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Taal Vista Hotel: Where Past Meets the Present

Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel History – For generations, Taal Vista Hotel has been a landmark and part of history in Tagaytay. Since then, it was the premier accommodation in the city back in 1939 when the Zamoras of Manila Hotel Company built and managed Taal Vista Hotel which was formerly known as Taal Vista Lodge.

 It was also the first hotel in Tagaytay which has a golf course. Today, it’s under the management SM Investments Corporation.

Due to the fascination of our former  President Manuel Quezon with Tagaytay, he held several cabinet meetings on the premises of Taal Vista lodge. It has been said that probably, the Tudor architecture of the lodge was designed by Andres Luna de San Pedro, son of Juan luna, who was one of President Quezon’s favorite architectures.

taal vista lodge

Thenceforth, it has been a favorite place to stay in Tagaytay and has a rich history shared by many guests who experienced the comfort of Taal Vista Hotel.

“Well, It’s really generation after generation love to come to Taal Vista. You know, we have to know people who used to come here as a child and they still remember the famous dessert which is the Halo-Halo.

Well, first of all, Taal vista is a place where people remember their childhood. They remember coming here with their grandparents, parents and eating the Halo-Halo which at the time was really famous and actually this past summer we reinvented our Halo-Halo to go back to the past flavor and past glory”  Mr.  James Bevans Said when I asked him why people choose Taal Vista Hotel here in Tagaytay.

taal vista lodge guest

He added “It is known to have a wonderful family feeling where it’s set up for children, we have sky ranch and we are building a gate between us and the sky ranch, we have a kids recreation area and we got to add later to that at the end of the year.

And people love it they remember it for Christmas, wonderful new year eve’s parties and it’s still the no. 1  hotel in Tagaytay and I think we are going from strength to strength as service is improving with the new restaurant (Taza) we really establishing our self as food destination here in Tagaytay.

At my recent visit, I was impressed with the service and hospitality of their people. Despite their busy lobby, their staff didn’t fail to help us carry our things and send their warmest greetings.

taal vista hotel lobby

Taal Vista hotel’s lobby is wide and classy. It has all the corporate taste for luxurious items. The tiles have a touched of deep brown and beige colors which shine as well as any polished glass, there was a big flower vase on your way to their lavish lounge and at the center of it is a shiny grand piano – It looks elegant, expensive and graceful.

taal vista lounge

Taal Vista Hotel Buffet

While waiting for our check-in we didn’t miss the opportunity to try their chocolate buffet. There are chocolate cakes and tablea for your hot chocolate drink scattered all over the table.

How could you resist not to avail their weekend chocolate buffet? For only 650php you can indulge yourself to their sweet, delicious, comes with different cuts and flavors, chocolaty, creamy, soft, addicting cakes and drinks from 3:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m. Yup! You can eat and satisfy your chocolate cravings for 7 hours.


On our way to our hotel room, I was surprised to see old photos of the former lodge hanged on the hallway. Henceforth, you will see the old lodge on its glamorous days.

The most exciting part of any hotel staycation is the first glance of your room. What do you think made our premier queen room special?  Clue-  It’s the main reason why you visit Tagaytay. Uhuh! You got it right! Our 38-sqm room with one (1) queen bed and one (1) single bed have a balcony with the direct view of the Taal Lake and Volcano.

taal vista hotel room

Nothing will beat seeing this kind of view right in front of your bedroom. Not to mention, the hotel bed was giving me a hard time to wake up. I can’t stop myself to press my cheek to the cool and velvet pillow added with a thick and soft comforter.

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taal vista hotel room

Basically, the room has everything you need – Good Wi-fi connection, cabled TV, hot and cold shower, complete set of toiletries, blower, and iron. Our room also have premium teas, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages.


If there’s one thing I’m more curious about Taal Vista Hotel, it’s going to be their dishes. Everyone I know says a good thing about the food that they served and most if not all reviews are satisfied.

Taza which derives from the Arabic word Taaza which means fresh is Taal Vista Hotel’s premier restaurant.  Out of my curiosity, I asked the General Manager, Mr. James Bevan to tell me something about Taza restaurant.

taza restaurant

He said “Our president of SM hotel – Ms. Elizabeth Sy has been involved in the development of this restaurant. It’s been open just over a year now and the concept is to bring fresh local produce to the table.

 And it really needs more than that so we are very lucky to get the service of a great chef (Jayme Natividad) which is a Filipino but spent most of his career in New York. Working with great chefs like Mario Batali and Tom Colicchio.

He added “Not only do we have this wonderful fresh local produce but it cooks with a real international chef, who also understands the local flavors because he is from the Philippines.

Whether you ask him to cook Kaldereta which actually he does with goat meat which is the traditional way or whether you ask him to cook a traditional Sommelier with a new york twist he can do both and we are lucky to have him.

porkchop tomahawk

Hearing these words from their General Manager, I can’t contain my excitement to try their food. It’s not every day that an international chef will prepare your dinner.

pita bread

For starters, there was Mezze served with bread. It was pita breads served with Baba ganoush  (Levantine dish of cooked eggplant mixed with onions, tomatoes, olive oil and various seasonings.), chorizo with garlic, boquerones (made of fresh galunggong) and hummus (Levantine and Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic).

Homemade porkchop

Then we had Taza and Goat cheese salad. We also had Salsa Verde with Pancetta, a pizza made with homemade pancetta (Italian bacon) and laguna mozzarella cheese.  Partnered with Pork Cheeks Ravioli.

For Main Entree, we tried Tomahawk pork chop cooked with caramelized onions, Bananas and served with its own juice. We also had Grilled Turmeric Chicken cooked with yogurt, fresh turmeric, ginger, top with cilantro, tzatziki,  and coconut rice.

Served last was a platter with Napoleon and Molten Chocolate cake. Every food was served with high-quality taste made into perfection.  Don’t miss the chance to dine at Taza.  I love the circular structure of the restaurant where tables and chairs dominated the space.   Indeed, the place was impressive and elegant.


Now is a good time to enjoy the luxury experience of Taal Vista Hotel. It’s rainy season which means more affordable rate until the end of September plus the fact that the weather in Tagaytay is getting colder and colder.

Taal Vista Hotel is the perfect example of a wonderful vacation. Why? everything is here, they have a great view of the lake and the volcano, great-tasting food and near an amusement park. They also have a spa, swimming pool, playroom, and gym.

To check Taal Vista Hotel promo, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook.

Taal Vista Contact Number: Phone: (046) 413 1000

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Note: This is a sponsored stay with Taal Vista Hotel. All views, posts and opinions shared here are my own. All photos and video are credited to SuperJeepney. Follow him on Facebook!


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    It looks like you enjoyed your stay… The food looks good.

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  • The hotel is beautiful, I would love to visit and sample their fresh produce. The design of the restaurant is beautiful too.

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  • Whaaat! This is embarrassing to say but I didn’t know there was a place like this?? I dont know how I could have missed this. The place looks really relaxing and the view is just gorgeous. Plus, I really wanna try that chocolate buffet. Huhu. Anyways, I’ll suggest this to my parents – we’re planning to go to Tagaytay again soon for a weekend. How are the rates though? 🙂

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    So much of it looked and sounded delicious!!

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  • I have some things to say:
    First, I love the rich historical background of this hotel.
    Second, I have been to Tagaytay a few times but never thought halo halo would make a good food there!
    Last, I love the photos well done by SuperJeepney. Great review Cai!


  • i must say this is a really cool hotel with a heritage past and a modern developed present. I loved the decor of the hotel. would love to stay in any of those but they are a luxury at the moment.

  • We had a staycation here before and I was disappointed with the service, no greetings at all and nobody helped us with our things. It took us a long time to go back but I’m glad that they have improved their service. We went back last year for Trick or Treat event and Christmas Buffet and marunong na sila magsmile and greet.

  • Hello Cai. Thx so much for sharing this info about the Taal Vista Hotel. It definitely looks like my kind of place. I LOVE the idea of the chocolate buffet and the other cuisine looks decadent as well. Yes, I’d sure love to wake up to those views. I hope to get to the Philippines in the next couple of years and would love to check out their spa as well. I wonder if they have any chocolate spa treatments …

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  • I love how the old photos have been transformed into modern offerings. It perfectly narrated the story of Taal Vista. I have heard several times that this hotel has the best place to view the infamous Taal Volcano. I guess those words are true. I like the chic interior and oh, a chocolate buffet, why not???

  • Wow. This really looks like a very serene place to go to. The view is so relaxing. I’ve never been to a place that is historic and at the same time a vacation place. I do wish they’d have a giveaway like a staycation or something like that, I’d definitely sign up if that will happen! Hahaha! Btw, your photos look sharp and stunning. What camera do you use? 🙂

  • Looks like you had a grand stay! I am only hearing good reviews about this place because I don’t have the chance to have a staycation here yet. Maybe when my family plans for a tagaytay getaway, I can recommend this to them. It’s just fascinating how they were able to maintain the hotel over the years.

  • Taal Vista – the old in the new world. It is like Manila Hotel is to Metro Manila. Cai, I rarely give a good compliment to any establishment, but for Taal Vista, I can truly say everything is great here. Rooms are very good. Yes old, but maintained. Food? Excellent. Service? Excellent. Location? Excellent. Taal Vista for me is the best hotel in Tagaytay. #AmazingLifeDaily

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