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5 Online Selling Tips [Beginner’s Guide]

Online Selling Tips

Are you looking for online selling tips that will help you set up your online store or increase your sales? Do you need a guide to know what to avoid and what is best for online selling? Let me share with you my experience on how I’m now successfully reaching my target sales and survive financially without a full-time job.

It was mid of May when I wrote an article about how I’m not financially ready on this pandemic. I lost income from my biggest client when we shut down the resort operation during the start of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon.

If I will not do anything soon, I will run out of cash by the end of June. There is nothing that I can think that will help me survive my finances during this time of pandemic but to do online selling but I don’t know how to start. Same as to many people who are new to this. I had a lot of self-doubts and questions. What should I sell? Will this work?

After just 3 months of doing it, I figure some things that are working on doing online selling and things to avoid.

Here are my 5 online selling tips

  1. Sell what you are using or products that you believed

When I started setting up my online store on Facebook. I want to sell everything, thinking that the more products I will sell the more income I will earn. I was wrong. In my first month of doing online selling I didn’t even sell 5,000 worth of products.

I posted various items from a face mask to Calamansi juice, baby powder, perfume, lotion, chili sauce, supplements, etc. and I don’t use or tried most of these items. I realized, how can I convenience others to buy what I’m selling, if I don’t use it or at least tried it.

I started to reassess my store. Which of these products I should focus on? I’m an advocate of pro-environment, pure, and natural products. I know if I will focus on selling items like these. It will be easy for me to market it.

That’s how I started selling Human Nature. Other items on my Facebook store that I’m pushing too are doTERRA essential oils and our homemade danggit from Guimaras, This is my way of helping the local people on the island to survive their daily needs. I trust these products and I believe in it.

  1. You need to adopt digital platforms and learn the basics of marketing.

Okay, let me clarify. You don’t need to be super techie. As long as you know the basics, everything can be learned. First, I suggest setting up your own Facebook page. It’s still best to sell using a Facebook page, instead of your personal Facebook account.

Online selling tips

One of the best reasons is, it can reach a wider market. You think big and you don’t limit your market to your friends. If you will have a budget in the future, try to study Facebook Ads Manager.

When it comes to posting. Be consistent with your tone and make sure that it matches your target market. Be clear on your every post. Remember, a confused audience will never buy your product. Highlight the advantage of using your products or the taste of your food. Tell them why they need it now and always have a call to action. Tell the people what they need to do.

Since things are going more and more digital. You need to have an online bank account to receive payment. I also recommend having Gcash, it is very easy to use for a payment transaction. Also, download different delivery apps like Grab, Lalamove, or MrSpeedy. These are essential apps for your online store business.

  1. Don’t be too pushy with your customer. Be in demand, not a desperate seller.

If you’re new with online selling, the first batch of people where you will offer your products are your family and friends. They could be your training ground on how to communicate and sell your products.

I would highly suggest avoiding being an annoying seller. It’s okay to present your product and ask them if they are interested. If they say no. Then it’s fine. Just look for other buyers. The more that you will be aggressive, the more that they will ignore you and your products.

doterra intro kit
doTERRA: Pursue what’s pure

If they like what you’re selling, people will message you and ask. Showcase your customer service skills. Be attentive to every inquiry, and most importantly be honest.

  1. Track all your income, expenses and monitor your inventory.

The only time you will know you’re earning is if you keep records of all your transactions. This is where your basic accounting will be useful. In my case, I’m using Google Sheet to track all my income and expense.

This is how I know that in my second month of doing online selling I increased my sales to 85% versus my first month. It’s also giving me a picture that I’m on the right path.

I also track all the items being sold. It is giving me an idea of my top-selling items. If you know what the market is looking for, you can always re-target the market to position your top-selling products.

  1. Connect to your customer on a personal level. Always ask for feedback.

Whenever I received inquiries on my product. I talk to my customers as if we are long time friends. If they are asking advice about what product is best for their specific concern. I’m sharing my personal experience with the products that I’m using. This will go back to tip number 1. How can you connect to your customer if you are not a user or convince with your product?

I find it easy to sell my items because I’m an advocate of it. Also, remember selling doesn’t end when your customer received their items. If you’re selling food, ask them how is the taste? I find the majority of Filipino customers don’t share their experience if you don’t ask them. So I suggest to always get feedback to know if they like it or not and how you can improve it.

Online selling tips

In my case as a seller of skincare products and oils. I tracked when my customer received their items. I take note every detail, and will get back to them after a month to ask, how was the experience on the items that they ordered? Do they love it? If yes, ask them if they still have and would like to reorder. If not, try to offer other products that you think they may like.

There you go! Here are my 5 online selling tips and I hope that you will find it useful. If you want to resell human nature or doTERRA products. Feel free to send me a message on my Facebook Page – Travelosyo Online Store.

Do you have any other online selling tips? Don’t forget to share it in the comment section.


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