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5 Beach Resorts in Pangasinan You Should Visit


The north of Luzon is teeming with many beach resorts accessible from Metro Manila. These seaside respites, such as those in Pangasinan, are perfect for swimming, diving, surfing, and enjoying the beauty of both sea and land. If you’re itching to pack your bags and dip your toes into the warm sand on your next weekend, here are five beach resorts in Pangasinan waiting for you:

El Puerto Marina Beach Resort

Tucked in a secret paradise in Lingayen is El Puerto Marina Beach Resort. This private vacation spot offers hotel rooms and swimming pools perfect for families and friends. The resort’s beauty is perhaps an example of a bare lot for sale in Pangasinan blossoming into a well-crafted tourist hub that offers leisure and comfort.

El Puerto Marina’s poolside and beachside aren’t its only highlights. A must-try is its in-house restaurant that serves delicious dishes such as pinakbet, beef with broccoli, fried chicken, kare-karebulalo, and other local Pangasinan cuisine.

Birdland Beach Resort

Photo Credit to BirdLand Beach Resort

Beach resorts aren’t just fun destinations for metro dwellers to unwind and recharge. Some seaside respites serve as rehabilitation centers for animals and plants. For example, Birdland Beach Resort in Bolinao is named so due to many birdhouses littering its area. The resort also has rooms in tall huts that look like birdhouses. Visitors will have lofty views of the sea and surrounding greeneries from their birdhouse unit.

The eco-resort doesn’t just bring guests closer to nature. Birdland offers hammocks, shower rooms, and various fun activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The resort’s location close to the Romulo Highway makes it accessible for tenants of an apartment for rent in Tarlac who want to be one with the sea and sand.

Treasures of Bolinao Resort

Photo Credit blissfulguro

The long stretch of Patar Beach in Bolinao is a favorite vacation spot for many. One of its private resorts, Treasures of Bolinao Resort, is a luxurious destination awaiting those who need extra pampering after a tiring work week.

Vacationing at Treasures of Bolinao Resort entails calming views of the sunrise and sunset meeting the dazzling blue sky and waters. The resort also has fine-sand beaches perfect for morning strolls, sunbathing, and taking photographs for your social media feed. And since Bolinao is a progressive municipality in Pangasinan, beachgoers may also consider exploring its townhouse for sale to find a home close to the sea.

Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort

Photo Credit Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort

Another nature resort you should add to your beach destinations bucket list is Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort in Bani, Pangasinan. It was once owned by a family who used it as a private summer getaway sanctuary before transforming into a resort and hotel. Today, Oldwoods offers swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa treatments, and lounge areas.

Cellular and Wi-Fi signals in Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort are hard to get, so be ready to be unplugged and disconnected from the rest of the world. You’ll have the vacation you deserve without the interruptions of emails, calls, and texts from work.

Masamirey Cove Resort

Photo Credit Masamirey Cove Resort

Looking for an oasis to take photos that spice up your travel feed? Masamirey Cove Resort in the town of Sual is the right spot for you! This seaside haven has an Asian-style design mirroring the luxury and beauty of the Maldives. And because it is a hidden gem in Pangasinan, Masamirey Cove Resort is the perfect place for those who want to take a break from crowded beaches.

Masamirey Cove Resort offers rooms akin to premier hotels. Visitors will have flat-screen TVs, coffee makers, bathtubs, hot-and-cold showers, Wi-Fi access, and other services that cater to utmost comfort and leisure. The resort also has fun activities such as jet-skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, and coastline fishing.

Pangasinan’s abundance of sea respites is a testament to the Philippines’ breathtaking natural beauty. These five resorts are also accessible from Metro Manila, making them perfect for your next vacation stops.

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