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Try These Fall Activities While Staying in Whistler


Autumn may be the most beautiful season in Whistler. When these gorgeous green trees turn hues of orange and red, and the air crisps and cool just enough to make us want to sip some apple cider: it’s peak fun. So if you’re considering a trip to Whistler this fall, here are the top ways to make the most out of it!

Hiking Through The Crisp Leaves

The best way to take in the natural beauty of Whistler before winter hits is to go on the trails and walk while the leaves are turning. Dress warm, but not too warm because you’ll heat up as you walk and take in how even the animal life seems to shift. Bear watching is a common activity this time of the year, from a safe distance, of course, as the large animals are thick and plush while finishing eating and gathering for a long winter’s hibernation.  

Audain Art Museum

If the chilly autumn air gets to be a little too much for you, consider staying inside and enjoying the Audain art museum! This museum is gorgeous from the inside out, hiding thousands of incredible art pieces within its inventive wooden exterior from all over Canada. Although this steals you inside and away from the natural beauty of Whistler, it’s a nice way to enjoy the manmade beauty the area has to offer.

Photo Credit: archdaily

Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Center

The partnership between these two nations has created everything from art to incredible tales and history. If you have a moment inside, consider stopping into this cultural center to know both the Squamish and the Lil’Wat. Although they’re very different in their origins, and a lot of the items of cultural significance within this center are different between the two, you’ll leave in awe after a walkthrough.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Forged Axe Throwing

To get out some of the energy left after a long hike: enjoy ax throwing! This sport uses your entire upper body while forcing you to carefully plot out where you want your throws to land. Although this can be pricier if you’re going with a larger group, if it’s just a date with two people, you can have a lot of fun at an affordable price. Not only will this work out any extra energy you have, pictures and videos of you throwing axes make a great vacation trophy!

Enjoy Some Hot Chocolate and A Chat

Photo Credit: Fairmont Chateau Whistler

In Whistler, Portobello’s hot chocolate is famous enough to be the reason some start looking for Whistler homes for sale. This little eatery has the feeling of a restaurant in a far smaller town, and you’ll feel welcome the moment you step in. Although the prices can be higher, the atmosphere and employees are warming enough that you won’t mind it. The large windows give you a fantastic view of beautiful Whistler, and you’ll find this is the perfect place to start or end any day in town.

If you’re considering a trip to Whistler in the autumn: enjoy each of these activities! You’ll leave already planning another trip in town.

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