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30 Photos That Will Excite You To Visit Coron!

Kayangan Lake

Welcome to  Coron, Palawan, sighted as one of the best islands in the world. My first visit here proves that there is heaven here on earth. Seemingly, 4 days stay wasn’t enough to discover what the entire island could offer. However, It also means that I have more reasons to revisit and explore the rest of adventures in Coron.

Ready yourself to see and experience its surprising turquoise blue calm water, astonishing skyline, marvelous sunset, fine white sand, mystical lakes, fascinating rocky escarpments, majestic underwater world, and many more surprises. This is what every traveler’s dream destination.

Do you have a fantasy of laid-back vacation? Where there are less crowd, less noise and more time with nature? If your answer is YES, I hope that these 30 photos I’ll share from more than hundreds I have on my phone will excite you to book a trip to Coron, Palawan


1) This is Coron, Palawan, famous for its crystal clear water and spectacular jungle-clad rock formation.

1-Coron Lake

2) The adventure begins from the moment you step your feet inside the Bangka.

2-Island Hopping

3) With its calm blue water, ready yourself for the most relaxing island hopping you could ever imagine.

3- Calm water

4) They said, “Your feet will bring you to where your heart is”.

4.Travel Coron

5) So don’t be afraid to do it this way. Sit at the tip of the boat and go out of your comfort zone.

5-Explore the world

6) You can even strike a sexy pose just like this!

6.Kayangan lake

7) How about visiting one of the most popular landmarks of Coron, which is the Kayangan Lake.

7-Kayangan Lake photo

8) A place which is tranquil, relaxing and calm, a perfect spot to strike that signature post.

8-Kayangan lake pose

9) But sometimes there might be some distraction. Well, I don’t mind a butterfly/moth as a photo bomber.


10) If you can’t get enough of seeing one lake, how about another treat to a more magical lake called Barracuda.

10-Baracuda lake

11) Are you already satisfied? The best is yet to come. Prepare yourself to explore exquisite beaches.

11-Coron Travelosyo

12) I can’t contain my excitement when I saw Isla Bulog from afar. I would love to dive and feel its water without hesitation.


13) Kill me! I know how fascinating Coron is, but I never thought they have this sand bar to die for.

13Coron Beach

14) Let’s talk more about the beach. What do you think are the criteria to be considered as the best?

14 bangka coron

15) Does it need to have rock formation to add some drama?

15 -White Sand

16) Does it need to have some plants along the coast?

16 Boat Coron

17) How about with swaying Palm Trees?

17- Palm tree

18) Does having a long stretch of powder white sand and emerald color water a big factor?

18-Banana Island 2

19) Or maybe what you view under the sea is a major plus!


20) Whatever the criteria are, I want it to be as soothing as this.

20-Banana Island

21) You can unwind while sitting on these chairs and enjoying what this island could give.

21-Banana Island 4

22) You can do it on a hammock too.

22-Malcapuya Beach 3

23) While reading your favorite book.

23-Malcapuya Beach 2

24) Or having a nap

24-Malcapuya Beach

25) You can relax with someone you love.

25-Banana Island 3

26) Or be with your friends.

26- Banana island

27) After enjoying the lakes and beaches, visiting a twin lagoon is a bonus!

27-Twin Lagoon

28) The day is no yet over, reserve an extra energy to do paddle boarding before sunset. You shouldn’t miss this!

28-Paddle boarding

29) I enjoy every sunset, it’s my favorite time of the day.

29. Coron Sunset

30) Once again this is Coron, Palawan. Our heaven here on earth.

30 Palawan


Our tour to Coron was made possible and hassle-free by Coron Casa Hotel. If you are visiting Coron, I recommend that you book a package tour with them. For more details, you may please contact them at 0921-237-2230 / 0915-763-0086 / 0923-998-0375 or send them an email at

Have you been to Coron? What was your most favorite tour? If these photos excite you to visit Palawan. Book a Flight now and delight yourself to this one-of-a-kind travel here on earth.


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