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How to Use Traveloka App to Find the Best Hotel in Baguio

Oh My Gulay

The summer heat in Manila is sometimes intolerable. Whenever I think of a place that can beat the heat, Baguio City comes first in my mind. Dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio remains to be one of the top destinations.

If you’re also planning to escape to the City of Pines on a summer weekend, join me in looking for the best hotel deal in Baguio using my new favorite booking app, Traveloka App.

I can say that Traveloka is a one-stop travel booking app for domestic and international hotel and flights. It has over 10 million downloads so I think that says a lot for its reliability.

So, what do I usually consider in booking my accommodation and why did I choose to use Traveloka app?


Bencab Museum


  • Price

Budget is the most important for me. When I’m traveling alone, I’m fine with staying in a cheap hostel, but when I’m with my family, I book a mid-end hotel. I rarely treat my family to a vacation, so I believe, we all deserve a quality place to stay in. If you’re traveling with friends, booking a mid- to high-end hotel won’t be a problem since you can all share the expenses.

Since I’m planning to take my family to Baguio by the end of the month, let’s take a look at the best value hotels in the city. I normally budget P3,000 to P5,000 per night when I travel with my family.



Using Traveloka App You can easily sort the hotels according to popularity, price and rating.


Using Traveloka’s Sort and Filter option, I can easily choose hotels that fit my budget. But, wait there’s more. Did you know that Traveloka offers discounts? You can save a lot using their special promo code. To check out their no hidden charges and ongoing promos, click this link.

  • Location

The location is of equal importance. Some hotels are incredibly cheap, which excites us, only to find out that it’s in the middle of nowhere. We end up paying more because of transportation expenses and the hassle of it.

So, in choosing a hotel, always consider the location. Is it at the center? Is public transportation accessible? How far is it from tourist spots you want to visit?


Traveloka Map

Hotels at the heart of Baguio City based on my filtered price.


Gladly, Traveloka App instantly shows the address of the available hotels within my budget. This feature gives me an idea about their location. If you’re not familiar with the place, open “Maps” from the app and it will show you your choice’s exact location.

Also, if you click on a specific hotel, it will show the distance of popular attractions in the area–a big help in planning your itinerary.

  • Reviews

So, what can make me change my mind when I already have a choice? Customer feedback. It pays to read people’s reviews to have an idea about what kind of service, or experience you can expect.


Traveloka Review

Here are actual Tripadvisor’s guest reviews for Baguio Holiday Villas.


Good thing, Tripadvisor is integrated into Traveloka App. Reviews from people who booked using Traveloka App can be found on this portion. Isn’t it amazing? I really encourage people to leave honest feedback, because you could help in making, or breaking someone’s vacation.

After looking at a price that fits my budget, good location, and good customer feedback, what are the best hotels in Baguio that I suggest you book using Traveloka App?

Here are my top 3.

3- Megatower Residences 1

Rate is P4,000+/ night for 4 pax. It’s a 2-bedroom unit with free Wi-Fi, television, refrigerator and a dining area. Located on Sandico St., Salud Mitra, the place is only 0.2 km away from Session Road and 0.3 km away from SM Baguio.

It also holds a soaring 9/10 rating from Traveloka’s reviews wherein people say that the location is very convenient.

2- V Hotel and Apartel

You can book their Deluxe Family room for only P3,800+/night for 4 pax. Breakfast is included. That’s a really good deal. The air-conditioned room has free Wi-Fi, refrigerator, and 2 queen size beds.  Located at 14 Bukane Street, the hotel is only 0.5 km away from Burnham Park and 1 km away from Session Road.

It currently holds a high rating score of 9.3/10 from Traveloka guest reviews. Reviewers said they enjoyed their stay at V Hotel which is relatively new.

1- Baguio Holiday Villas

Rate is 4,900+/ night good for 4 pax. You can enjoy your own 2-bedroom deluxe villa with a living room and a dining area. The room has a kitchen with refrigerator. This will save you more money in case you want to cook your own food. It has a minibar with coffee and tea maker, 2  bathrooms with free toiletries, cable television, and free Wi-Fi.

The location is only 0.3 km from Burnham Park and 0.9 km from the Baguio Cathedral.  The ranking is 4/5 stars on Tripadvisor.


Burnham Park

Burnham Park – Baguio City


I hope my tips on finding the best hotel in Baguio help you on your next vacation in the City of Pines. Take note that rates may change depending on the date. You can always adjust it using the filter option depending on your budget. Always check the location and read reviews. Lastly, don’t forget to check ongoing Traveloka App promos to enjoy big discounts!


  • Such a neat app to check out potential places to stay in Baguio. I’ve never tried it before. I like that it shows reviews so people can book the best place.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the Traveloka App – I love the ability to filter and easily sort the hotels according to popularity, price and rating.

  • Love the tips for using the app. I also like the option have having genuine reviews from guests. It gives an idea of what to expect when you arrive.

  • This sounds like a great app! I will have to try it out on my next trip to the Philippines!

  • Nice and detailed description Cai. I honestly never tried booking with Traveloka I usually use Airbnb, and Agoda but maybe I will give it a try on my next trip.

  • This looks like a useful app and it’s good to see there are plenty of TripAdvisor reviews too. I’ve never heard of Baguio and love learning of new places.

  • Thanks for shring this! We’ve never heard of Traveloka App before, but will definitely try it out next time!

  • I never heard of this app and would probably use it. Great post with lots of information.

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