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Why You Should Book it With Traveloka?


“Hongkong Palawan, book it with Traveloka, We’ll push those prices down, book it with Traveloka” Gosh! I swear I’m having an LSS with the newest advertisement of Traveloka featuring Nico Bolzico. The music video captures interest and will get people wondering why, of all many OTA’s available out there, should they book with them.

I’ve been a Traveloka user for nearly a year now. Before, booking flights and hotel room is time-consuming. Opening various hotel and flight websites to see and compare prices is so old school. Then came Traveloka, a super useful app that is free to download that made booking easier. So what are the reasons why it’s best to book your flight and hotel with Traveloka, check out the reasons below.


Here Are The 3 Top Reasons Why 


Traveloka Website


It’s safe – The most important thing for me whenever I do online transaction is to make sure that my card details are in good hand. When you open the app, go to My account, there’s a statement that says, using your card is “The most secure payment method”, it means that Traveloka guarantee that making a transaction with them using our card is safe.

Number 1 tip before placing your card details online,check that the number, chat, or email support on the “Contact Us” page is working to ensure that their customer service is reachable. If not, then don’t share your card details. I’ve been paying all my transactions using my card for a year and I never encountered any single issue.


It’s Reliable – In today’s technologically advanced world where everyone is offering different ways and solutions to make our travel planning experience easy and simple, I’ll stick with something that is consistently good in quality and performance. My booking experience with Traveloka has always been fast and smooth. Just a few minutes after I booked a flight or hotel room, I immediately got a confirmation about my reservation. Because of this, I don’t need to worry if my booking pushed through or not. This is one app that can be trusted.


It’s Cheaper – I made a research to verify if it’s really cheaper to book with Traveloka compared with other OTA’s. I randomly picked budget and luxury hotels in Manila, Cebu, and Bohol then compared the prices with other 3 popular OTA’s and here’s what I found out.

OTA’s A, B, and C don’t reveal the final price on the front page, which will may make people think that it’s cheaper to book with them only to find out later on that tax and other fees are not included. I find it quite interesting that Traveloka is the only OTA that shows the final price. What you see on the front page is what you pay!




Traveloka is the cheapest option for budget hotels ranging from 263-1,500php. However,  they offer a bit higher price when it comes to hotels ranging from 7,200-11,500php compared with other OTA’s. But remember, Traveloka doesn’t run out of promo codes, which makes booking with them far cheaper compared with their competition. To get the promo codes and any updates on discounts, just follow their Facebook page.

NOTE: If you wish to receive a copy of the research that I made please send me an email at

And when it comes to flight bookings, Traveloka doesn’t charge booking fee. What’s more they are also generous with promo codes to lower down the price of your flight.


There you go, my secret revealed on how I make my travels easy and cheap. If you think that traveling is so expensive and you thought that your friends are so rich for doing it weekly or monthly, think again. Probably they are now using the Traveloka app. So be a smart traveler and the first step to do it, is to the download the Traveloka app now. Trust me, there is no other OTA who can beat them today. Therefore,  “From flights to your hotels, Book it with Traveloka Just Search, Book and Pay, Book it with Traveloka!




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