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Iloilo – The Philippines’ City of Love!

My short day tour in Iloilo City left me wondering why it’s called the City of Love in the Philippines. And I was determined to find out. With the help of my friends and zupiloilo, a website promoting the latest happenings and updates in IloIlo, we asked some people the question, “Why do you love Iloilo?”


From the moment, my feet hit the ground, on what I believe by virtue of Queen Regent Maria Cristina of Spain The First and Original Queen’s City in the South, I knew this city has a lot to offer. IloIlo has a pleasant International Airport, the roads are wide, which means less traffic and fewer commuters’ woes compared with the other mega cities in the country, they have a Diversion Road where automobiles, bicycles, and pedestrians share the road effectively. This is a very good example of a sustainable urban planning.

iloilo airport

Now let’s take a look at some feedback that I got from our friends on Facebook and Instagram.

iloilo city of love


iloilo city of love


iloilo city of love


iloilo city of love


iloilo city of love






Given these responses, it made me realize that indeed, it is a City of Love. I mean, how can it not be? When it is blessed with century-old and grandeur churches, magnificent mansions, and well-preserved buildings and houses. Truly, IloIlo is a Home of Great Architectural Designs. When was the last time you walked by the clean riverside in a city? But even when the place has kept some remnants of the past, it is not so behind when it comes to modernizing some parts of the city, like the construction of new roads and the existence of commercial and residential buildings.

molo church

Moreover, the food in Iloilo is LOVE, in fact, the sweetest mango in the world can be found in this island. But more than anything else, I think the reason IloIlo is called the City of Love is because of the people. And it’s not just because of the fact that the Ilonggos have a certain way of speaking that is very soothing to the ears but also, the genuineness that is innate to these people.

 lizares mansion

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wiki Minerva, the girl I met from an online forum for her willingness to offer her time and effort to take us to a tour and show us just how beautiful IloIlo is. Thank you, Wiki for showing us the churches, the plazas, the mansions, the old houses, and the buildings. Thank you for bringing us to Tatoys Manokan and Seafood Restaurant to try their food and for giving us baked mussels from Melvin’s place. Thank you for showing us a true Ilonggo’s hospitality.

Add her on Couchsurfing by clicking this link. If Wiki is free she might offer you a free city tour too.

IloIlo City is indeed the City of Love because, for me it is no doubt that it is the most livable city here in the Philippines, with the advantage of having that opportunity to offer the tourists the unique experience of a lifestyle that blends the old and the contemporary. Visit IloIlo and experience for yourself the rich history of the city.


Jaro Cathedral Tower

Madamo gid nga salamat Iloilo, Sa liwat naman!

Are you a proud Ilonggo? Why do you love lloIlo? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

iloilo provincial capitol



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