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5 Essential Packing Tips For Long-Term Travel

Longterm Travel

Making your long term travel plans is a time full of anticipation and excitement, especially if it’s your first time traveling for a long time. For many people their plans have been put on pause due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, but as the world slowly moves into what we are calling the new normal our plans are looking less like dreams, and more like reality. 

Strong Reliable Backpack and Luggage 

Finding strong and reliable luggage is essential if you want to avoid torn seams or broken zips mid-way through your trip. Finding baggage that will hold all your belongings is essential, as you may acquire things on the road, so a little extra space is always handy. Weight is a crucial factor, as adding more weight to your luggage could cost you money, and even your back! Lightweight is good but doesn’t sacrifice strength.

If you want your luggage to stand out on the carousel, why not check out the range of personalised bags available from Banana Moon Clothing? Having your name embroidered on your property will also act as a deterrent for any opportunistic thieves too.

Plan Your Journey

Planning your journey, including what you intend on doing whilst you are there, and where you will be going is a great way to pre-empt what you will need to pack. Checking the weather and researching the climates at different times of year can be the difference of arriving prepared for anything and arriving in shorts and flip flops in the rainy season. 

Travel Planning

Folder With All Important Documents

Keep all your important documentation together in one safe location. I would recommend a plastic folder that has a fastening, this way all your paperwork is safe from water damage, and most importantly won’t get lost or misplaced. The one drawback of this is if you were to lose all your luggage but keeping the folder in your possession at all times (in your backpack) will prevent an occurrence of this kind.

Function Not Fashion

Remember when you are traveling your outfit should be fit for purpose, this means choosing function over fashion, and, when you are traveling there is an increased chance you could misplace or lose something, so it’s probably best to leave your Gucci bag and sliders at home. Plan your outfits wisely and ask yourself if it’s essential on your long term travel if it isn’t then you can probably leave those at home too.

Utilise Your Smartphones Capabilities

You have probably picked up the main theme running through these tips are based around weight saving, this is important when traveling long term as the additional weight can literally weigh heavy on you. Traditionally when traveling you would expect to see people with a book, a notepad, and pen, and more often than not a camera bag.

Smartphone for traveling

The advances in technology we have seen from our humble smartphones are a great way to save weight and space in your baggage, as you can find technologies such as maps, camera, notes, contact to the world back home and friends online. By relying on your phone, you can allow yourself a little extra packing room for home comforts, or additional items that you may need along the way!

Follow these essential packing tips on your next long term travel and be a smart traveler the next time you hit the road.

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