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5 Reasons Why I Enjoy living in Ortigas


After living in Makati for five years, I moved to Ortigas. One of the most significant factors I considered was the rental prices of condominium units—they’re cheaper than what I was paying in Makati.

For one to say that he is a resident of Ortigas means bearing witnessing and experiencing the two sides of the business district: the early morning rush as people brave the traffic to flock to their workplaces and the late-night calm that allows you to enjoy strolling on its brightly lit streets lined with plants and trees. It’s an interesting contrast, but it speaks of the charming work-play balance that the city offers and its residents experience. It may be one of Metro Manila’s busiest business centers, but Ortigas maintains its quiet suburban lifestyle. As a result, the vibe of the community is more relaxed compared with other CBDs in Metro Manila.

Here are five reasons why I enjoy living in Ortigas.

Malls surround you – I’m not talking about ordinary malls—these are huge malls! And one of them is only a stroll away from my condo. In only a few minutes, I can go to one of the Philippines’ biggest malls, SM Megamall. The great thing about malls in the Philippines is, they’re teeming not only with stores that we go to when we want some retail therapy; they’re also equipped with a supermarket, outpatient clinics, spas, dental clinics, dermatology centers, salons, pet stores, cinemas, travel agencies, clothing alterations, art galleries, government service centers, and more. You name the establishment, they have it. It’s like a one-stop shop, only bigger. And you know one-stop shops—they save us time. It’s so convenient. And there are different kinds of malls for different moods. You want something posh that makes you feel classy? Go to Shangri-La Plaza or The Podium. Do you need to run some quick errands? Go to Robinsons Galleria, Ayala 30th, or Estancia.

Trendy Bars, Restaurants and 5-Star Hotels – If you’re someone who loves hanging out in a bar or staying in a hotel for a fancy staycation, you don’t need to leave Ortigas because world-class hotels are right in the district. We’ve got EDSA Shangri-la, Joy-Nostalg, Discovery Suites, The Linden Suites, and Holiday Inn Galleria for those looking for a 4 or 5-star hotel. So, ask your friend to come over to Ortigas and enjoy the vibes while having a staycation at one of the best hotels in the area. 

Hotel in Ortigas
Photo Credit to Jonal Dela Cruz

We also have some of the best bars in the Metro: Moonshine PUB, VU’s Sky Bar and Lounge, and the nearby Sky High Bar in Kapitolyo. Working professionals in Ortigas surely know Metrowalk, which is practically everyone’s playground after a hectic workweek. And to complete your bar-hopping experience, why not watch a drag show at one of the best gay bars in the country, O BAR.

Also, Kapitolyo is just a stone’s throw away. if you’re a foodie, Kapitolyo indeed has something to offer from your favorite Kanto Freestyle for all-day breakfast, Cosmic for vegan food, Goto Believe for one of the best goto places (pun intended) in the Metro, to Locavore for Filipino classics, and many more.

A haven for people who love to walk, jog and run – Need I explain more? This is one of the biggest reasons why I keep enjoying my stay here. Imagine walking on the wide pedestrian streets of Ortigas at night, seeing lights glowing from tall buildings, and appreciating the calmness of the surroundings even if you are at the center of a busy business district. They say that if Makati is the New York of Metro Manila, Ortigas is Los Angeles. While buzzing with activities, people in Ortigas still find time to slow down and relax. And If I want a broader space to jog, Greenfield is just in the next block.

Accessibility to key areas in Metro Manila – People think Ortigas is not accessible compared with other CBDs. That’s what I thought too before. Contrary to common belief, accessibility is an asset of Ortigas. There are several transportation options when you need to go to nearby cities and municipalities. For example, two MRT stations are located near the area: Ortigas and Shaw stations. There are buses and jeepneys going to Rizal, Mandaluyong, San Juan, and Quezon City. There are also UV Express units that ply the area, so if you want to go to Pasig’s public market for wet and dry goods, you’ll surely catch a ride. And if you’re going to BGC, travel time has now been cut short since the Kalayaan Bridge has opened. The bridge connects Pasig and Taguig.

I feel safe living here – Safety is non-negotiable when I choose a neighbourhood. In Ortigas, I feel safe whenever I stroll in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I don’t have data on the crime rate, but I would attest to the fact that it’s a peaceful neighborhood. Six months I have been living here, and I have not seen, heard, or experienced anything that would make me doubt that.


Have you ever wondered what life in Ortigas is like? If you’re considering living in Ortigas, you’re on the right track. And before you know it, you’re no longer wondering; you’re living the life you deserve in the flourishing and vibrant Ortigas. It’s an exciting urban sprawl where everything is within reach—malls, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, hotels, schools, and more.

I’m enjoying the dynamic urban lifestyle in the fast-paced setting of Ortigas CBD. But at the same time, I reserve some space for quiet time. When the sun has set, it’s so lovely to walk and jog around the district that boasts of wide walkways, and surrounding trees and plants. The streets are clean, and I feel safe. Having a beautiful view of the Ortigas and BGC skylines is a bonus—a sight to behold from my condo unit’s window when I need to relax after a hectic day.

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