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A Guide to Rain City: Seattle, Washington


A few years back, my employer allowed me to be part of a team with three months of training from one of the states in the USA – Washington. Yes, that is the location of some scenes from the famous movie series Twilight, the birthplace of the world-famous coffee brand – Starbucks, the rainiest city and the state where you can find the Space Needle. These are just a few renowned places or “tourist spots” in this evergreen state. 

At first, our main concern, aside from what airline to fly with, is where we will stay there? We tried to check every possible online website for renting ideal for short or long term stays in Seattle, and luckily we found – an online website that provided us with a wide list of apartments in Seattle and they are not only focused within the United States of America, but also you can check properties for rent thru this website in Canada. 

Our decision made our life easier since the website contains all the details needed—the complete amenities, photos, the monthly rate, exact address, contact information, and policies. We can also request a virtual tour to see if that’s the best apartment based on the budget and requirements.

Upon arrival at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, I felt so happy because I hadn’t thought in my wildest dream ever that I would be able to set my feet in this country. I only dreamed of visiting Asian countries knowing the gravity of our passport and how difficult it is to have a US Visa. Still, now I am ready to learn and understand more about the place, but of course, it is only for a weekend, since our primary focus should be our training.

What to do in Seattle?

  • Explore the famous Pike Place and check the bubble gum street. I never missed putting my tasteless bubble gum on the wall.
  • Sip some original brews at the first Starbucks Coffee Shop.
  • Walk around downtown Seattle to see the famous Space Needle. Aside from going up to the viewing deck, you can also go inside the Museum of Pop, which exhibits everything Pop – Culture, Music, Film and many more.
  • For some nature adventure – visit one of the active volcanoes – Mt. Rainier. I was able to see and touch snow for the first time. This place is Instagram worthy; make sure you wear nice jackets, pants and a good pair of shoes for some uphill and downhill walks.

Some tips for you to enjoy your quick trip to Seattle:

  1. If you don’t know how to drive, enrol yourself on a driving school and get that internationally approved driving license. Knowing how big this country is, driving is a necessity. You can rent a car near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and they are also providing a very helpful GPS. Link Light Rail is now a perfect way to get into the city from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Metro buses work ok, but schedules can be confusing.
  2. Theatre is good in Seattle. Broadway plays such as Hairspray began here. Make sure to include it on your itinerary
  3. Sports teams are a “thing” here. Stadiums are slightly south of downtown and accessible via light rail.
  4. If it’s possible, cook your food. I know that our company’s provided food allowance, but you would love to enjoy shopping here and save some money by cooking your food at your apartment. Their fresh harvest here is cheaper than what we have in the Philippines, cheaper because you are getting what you are paying for. But never missed to try sushi, aside from Tokyo. You will love the sushi at Seattle.
  5. Seattle’s waterfront is also requisite exploration on your first visit. If you start on the south end at the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Garden (a downhill walk from the Space Needle) 

Thinking Seattle, I can’t help but think about: Seahawks. Space Needle. and gloomy weather. At any rate, I always love bopping around here. It feels like  L.A, New York and Alaska all in one. It has a string of eclectic neighbourhoods that make one big, cosmopolitan city. How about you hows your experience during your visit to Seattle?

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