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Don’t Have GCash on Your Smartphone? — You’re Missing Something


Let me start by saying that this is not a paid advertisement for GCash. I can’t remember the last time I was amused by a mobile application that I wrote an article about it. Probably never, so it must be really special that I spent time writing an article about my experience using it.

I used to be a fan of PayMaya if we will start to talk about my history of using a virtual wallet. Well, PayMaya is okay but it wasn’t as amazing as GCash. I never had a problem with PayMaya but some key features that I discover using my GCash app convinced me to switch.

As we are transitioning our life to the “new normal” we should also be wise about how we manage our money and make our life easier. Gone are the days that you fall in line to visit your nearest payment center to pay your bills – Electricity, water, credit card, telecoms, etc. Name it, you can probably pay it using your GCash app. Or do you still remember you go to the nearest “Sari-Sari” store to get a load? that was already a part of the past since you can use the GCash app to load not only your mobile phone but anyone and get a rebate.

How about online shopping? There is GCash x Lazada which I haven’t explore yet since I’m not a fan of shopping, especially during this time of crisis.

At this point, you will tell me, “You can do all those things using your PayMaya app, so why switch? This app has 3 features that I super love and here are those;

Save Money

Photo Credit to CIMB

If you think about saving your money, you wouldn’t think of placing it on GCash but instead save it on your bank account. As long as you are saving your money, that is good. However, do your bank give you the best interest rate?

Base on my research – Citibank Peso Bonus Saver Account gave the highest annual interest rate of 1.56%. You find it high? Not until you know that GSave by CIMB Philippines is giving a 3.10% annual interest rate and with this alone, I was sold to transfer my savings from my bank going to Gsave.

No hassle of opening a savings account, just a few tap on my App I was able to open my savings account on my Gcash.

Invest money

The invest money option is surprising. I just recently use this feature of the GCash app and made me decide that I will stop putting money on my other mutual account and instead place it on GCash.

The idea that GCash added this feature on their app gave me hope that more Filipinos will be into mutual fund investment. I love how they introduce this way of investing money easily knowing that many Filipinos don’t know or tried doing mutual fund investment and you can start opening your investment for as low as 50php.

GCash Forest

GCash Forest
GCash Forest

Do you love the environment? Wanted to plant trees but you don’t know where to do it or have time to do it? Let me tell you that GCash Forest gives you the power to plant and grow real trees — all through the GCash App. For every activity you are doing on your GCash App plus health activity for your self like walking or jogging.

You will earn green energy that you can use to plant a tree. No, you will not physically plant it but people behind GCash will do it and once the trees are physically planted, you will receive a certificate of ownership with a serial number.

There are so many awesome features that you can explore using the GCash app and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it because it’s easy to use. If you don’t have GCash yet, Click this LINK to register and enjoy 70php worth of freebies.


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