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Five Simple Ways To Stay In Shape While On The Road


They say being on the road sometimes lead to the body being neglected. Being from one place to another makes it hard to go to a gym regularly unless you have access to fitness centers on your hotels. Not to mention the bountiful food you discover everyday which can ruin your diet.

But traveling and staying in shape can still be a good combination if you partner it with discipline.

Check out these simple ways to stay fit while being on the road.



This is a no brainer. Make sure to always bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go especially if you know you’ll be outside for most time of the day–whether you’re off for an island hopping for a day or a day trip in a nearby mountain, or even when you are touring in a museum or leisure park.

With the erratic weather, having your own bottled water with you will save you from getting dehydrated, plus you don’t need to run to the nearest convenience store to buy one.


Walk, Run, or Bike


Girl Walking vxla / Flickr CC


Ditching the usual transportation, say a cab or a train, to go from one place to another within the city is a practical thing to do for some especially if it is just nearby. Backpackers usually prefer walking along the streets of a new place than hailing a cab or taking the subway. This simple yet effective exercise not only stretches up your muscles but is also a way to immerse into the place. You’ll see holes-in-the wall you never see when you’re in a cab plus you get to see locals doing what they usually do without you being in a hurry.

Walking can also save you a couple of bucks which you can use to buy little trinkets as souvenirs or try a street good or a local ice cream you’ve been dying to taste.

Having an afternoon run or biking around town is also one great way to sweat without breaking your bank account.

You need not to register on a local gym. Just bring with you your running shoes and you’re on to a healthier body even while on the road.


Bring Small Fitness Essentials With You

yoga mat

Day13: You with 13 things Stephan Hochhaus/ Flickr CC


It can be a yoga mat–for your daily planking or yoga session or you just want to do 30 minutes of sit ups or crunches in your apartment

You may also bring in jumping ropes and other small fitness gears.

However, if you feel these tiny gears can only take too much space on your carry on bag, try downloading fitness apps you can easily check out which varies in services like tracking distance, calorie counting, and even vegetarian restaurants to try within the area.

There are also a couple of exercises you can keep in mind like The Four Minute Exercise which you can execute even without gym equipment.


Engage in outdoor activities


Cursos de Surf 2012 -julio Miguel Navaza/ Flickr CC


Be it surfing, swimming, mountain biking or hiking–or any activity which gets your heart pumping and your body sweat.

In your travels, it is nice to input activities which can serve as your exercise. Also, engage into sports and other fitness activities. You can try a Muay Thai class or a yoga class by the beach, or do CrossFit.


Eat (and drink) in moderation

street food

Korean Street Food Jake Keup/ Flickr CC


We know that being in a new place will tempt us to try on new food we haven’t tasted before. Don’t feel guilty. It’s natural to try a restaurant’s bestseller or a town’s popular dish but remember: keep things in moderation.

Tasting a little bit of every food served on the table is natural and okay as long as you take them in bits but eating too much and trying to stuff these food to your stomach just because you might not get the chance to eat them again is another thing. In the end, you’ll end up bloated.

Being on a diet while on the road is possible if you plan ahead of time the meals you will eat in a day.

Likewise, be wary of drinking too much. While it is nice to spend some time on booze with your new found friends, too much alcohol is still not cool on the body. You wouldn’t want returning from a trip with a beer belly, do you?

Do you agree with these simple ways to fitness while on the road? Let me know your thoughts! E-mail me at or check out my blog at Let’s keep in touch!

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