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Binukbok View Point: Every place deserves a second chance

Binukbok View Point

It was a rainy September morning when I first set foot onBauan, Batangas. I was invited by Sef to celebrate his friend’s (KC) birthday. It was a last-minute yes so I didn’t bring anything. The only thing I bought was some underwear then asked Sef to bring me some extra clothes. Right after my night shift, we went straight to Batangas.

Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours outside

The largest cathedral in Asia

I had no idea whatsoever about what we would do or what we would see in Bauan. In fact, it was my first time to hear about the place. We met his friends at Taal and had a side trip to Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours, which is the largest cathedral in Asia. After less than an hour drive we reached Binukbok Parking and hopped on a small boat that would bring us to the view point.

Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours inside

Wedding inside the church

I couldn’t remember the last time I experienced riding a boat with strong waves. It was too strong that we needed to dock on a different area to find a spot where the water is calm. Because of this, we had to trek for another 20 minutes to reach our place of accommodation. It was fun but nerve-wracking experience.


Bauan Batangas

Hold on tight!


This place gave me a lot of first times; it was my first time to visit Bauan, first time to travel with a big group, and first time to go camping. I rarely travel with a group with more than 5 people, not that I’m an introvert, it’s just that I prefer smaller groups. I have to say though that I found myself enjoying the company of the people on this trip. I didn’t expect I’d be comfortable sleeping inside a tent but to my surprise it was okay. 



I miss camping!


We thought of diving but we realized it was safer  to do snorkling. I didn’t attempt to remove my life jacket though as I was concerned about my safety. The waves were too strong, I’m sure I could be easily thrown far off, that or I’d end up hitting a big rock.

rocks bauan

I thought everything was going to be okay when we go home but an incident happened. The katig that balances the bangka detached from its body. It was funny that even when I knew how to swim I was still scared to my wits. The feeling of the waves hitting our small boat was really scary. I was there thinking, “No, I’m not going to die here, not today, not this way.”

I had a sweet, fun, and thrilling experience at Binukbok View Point. The underwater world there is awesome but the garbage on the shore made me think twice about recommending the place to anyone. 



You can also do some trekking here 🙂


Then I revisited last January 2, 2016.

It’s the first place I traveled to this year and at first, I didn’t know where we were heading. This time, I was with my high school friend, Aries. He invited me to a free-dive session in Anilao.  While we are on the road, Lor asked me if I’d been to Binukbok View Point. I said “Yes.” He said that we were going there and asked if I still remembered the direction. I said, “Not that much” At the back of my mind, I was like, “WTF! I had good memories with someone here!” I didn’t anticipate that I would go back to Binukbok on that day.


mcu highschool friends

High School Friends


I shared my stories about how big the waves were and how disappointing the sight of the garbage on the shore was. Hence, I was a little surprised to see a different view when we arrived; the sea was calm and the shore was clean. It was a totally different view of Binukbok compared with my last visit.

I saw plenty of fish during my first visit, but I didn’t appreciate the experience that much due to the big waves and the garbage that was floating everywhere. Thankfully, everything changed on my second visit. I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating, but I could say that this place is heaven for people who love the underwater world. The coral reefs are less than what you could see in Coron, Palawan but prepare yourself to be surrounded by fishes. It was breathtaking and at the same time scary to be encircled by hundreds of small and big fishes.


Batangas Diving

Under the Sea – Photo Credit to @jayson.solares

Batangas diving site

Fish feeding – Photo credit to @jayson.solares


To save money, I recommend bringing your own food. I believe it’s free to cook in the area. Also, bring your tent and snorkeling gear. If you don’t have them, don’t worry – rentals are available there. Because I’ve been there twice via private car, I suggest following the map below for guide that I found on their website.


Binukbok map

How to get to Binukbok View Point

To get here via public transport, take a bus bound to Lemery, Batangas, take off at Xentro Mall, then take a tricycle to Barangay Balite, San Luis – Bibukbok parking. As per Sir Manny, the man who is managing the resort, the tricycle fare is about 120php good for 4pax.

For more information about the rate and other details please coordinate directly with Sir Manny at 0917-868-5265. He is one of the nicest persons you would ever meet; very accommodating and friendly. He is a master diver too, so if you’re planning to do diving you can get your certification here.

Things to remember before visiting Binukbok viewpoint

• Bring your own food
• Bring tent and snorkeling gear
• Bring extra cash – no ATM
• Make sure to coordinate with Sir Manny
• Both leading cellular networks are working good. I even got 3g on my phone
• Electricity is available 24/7
• Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints
Sunset at batangas

Awesome shot! – Photo Credit to @Ricowanderlust

I’m glad that I revisited this place. If not, the horror stories of big waves and trash would forever be on my mind when I hear about Binukbok Viewpoint. Thanks to Sef and his friends for introducing this piece of paradise near Manila and thanks to my high school friends for inviting me to create new memories. Now, without any doubt. I can confidently suggest this place to you. If you are looking for budget-friendly adventure with an amazing underwater world but you don’t want to go too far from Manila, Binukbok viewpoint is for you.

Free diving

Free Diving <3


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