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Top Cities in Western Pennsylvania


If you are considering a move to Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is probably the first city that comes to mind. And that might keep your focus on the eastern half of the state, looking at the city of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.

However, western Pennsylvania has many great cities to consider. You have probably heard of Pittsburgh but may not know as much about that city as you do about Philadelphia. Pittsburgh is an excellent city to consider for a move to Pennsylvania, and there are several other top choices in the western half of the state. Consider the following top cities in western Pennsylvania as you plan your move:


Photo Credit to Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia and is probably best known for its sports teams, including the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates, and the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins. Pittsburgh is also known for its bridges and steel, which have earned it the nicknames “City of Bridges” and “Steel City.”

While Pittsburgh does have a deep history, especially with the steel industry, it is also going through a revitalization and is now known for its colleges and universities, including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon; its healthcare system, UPMC; and its technology, including Google, Apple, and Facebook, all of which have offices in the city.

In addition to all of the above, Pittsburgh is also home to many arts and cultural attractions, including the Andy Warhol Museum and Phipps Conservatory. If this sounds like the kind of vibrant western Pennsylvania city you would like to live in, there are many Pittsburgh houses for sale.


Erie is another great western Pennsylvania town, but it is in northwestern PA, as opposed to Pittsburgh’s southwestern PA. Erie is located on the shore of Lake Erie and is the fifth largest city in the state. While manufacturing is still strong in Erie, the city is also known for technology, higher education, and tourism, among other industries.

If you are looking for a fun time in Erie, consider visiting the Erie Zoo or Presque Isle State Park. If you want a thrill, Erie is also home to Waldameer and Water World, an amusement park and water park in the city. Erie is an exciting city in northwestern PA that would be a great spot for a trip or to plant roots.


Altoona is a city in the middle western part of the state, known as the “Mountain City” and “Railroad City.” Rail enthusiasts will certainly love this town with a strong history in the railroad industry. Rail fans can visit Horseshoe Curve or the Railroaders Memorial Museum.

There are also non-rail options in Altoona. The city is home to the Altoona Curve, Minor League Baseball team, and the Altoona Symphony Orchestra. Altoona is a great choice for a city in the mid-western part of the state.

Western Pennsylvania has so many diverse cities, whether you are planning a visit or a move. Consider Pittsburgh, Erie, and Altoona as top choice cities in western Pennsylvania.  

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