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8 Tips for Beginner Solo Female Backpackers

female solo travel

Solo traveling as a female may look frightening particularly its potential risk, but with proper preparation and girl power attitude, you will see how rewarding and fun it is!

If I was able to successfully score an out-of-the-country solo trip at the age of 20, I’m pretty sure you can make it as well!

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Throw away your hesitation and doubt and read these tips for your safe and wise solo traveling:

Before traveling solo

1. Guarantee your loved ones that you’d be safe 

Don’t just inform your parents, friends or your partner but guarantee them that you’d be safe. When you blow up the news about traveling solo, expect that they’ll get worried. They may not tell it, but you can easily read it on their initial reaction.

When I had my first solo backpacking trip abroad – two weeks ago as of writing this – and informed my parents and friends about my plan, their response: “Are you sure?” “Ibang bansa ‘yon, baka mapahamak ka. (It’s another country, you might be in danger.)”

When you heard these kinds of statements, never get discouraged! It does not mean they don’t believe you; it’s just that they want to hear it directly from you that you’d be safe. So have that confidence answering them and say, “I can.”

2. Avoid “Bahala na” (Whatever will be) attitude

Researching is the key! Never go to an unknown territory without doing your prior assignment, this make you more vulnerable to danger and possibly have unexpected expenses.  Ignorance can cause you so much! And may kill your budget.

What you need to research:

·         Mode of transportation

·          Best places to eat, visit, shop 

·          How to go from point a to point b

·          Laws, culture, and tradition

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3. 2PS (Plan, Prepare, Strategize)

You need a strategic planning and preparation. Seek for wisdom and guidance for your trip. 

Plan on how you will spend your entire day. Time is gold especially when you only have a limited time to roam around a country or a city.  Create an itinerary for your whole trip.  This will serve as your guidelines or an idea on how you could spend your whole day. 

Pack less! The less the better! If you’re taking a three-day vacation, better to just have backpack or a hiker’s bag. But it still depends on your lifestyle.

What you need to prepare

·         Hotel bookings or online tickets you can buy prior your trip (ie: amusement ticket)

·         Emergency kit 

·         Most importantly,  your budget!

During your solo traveling trip

4. Trust your instinct

Be vigilant.  When you sense that there’s something wrong, there’s a probability that it could have. (Note: there’s a fine line between being vigilant and being paranoid.)

  • When conversing with men
    As a woman, you know what I mean, right? We have that kind of instinct when we can feel that this guy can’t be trusted. But it doesn’t mean we have to snob every man we meet along our trip. If a guy is sending a not-so-good message, you should back off already.When a creepy guy asks you if you’re single, better tell him that you’re in a relationship or engaged.  Other female backpackers even advised wearing a fake ring to prove that you are already engaged. But I didn’t do that. Haha. It’s still up to you. For example, I met a guy in a train station along my trip in Singapore as I was asking for the right way. When he found out that I’m traveling solo, he insisted on helping me and to tour me around. He even gave his cell phone number without me asking him. Though I declined his offer and told him that I have friends who’d tour me around (even there were none), he keeps on telling me that he’d love to tour me. Gladly, we separated ways. 
  • Places at night
    Don’t make yourself vulnerable especially if you’re out of the country. Research before going to places at night. This may avoid you from the potential risk. Never ever risk your safety!
  • In nightclub or bar
    Be mindful when someone offered you a drink. Don’t drink too much if you’re alone going there. 

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Your itinerary is just your guideline; it shouldn’t dictate your day! It’s part of your preparation, but when you’re there already what matters is your discovery and enjoyment. 

If you really wanted to reach all destinations you listed on your itinerary, make sure you’ll wake up early.  Go out as early as 6 or 7 in the morning.

When I was in Singapore, I was the first person to wake up in our hostel.  And it’s lovely to be in the city as early as morning and knowing that I only have limited time so why not make the most out of the time that I have. 

Keep moving forward

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6. Never hesitate to ask the locals

It’s not bad to ask the locals. In fact, you can learn a lot from them.  Make sure you maximize your conversation with them.  Ask them for best places where you can eat, shop, and visit.

For safety, you can ask local women or local people in a group. Just put your presence of mind when asking them.

In Singapore, the local people were helpful.  They even used Google map for me to better understand the directions.

7. Join other female solo travelers!

In your new trip, it’s impossible for you not to meet fellow female solo travelers or backpackers.  You’d be surprised that there are lots of women doing the solo journey.

It’s still up to you if you would join them mainly if you have different plan from them.  Don’t compromise your plan just because they have different itinerary.

I met a 23-year-old backpacker from Germany who started travelling when she’s 18. She’s been to like 20 countries from Europe, Asia, and Australia.  And her passport was like an ultimate #travelgoal.  Haha

Asian + European = Instant travel buddy. Thank you @_ingxxx 😊

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We’re both in budget so we our personality easily jived with one another despite our cultural differences.

Nothing beats learning from their experiences as solo traveler. It widens your perspective in travelling and makes you more excited to have your next trip.

We’re both on a budget so our personality easily jived with one another despite our cultural differences.

Nothing beats learning from their experiences as a solo traveler. It widens your perspective in traveling and makes you more excited to have your next trip.

8.    Embrace and enjoy the freedom

The fun thing about traveling solo is self-discovery. You’d discover something you have never done before and I’m sure you’d be proud of yourself.

On top of S'pore

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I will never forget how I managed to walk three kilometers every morning in Singapore just strolling and enjoying the scenery around.  Though my feet badly hurt, I extremely enjoyed it.

These are essential things I learned from my backpacking solo. I hope this helps for you. If you are an expert backpacker, perhaps you have some point to add. Feel free to put it in the comment section.


  • Amazing tips, Amae! Great post for solo travellers! 😉

  • I recently went solo in Singapore too for a 3 day sojourn. It was my first time traveling abroad and I didn’t regret it one bit! I loved the feeling of waking up in the morning and excited where my feet will take me! It was one of the “bestest” decisions I made so far.

    I agree with all your tips! The last one particularly. Nice job, Amae!

  • Love your blog! Would love to be friends! I love this! I’m a Filipina too but live in USA now! I just followed you! Let’s connect! I just posted my paris trip! XOXO

  • You got a very encouraging article here Amae for people who are doubtful if they can do solo traveling. I believe this applied regardless of your gender. I actually love your 8th tips – “The fun thing about traveling solo is self-discovery. You’d discover something you have never done before and I’m sure you’d be proud of yourself.” This is so true, I’ve been backpacking the world for years now and continuesly discovering things that I never thought I could do.

  • Traveling solo has immense rewards and is a transformative experience. Of course there are risks involved especially if you are a female traveler. However as long as you are aware of your surroundings and take precautions and adhere to all safety measures, this would be a safe and happy experience. Your tips are practical and sensible and a step in the right direction.

  • A great guide for the female travelers and some even go for the male ones too…

  • I love the layout of this post, with the article mixed in with Instagram photos – it looks great & shows your personality! I love traveling solo, and while I’m not an over-planner, I definitely agree that it’s hugely important to always follow your gut. Travel opens up so many different experiences, you have to been your guard at all times. Happy travels, hope to see you on the road one day!

  • I agree with all of the points you mentioned here. I sometimes go on solo trips too and when I went to Vietnam and Cambodia, I met fellow female travelers so I had an instant travel buddy. We are lucky that we are now living in a time when women are allowed (even encouraged) to be independent. Traveling is just one of the many things that women can now do even in their lonesome.

  • Absolutely agree with your points! My first solo journey was in my own country, but this year I’ve gone abroad on my own and I loved it! I hate being limited by my gender, but I also like the special relationship we build among female travelers to support each other!

  • Agree before visiting a new country little bit of research is definitely crucial. And we too believe locals can be the best guides. Kudos to you. Happy Travelling!

  • Great post Amea! This article comes as a big nudge for the female travelers willing to go out and explore the world solo but hesitate to take the final step.

  • Great article !! it will be very helpful for many traveler

  • Dear Amae, very good article, thanks. I am not traveling solo in the last years, but did so in the past an agree with you completely. Some of your advice is even very useful for non-solo travelers… 🙂

  • I’ve heard stories about who do solo backpacking with females, but not like you which you have started when you were 20. It must be very exciting and amazing! There are likewise those who are afraid to travel on their feet because they are girls who find it risky on the side which is I respect. Perhaps you’re just too brave enough and love to travel. Thank you for sharing all your learnings from your backpacking experience. I’ll get hold of the one that says “whatever will be”. I’m exactly like that which I find it really not right. Thank you so much!


    • It’s kinda scary at first esp when people around you almost discourage you to go solo travelling. But it’s beyond worth doing =)

  • Hi Amae! I love your post – very empowering. I’ve done my fair share of solo travel over the years. Admitedly there have been times when safety was an issue but you are right that trusting your instincts goes a long way and as women we tend to be good at that. I can honestly say that I love travelling on my own though. I don’t think anything beats it for the sense of freedom and adventure.

  • Great article, Amae! Very encouraging for those who need a little help and direction when they’re just starting out with solo travel! <3

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