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My Facebook Page was Hacked; How I Recovered it in 48 Hours

Facebook page hacked

Who would have thought that with just a click, your Facebook Page could be hacked? Well, unfortunately, I fell into this trap. Here is the story about how someone hacked my page and a detailed guide on how you can avoid it or how to recover a hacked Facebook account.

It was August 5, 2019. Someone messaged me that they needed to drive traffic to their website and they were looking for someone to partner with. They would send two articles and videos every day to be posted on my Facebook page and payment would be $800.

It may sound fishy to you, but sad to say, it sounded legit to me, because my pin post on Facebook is, I’m looking for a client to partner with me on my site and Facebook page for advertisement. I thought they were my potential client.

I told them that I was interested in and asked what topics would be posted on my Facebook page. We had an actual conversation, so it was not just a spammy link that I clicked.

He replied that it would be related to my niche and the post would not violate any Facebook policy.

I said, “Tell me, how we can start and what will be the process?”

The hacker said that I needed to have a sponsored ads account. He sent me a link, which was not spammy. It was a link to Facebook for business, which I knew to be a legit Facebook business page because it showed my previous sponsored post.

Facebook page hacked

There was a part where I added my Facebook page without me knowing that it would give access to the hacker and give him the power to kick me out as admin.

It was when I received an email from Facebook that I was kicked out as admin did I realize that someone had just stolen my facebook account. I f*cked up.

I admit that it was so stressful. How foolish I was to fall into the trap. I started to read articles about Facebook hacking. I even watched YouTube videos. I started to feel hopeless when I read that many pages couldn’t be recovered.

If your Facebook page is hacked, here’s how to fix it.

First, you have to resecure your account by changing your password, setting up two-factor authentication and changing the password of the email address associated with your Facebook account. This is to make sure that your account is completely safe.

Next, take screenshots of everything that you can use as evidence that you are the owner of the account. I took a screenshot of my about me, where my name and travel website is stated. I suggest that if you have a personal Facebook account, don’t forget to put details on your about section.

I also took screenshots of my videos and photos on my page, showing my face and the facebook business page where I signed up.

Facebook Page Hacked

There is one article I read, which made me think that the hacked Facebook page was under an organization. I think it’s more complicated because Facebook requires them to submit documents like valid government IDs and sworn statements. They also reported the hacked Facebook account to the police and acquired police report, which they also submitted to Facebook.

I sent two different Facebook reports since I read different ways on how to recover a hacked Facebook page.

Here is the first link. As you will notice, they are asking for a detailed description of what happened. So I highly recommend being as detailed as possible. Include the time and date, and attach a screenshot of your evidence that you are the rightful owner.

There is also a second link. Same as my report on the first link. Be as detailed as possible in your report and I believe this is the link where the Facebook representative check when he response on my request.

August 6, 2019. I still hadn’t received an email from Facebook. I came to the point that I contacted someone via Instagram, which was recommended on YouTube, who could hack the page and could give it back to you.

But after asking me to send the $100 first before fixing the problem, I declined the service. How could I trust someone, whom I didn’t personally know and who’s asking for the money before fixing the problem?

August 7, 2019, before midnight. I was surprised when my Facebook account–both on my phone and laptop–automatically logged out. I also received an email that someone might have accessed my account. I needed to provide some verification that I’m the owner of the account.

I just identified some photos of my friends, changed my password again, rechecked all the recent posts, comments, likes, etc. Then after completing the process, I received an email that I regained control of my Facebook page.

I hope this serves as a warning that if we think something is too good to be true, let’s be cautious before clicking and signing up for anything. We work hard to grow our Facebook page and with a snap of a finger–or a click–someone will simply steal it. I learned my lesson in a hard way.

Facebook page hack

Please don’t forget to do a two-way authorization after reading this article to resecure your account.


  • i lost my page too, it s hard to get it back ….i tried to follow all what is here but facebook is not responding to issue

  • I receive that message in Travel with Karla
    FB page once or twice a week. These use differen with the same message. I keep on telling them I’m okay to share links but I won’t sign up for sponsored ads. When I tell them that my posts are organic and I don’t do boosting, they always back out. 😂

    • Awesome, we need to be extra careful these days. They are doing crazy things just to get our hard-worked FB page. Good job that you didn’t fall on this trap!

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