got the chance to see while I was living there and this is one of those!

  • Wow, what a funky place. Love all that kind of thing compared to those pieces you stand and stare at for hours on end trying to sus out. The building is beautiful. Reminds me of the ones in Mykonos, Greece.
    Cool post! Great pics 🙂

    • Yeah! The white buildings reminds me of the things I’m seeing on the internet about Greece. You will love this place 🙂

  • the gallery looks beautiful! Love the swing in the garden

  • Never a great fan of art museum but its looking really interesting!

  • Some cool pieces!

    What is an FX?

    • It is a term for a non metered taxi here in the Philippines. It can take as much as 10 passengers. It derived from the car model Toyota Tamaraw FX 🙂

  • Amazing collections of art. Love the sculpture of the pregnant woman!

  • Such an interesting museum- I’d love to visit this when I make it to the Philippines.

  • I’m not much of an art lover either, but I do enjoy walking around the gallery once in a while. Sounds like a good first date activity too!

  • Looks like an interesting museum! I’d love to check it out!

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