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6 Reasons Why I Book Flights Using Traveloka

Singapore Chinatown

After my 2-month visit in Thailand, I decided to go to Singapore before I headed back to Manila using Traveloka. Looking for the flight that best fits my budget and time is sometimes stressful. You have to open different airline websites, check different dates, time and prices.

Gladly, I discovered an app called Traveloka. I heard about the app through their captivating social media and TV ads. I can say that the company has a good marketing strategy that’s why I’m not surprised why Traveloka is now one of the fastest growing tech companies providing online booking service for flights and hotels in South East Asia.

I usually book my flights directly through airline websites whenever I travel. But what made me decide to book my flight via Traveloka? Here’s what I discovered.



Marina Bay Sands


  • Traveloka App is easy to navigate

When you open the Traveloka App, the first thing you will notice is its clean and organized home page. Mostly white and light blue, Traveloka’s homepage is minimalist and straightforward–no excessive advertisements. Everything that you need is right in front of you. The message of their homepage is direct to the point and easy to understand.

This is how you book an international flight via Traveloka:

After clicking international flight on the home page, the screen will show the page where you need to key in the details of your travel plan.



If you’re planning to fly to Singapore this is the best week to fly since they will celebrate Singapore National Day on August 9.


  • Simply type in the Origin and Destination Flights
  • The Departure date and swipe the button right if you want to book a round trip flight
  • Choose how many passengers
  • Pick your preferred seat class

Simply click on the search button and wait for Traveloka App to do its magic!

  • Variety of Flights in just 1 App

Traveloka App will save you time in looking for and comparing flights, whether you want to book seats from Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, or other airlines. Traditionally, we open 3 or more airline websites, key in all the same details repeatedly and wait for the results. After that, we view all the browsers to check prices and flight details. That’s time-consuming.  Thankfully, Traveloka App makes our life easier.

After clicking on the search button, the app will do its job to search for the all possible flight schedules. The best thing is the prices they show are the final ones. No need to mock book each flight to see the total. Traveloka App includes airline fees and taxes.

Usually, Traveloka App will show up to ten results. Finding the best flight that will match your budget is made easier because of the sort and filter option.



Traveloka App will show you all the available flights on your chosen date. Click Sort and Filter to find the best flight that will match your need.


  • You can have your own “My account”

Having your own profile is advantageous in many ways.  You can save all your details including name, contact number, passport details and card details for faster booking transaction. Traveloka guarantees that your data are confidential.

Their Help Center is also integrated in the app. Live chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So in case you need help, their customer support got you covered.

  • You can set Price Alerts

Be the first to know when airfare changes. This is something unique about Traveloka App and it’s easy to set.

  • Simply tap My account and Price Alerts.
  • Enter your flight details
  • And Traveloka App will notify you in case there are any price changes on your target flight.

Here are all Traveloka’s Features under your “My Account”


This will save you more time on waiting for the best rate of your target flights and you will be ensured that Traveloka App will be there to notify you.

Also, you can subscribe to their newsletter, so you won’t miss out on their updates and promos.

  • There are many payment options

We always think that we need a credit card in booking flights. Well, that was probably before. With Traveloka App, you have different options in paying for your flight. Since I don’t have a credit card, so I usually pay using my Visa debit card.

Other payment options are:

  • Over the counter such us 711, M Lhuillier, and Cebuana Lhuillier
  • Bank deposit through BDO, BPI, Metrobank, UCPB, RCBC and ChinaBank

Traveloka App give you wide options to pay your booking.

On the “Select Payment” page, you will see how much time you have to complete your transaction. Once you decide on your payment method, there is a detailed instruction on how you can complete your transaction.

  • They always give discounts!

This is the main reason why I love Traveloka. They never run out of promos. They are generous to their customers. At the top portion of the app’s homepage, you will easily notice their ongoing promo that will give you big savings on your travel. To check their ongoing promo for flights and hotel reservations, please click on this link.


merlion park

Merlion Park Singapore


I’m glad that I discovered and downloaded Traveloka App. It’s now my number 1 option in booking flights. It’s fast, easy, safe and reliable. In fact, because of their promo, I was able to book my flight to Manila from Singapore for only P4,200 with 15 kg extra luggage last May! If you’re not a Traveloka App user yet, you should download the app now!


  • Hi ask ko lang if yung mga taxes and fees kasama na sa total? Thank you

  • first search PPS-CEB 25 October and it won’t even show the cheapest option with Air Asia. Best to stick with kayak or skyscanner and then book directly with the airline. Might not be the cheapest option but makes it a lot easier to manage in case of changes/amendments/cancellations as it avoids the middle man. Travel agencies are known for obscure administration fees.

    • Hello Abraxas,

      Good day!

      I mock booked the PPS-Ceb flight on October 25. Yes I agree that it didn’t show the cheapest flight of Airasia. which is 1,515php see breakdown for your reference -1 × 1,166.00 PHP Fares 849.11 PHP Aviation Security Fees 15.00 PHP Domestic passenger service charge 200.00 PHP VAT 101.89 PHP 1,515.00 PHP but you can still get the cheapest flight of Cebu Pacific at 1,433 tax included plus Traveloka have a promo code this week *FlyLabor which will less 10% on your fligh. Total will be around 1290php. It will save you 225php if you book with Traveloka. Thanks for reading my article.

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  • Hi. Want to ask if I chose 0 ba sa baggage, mkakapag check in ba ako ng standard sized luggage o need ko sya bayaran?

    • Hello Leana,

      Verify ko lang medyo na confused ako sa question. if you choose 0 sa baggage. Bakit ka mag ccheck in ng luggage? You are still allowed mag hand carry which is 7kgs most of the airline. But since you choose 0 sa baggage allowance. Wala ka ng babayaran, wala ka na ding ma ccheck in. Please let me know if I understand you correctly.

      Thank you!

  • Hi!just want to ask if the ph travel tax (1620) already included when booking with traveloka for international flight? Thanks!

    • Hello Domie,

      Depende sa Airline. Check nyo po yung price details. When I booked my Taiwan flight with EVA air Kasama na sya 🙂

  • Thanks Cai for this tip about flights using Traveloka.

    Once certainly can’t have enough options for finding cheap flights, and if they have many promotions – even better!

    Will look into it and explore, as I’m considering Singapore (again) and Malaysia soon

    Thanks for the heads up, and keep up the great work on the blog 🙂

  • Never heard of this app. I will look into it. Looks pretty cool.

  • I’ve never heard of this app until now but I’ll check it out. It sounds really useful. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Well, I just moved to China and I’m just starting to figure out the best apps and websites for booking travel. You make a good case for Traveloka and I have a week holiday coming up soon, so I’ll be sure to check it out!

  • Thanks for telling us about this app. I’m European but currently traveling in SEA. So it might actually be a good alternative to Skyscanner and Google Flights.

    Happy travels!

  • I’d never heard of it either. Is it strongest with service in that part of Asia i.e. are they looking at that area as their niche?

  • We never heard of Traveloka. We are so used to Kayak and SkyScanner that we have the blind eye a little bit on anything else! Will check it out!

  • I’d heard of Traveloka but have never actually booked a flight through them. I tend to use my laptop for booking but I do compare prices on my phone, so maybe I’ll download the app and take a look. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Sounds like a really handy app! Does it work outside SE Asia too?

  • I’ve never heard of Traveloka before but I’m definitely going to check it out now. As a frequent traveler, I love finding new apps that help make the process easier – and less expensive!

  • I have never heard of this app or company. Is it just mainly Asian countries which use this or can it be used in any country in the world?

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