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Mountain Lake Resort

“Congratulations for winning Mountain Lake Resort’s Blogger Getaway contest!”

My heart skipped a beat when I read the email and felt more than excited to participate in the Bloggers getaway. It’s one of the perks of being an affiliate, you get the chance to join memorable experiences like this. For this getaway, we were hosted by the Mountain Lake Resort in Cavinti, Laguna.

How was my stay? Read on to find out!



I’m just gonna strike my ecstatic pose in this sturdy hanging bridge!


When we arrived at the Mountain Lake Resort, I recognized that it is a vast property that separates guests from the noise and hustle of everyday life in the city. The resort is a 300-hectare property that fronts the southeastern part of Caliraya Lake.

With four accommodation types, six major outdoor activities, unrestrained golf complex, mini forest, great accessibility to Cavinti caves and waterfalls,  modest livestock, and lush vegetation, it is on this land that anyone can reconnect not only to nature but to his or her inner self.



As mentioned earlier, there are four types of accommodation in the resort.

For golfers, for corporate guests who conduct indoor seminar or business meetings, for family with young kids or for couples who want spacious, all-inclusive rooms, the Residence Hotel is for you.

On the other hand, the Marina accommodation are for those who seek an extensive schedule of activities than run throughout the day. This accommodation is excellent for team-building activities and group getaways that involve a lot of movement.

The third accommodation is the Boat House which incites a balanced indoor-outdoor feels.

The last type is the Glamping Tent which is recommended for a glamorous camping be it solo, couple or group. The WIFI signal in the remote accommodation is not strong. In fact, we were only able to utilize the WIFI at the Clubhouse lobby. But you can bring your own pocket wifi or use your mobile data. All network signals seem to work fine in the resort.



Double Bed in the Deluxe Room at the Residence Hotel


1. Residence Hotel

The Residence Hotel offers a four-star quality accommodation and services. It is located in the Clubhouse and consists of 21 rooms of various sizes that can comfortably house 65 persons in total.

Hotel guests, including the ones in Marina, can enjoy the amenities situated in this area such as indoor Jacuzzi, sauna, private Lanai, function rooms, recreational rooms, balcony lounge equipped with power outlets and comfortable chairs, La Cucina, a souvenir shop and a massage room.

Main things I loved about this accommodation are the cozy rooms with clean bathrooms, the Jacuzzi, sauna and massage room, as well as the exhilarating view of the golf course. It could be very windy and relatively cold though during the ber months.


2. Marina

Marina is the area close to the lake. To go here, guests need to take a free shuttle ride from the clubhouse. The accommodation here are Nipa Hut cottages that can house 6-10 people depending on the size of the Nipa Hut.

The bathrooms and toilets are all shared. There is a separate comfort room for male and female guests.

You’d need to bring your own toiletries when you intend to stay here.


Amihan Cottages fronting the Caliraya Lake and this long, hanging bridge.


The Nipa Hut cottage (or what they call Amihan) where we stayed at was the fourth one from the left in the photo above. As you can see, it fronts the Caliraya lake. In the morning, I could enjoy the view of the emerald green water, in contrast with the blue mesh of the hanging bridge and the blue skies. The Peking ducks also accentuate the vibrant green grasses with their clean white color.

I thought, staying here in summer – around the months of April and May when the sun is brightly and warmly gleaming – may be a perfect time.

Inside the Amihan cottage, you can find three-floor beds (or six beds in bigger cottages) wrapped with clean and comfortable bedding. The beds are situated near power outlets. If you need to charge more than one gadget for yourself, it’s better to bring an extension cord (just like what I did). The room is equipped with TV, lockers, and electric fan. Each guest can get a blanket, one pillow, and a towel.

The shared bathroom is not so bad. It is regularly maintained by the resort staff. Hot shower is available, vanity mirrors, functional toilet flush, and more lockers too.


3. Boat House

The boat house is a floating suite that can house 2-4 people. It offers the same cozy feeling as when you stay in a conventional hotel room with a double/ twin or queen-sized bed, but with a more intimate touch of nature as it is built on the lake.

The Boat House has a sundeck and an outdoor hot shower. You can do fishing here if you want and try to catch some Dory!


4. Glamping Tent

If you want to camp but want to skip on the dirt, the bugs and the discomfort from a wrong choice of blanket, you can stay in one of the resorts glamping tents. The glamping tent of Mountain Lake Resort can house 3-4 people.

Glamping is a blend of the words “glamorous camping”. You can think of it as a fab tent-living that gives you the best of both worlds – “comfort” of hotel accommodation and amenities plus the “adventure” of camping.



Worry not if you skip your daily gym visits while at the Mountain Lake Resort, because chances are, you’d be on a full body workout if you opt to try Marina activities. Having that said, you need to prepare yourself. I suggest a warm up or an evening stretch and a proper attire.

The list of activities is as lengthy as that of any resort but the in-water Obstacle Course sets Mountain Lake Resort apart.


Ms. Liway of doing the military crawl as part of the in-water obstacle course


1. In-water Obstacle Course

Unleash your athletic side as you conquer each obstacle in this in-water course. Prepare to get dirty, to conquer your fear of heights or tall slides, to balance your body, and most of all to have fun!

2. Cycling

Get around the hotel premises as you train your leg strength with a bicycle. The wide road and area seclusion allow you to speed off and feel the wind against your face. Just don’t forget to wear your safety helmet!

3. Kalesa Ride

If you are feeling a bit traditional and laid-back, try a Kalesa ride. It’s also an opportunity to discuss a bit of Philippine history or spark up a healthy cultural discussion.

4. Golf

The greater area of the resort is used for golfing. If you have a background or a skill in that sport, you can try it here. Otherwise, you can enjoy the golf cart with your buddies. Just don’t crash into the gutter!



Me and fellow bloggers enjoying the ATV ride on the rugged side of the resort


5. ATV Ride

The most awesome (and by far my favorite activity in southern Luzon) is the ride on the All Terrain Vehicle. Conquer the mud, the hills, the steep slopes and the rough trails with this Kawasaki power engines. Pro tip here is to hold tightly on to the handle and let your fears lose. Most of us here were first-time riders but hey, we were perfect!

6. Water Activities

Explore Caliraya lake while on a Kayak or a pedal swan boat. Try a ferry cruise with your companions. Do something you wouldn’t usually do in the city like fishing or flying on a zip line.

The activities in Mountain Lake Resort seem to be endless and that equates to an endless fun. Don’t get surprised on how fast time flies when you are here!



I can tell that the resort staff are trained for hospitality, alertness, and quality service. Though there were some instances when I could feel their exhaustion (which is not always good but UNDERSTANDABLE). The resort was incredibly busy during our stay. There were at least four groups the staff needed to attend to apart from ours – we were a group of 22 people! The shuttle driver, for example, worked from 4 am till 10 pm during our stay. Kudos to his dedication!



The resort Chef is THE RESORT CHEF for a reason! Believe me when I say their Bulalo, Kaldereta, sizzling platters and other house specials don’t disappoint. You must not skip on this mouthwatering, traditional Filipino dishes for they are not only flavorful, they made with organic ingredients as well.

The downside though of serving to a huge number of guests is a tendency to be a little late. But again, the waiting time is tolerable and THE FOOD is INDEED worth waiting for!



With fellow bloggers and people in front of the Clubhouse



I would definitely miss mornings spent at the Mountain Lake Resort. With all the cheery, lush greens and breathtaking view that greet me as soon as I open the door of our Amihan cottage, I’d truly love to go back. I look forward to experiencing again, sometime in the future, feeding the amusing ducks, the ATV ride, the in-water obstacle course, the friendly staff, the sumptuous resort meals, the warm Jacuzzi, and MOST OF ALL the wonderful time I had with the best fellow bloggers from my country!

My stay at the Mountain Lake Resort was superb. I highly recommend this place for a corporate, family, barkada  or even a couple getaway. If you wanna come here alone then go! Group or solo, this resort will please you as you reconnect with nature and undertake fun activities. Truly, it’s at Mountain Lake Resort where nature meets adventure!

I thank and Mountain Lake Resort – Caliraya for letting me experience this three-day blogger getaway. Shout out to our generous sponsors, Céleteque PhilippinesAlfox Printing ServicesCentury Pacific Food, Inc. (555 Tuna), Vivo LumioCetaphil PhilippinesMystery Manila, Totem PhilippinesEscape Hunt ManilaLazerXtreme,Sidlan, and Zalora Philippines. Thank you so much!

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