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September is Travelosyo’s second year anniversary. I can’t help but be thankful to everyone who has been part of my achievements for the past 2 years.

5 years ago, the year I graduated from college, I started working as a call center agent for 2 years. People called me best in tourism because I acted as the secretary of the Department of Tourism, bragging about the Philippines to my callers.

I’m not the usual agent who would simply ask the common questions, “How are you today?” or “How’s the weather?” I was the type of agent who asks, “Do you love to travel?” “Have you been to the Philippines?” Since the type of call that I handled required a long process, I took the chance to introduce our country to the Americans about the beautiful things in the Philippines, sharing a part of history on how America was a big part of it and introducing some of the Filipino cultures.

Sometimes, I had to remotely access their computer; while waiting for the program to be downloaded, we browsed photos of The Philippines to show them our wonderful islands.

Chase your dreams
Coron, Palawan

Some places are El Nido, Coron, Cebu, Bohol, Banaue, and much more. Then they would ask me, “Have you been to these places?” I’d answer, “Not yet, maybe soon.” They told me that my country is so beautiful and that they would like to spend their next holiday here. I didn’t pity myself because I can’t explore my country yet. I knew that someday I would.

Aside from the usual vacation near Manila and Romblon, which is my province, the farthest place that I’ve been to that time was Puerto Galera. Some people wouldn’t find Puerto Galera special but for me, it was the most beautiful place at that time.

Check Hotels Rates and Availability in Manila!

I love exploring places since then but as a fresh graduate, I didn’t have enough money to travel so I’m contented browsing various tourist destinations.

I know by heart the things to see and to do in some places, I’d take note of the hotels where I would love to stay and I check where the best places to eat. I planned an itinerary as if I was going to travel anytime soon.

Time flies so fast; I remember when I started writing food reviews at blogspot because I can’t travel to different places yet. Now, when I have time to read my old articles, I’m happy because I know I improved a lot.

Before I just write whatever I want. I didn’t care if the photos were low resolutions, I didn’t know anything about SEO, and I didn’t have any idea that blogging is time-consuming, informative, and should be quality.

Homemade Bacon
Homemade bacon at Taza Restaurant Taal Vista Hotel

No one guided me when I started blogging, I can say that I learned through reading, watching videos, and from talking with friends. Managing a blog site is like managing a business. You need to invest your money, time, and effort.

Homemade Bacon
The first time I was invited to share my travel experiences. #ProjectCollabManila

If I didn’t start blogging 2 years ago, I wonder what kind of life I’d have now (probably, a boring life). I go to office 5x a week then spend the rest of the weekend at home, reading some nonsense newsfeed on Facebook, sharing a selfie on Instagram, and tweeting on Twitter.

I was nothing but the same with hundreds, maybe thousands of people, who watch drama series at home, feeling jealous seeing their Facebook friends who travel to different places, and limiting their life in the four corners of their room.

I didn’t want that to happen. I dreamed big and become ambitious. If I don’t have extra money to enjoy a luxurious life. Why not use my skills to experience it?

Then I started writing and traveling, I saved money. How can you be a travel blogger if you don’t travel right? I started to explore places near Manila, patiently waited for seat sale, stayed at hostels, dined at a cheap eatery and ate street food. That’s how I started traveling. Who said that you need to splurge to enjoy traveling?

My first Solo Travel Sagada

I met different people on the road, I heard a lot of humble stories, I lived like locals, I traveled solo overseas, I had unfortunate events, and it didn’t stop me from exploring the world. As of the moment, I visited 36 out of 81 provinces in the Philippines and 4 countries.

2019 UPDATE: I’ve been to over 60+ provinces in the Philippines and nearly 10 countries.

First out of the county – Solo Travel to Cambodia
Rice Planting
Rice Planting at Kalinga

Soon, I felt that I have worth because this is what I want to happen for I want it to have value. I wouldn’t deny that I’m accepting sponsored hotel reviews and there’s nothing wrong about it. They get my service and I experience their service too.

My reviews are 100% mine even if it’s sponsored. I dream of staying in different accommodation, whether if it’s bed and breakfast, hostel, or 5-star hotel. In the span of 2 years, I made it.

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Casa San Pablo
My first video interview – Ms. Ann Alcantara – Owner of Casa San Pablo
Chase your dreams
Azalea De Boracay – Check Rate and Availability
Chase Your Dreams
Casa Alegria bed and breakfast – Check rate and availability

I work with different brands, received payment for online works, and got extra money from the affiliate program and these didn’t happen overnight. I had to work with different areas of blogging including, marketing, meeting with clients, maintaining and designing my site, which until now, I’m still working on.

What made all these things rewarding is, I’m doing most of the tasks by myself and I’m glad that there are people who are supporting me.

Recently, I had the chance to interview Taal Vista Hotel’s General Manager – Mr. James Bevans. At the end of our interview, he asked me about my current stats and how long I have been blogging.

I told him I have been blogging for almost 2 years now with monthly page views of over 50,000, Facebook followers of over 5,000, Twitter 1,700, and Instagram 1,700.

2019 UPDATE: I now have 60,000 followers – all social media accounts combined

He said “Wow you managed that in less than 2 years and you have this production team,”  pointing to the people behind the camera who were taking videos and photos. I was overwhelmed, just smiled and shook his hand.

Chase your dreams
Interview Taal Vista Hotel’s General Manager – Mr. James Bevans

Now, I want to go back to you. Why are you afraid to start your long-time dream? What’s bothering you? Are you afraid to fail? I will tell you again, I failed a lot.

The beginning will always be the hardest part. I’m not yet at the peak of my blogging career but regardless if there are times that I failed and will fail, I will never stop trying. Because at the moment you stop that’s the real failure and if you will not start today, you will still be the same person as yesterday. Chase Your Dreams

Grand Hyatt Bathroom
Grand Hyatt Taipei

2019 UPDATE: I’m now a freelancer, managing social media accounts of small resorts here in the Philippines and a full-time travel blogger. I also had the chance to work with international tourism offices for their campaign and international hotel chains. I also had the opportunity to signed a contract to a big online travel agency as their social media promoter.


  • It’s been an amazing journey! You’ve been through a lot and I believe your journey has brought you many lessons and blessings! I’m happy you continued to pursue your passion and that you never gave in to the difficult challenges you faced! You’re an inspiration! ❤️

  • When I found your inspiration section, I just had to check this out. I love how you told your story and the beginnings of travelyoso. Totally agree with you that this blogging needs a lot of time, money as an investment to get to where you want to be. I’m impressed too that you were able to set up some meetings with Taal Vista’s general manager for an interview. I sincerely want to see you succeed out there. 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary to Travelosyo! This is so inspirational and I’m so happy you continued to pursue what you loved doing and overcame all the obstacles it took to get there! This is just the beginning! I’m sure your out to touch many more souls!

  • Reading your blogging journey is inspirational. Like you, what I know about blogging is mostly self thought. I’ve read somewhere that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. I think if you feel you’re in a rut and want to see change in your self, you just need to proactively chase your passion.

  • Hello Cai. You know you have always been an inspiration not only to me but to the other bloggers out there too.
    Seeing how far you have come , this post is an eye opener and I am more inspired to do my craft better.


  • You are indeed an inspiration to many! I am really impressed with the milestone you achieve! I have been actively blogging for almost ten years na but back then, i really think that my blog has no value.. i just keep on posting anything I want not until I found my niche.. that’s the time I felt a real connection between me and my site..since then i felt more driven and more effective on it.. thanks for sharin us your inspiring story

  • Your title is true, unless you start already, nothing is ever really going to change (or happen). I had that moment of doubts before I started my blog (maybe I’m not that good of a writer, maybe no one would really read me, I don’t know how to start, etc.), but once I started, I got hooked and now, 6 years later, I’m still blogging.

    Oftentimes that things we worry about are just in our heads. That’s why it’s important to have courage and to be decisive about just doing it. Do not overthink things, just do it.

    You’ve already achieved quite a lot in such a short span of time and for sure you will achieve more because you have the right attitude. Keep up the good work!

  • Beautiful story! I admire your persistence. I have a travel blog, almost six months now..I’m working hard to get it out there. Sometimes it feels like I’m doing the work that should be done by at least five people. I really hope I’ll be able to make it and see income from it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Inspiring story!! I agree with you, we just have to get it done so that we can move forward. I remember what my professor once said, “Wag kayo matakot magkamali kasi hindi naman ito yung unang beses na magkakamali kayo.” And it really makes sense to me. It’s just so amazing that you’ve gone this far, kudos to you!!

  • I was raised to face fears. I have failed over and over again and I will continue to experience failures. And that is why I learned and will continue to learn.

    Cai, go and do your thing. In time, as you go along, you get better at what you do and you will do everything smarter too. Enjoy pero live intentionally. #AmazingLifeDaily

  • I was brought up to face fears. I have failed over and over again, I continue to, and I will experience more failures. And because of that I am learning. Cai, go do your thing. Fear holds you back or simply make you cautious and do due diligence. As you go on, you will learn how to do things smarter too. Keep growing! #AmazingLifeDaily

  • I love that you’re so passionate about the Philippines! I hope to visit one day for sure! My dad really wants to go there as well and it’s just so beautiful! I would be afraid to sleep on those floating beds though :D. I will be officially a travel agent in about a week :).

  • Love this story. It’s so important to follow your dreams. And see how far you’ve come. Amazing! I’m now blogging for a few months. Still improving a lot. But it’s fun. I’ve always been busy doing things. Exploring who I am and what I like. That’s what makes me happy

  • Beautiful photos, always chase your dream.

  • What a wonderful read–I am very inspired. I only started blogging April of this year and loving every moment of it. Like you, I don’t have anyone to guide me so I am learning a lot from books, written articles by fellow bloggers, and ofcourse any blogger connect I make along the way. I love that you started “now” with “what you have”–as this is one aspect people tend to overlook, thinking they need everything all at once just to get started.

    Thank you for sharing your tips and story.

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